Monday, May 12, 2014

Red lips

The Rehab show last night was good, always is though.  I'm happy with the experience.  The opening acts realllllly sucked though.

Too old for this stuff. 

You Dingleberries would be happy I didn't drop a drink all night, didn't even drink any either. Had one bottle of water and

Go me...

Must add it's a different experience completely when you are sober. Oh.My.Gerd.

For anyone who hasn't tried being around a whole bar type scene full of drunk and high people .... You should definitely try it. It's a whole new form of people watching.

 I know most of you would honestly enjoy it, as much if not more, than I did :)

It's Monday around here, again ....

I'm not really digging it all too much but I know it's just something t hat has to be done.  I've so many post ideas working ..... They're all running together though.

I've started  another blog as well, linked with this one I believe. It's not for everyone though, calling it One Monkey's Testimony, and it's more on the religious side. I know most people steer clear of that subject, and to each his own, but it's something I genuinely felt compelled to get out there.  Strange I know.

SO did you check out the red lips in my picture!  Yea it looks pretty awesome, I'm quite shocked myself.

So, with this I leave you, for another day.  Hope it's rawking and Happy MONkeyDAY my Dingleberries.  


  1. I like the hot red lips! Smokin'!

  2. I have trouble with drunken idiot watching. Always want to pick a spot and say, "Here's where I dive in!" And like you, getting too old for that. I will check out the other blog forthwith.

    1. Yea, I can safely say my late night concert life may be over.


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