Friday, May 9, 2014

Completed ::happy dances::

I did it, I actually completed my quiz and the power point presentation a day before the deadline. Sadly I'm not sure how I did on the power point, banged out about a 70ish on the quiz though.  I'm OK with that because I've been so all over the place, was lucky I passed at all.

I'm scared to see what grade she gives me on the PP. 

Next week I'm back into the Old Testament courses.  These are .... easier.  Theology is .... a lot of information.  I guess that is expected.

So, I'm just glad I got the assignments done, at least I didn't fail them due to incomplete.  Right? 

Tonight is the Rehab show, last one ever, or so they say.  Rehab decided to break up and go it's separate ways.  This makes me sad but it's also a slight reminder ... I guess, like Rehab, it's time I move on too.  I've quit smoking, quit drinking, I'm hugely involved in our church.  My life has ..... changed I guess you could say. I went from party girl, smoking and drinking and  getting around town to .... NOT. 

(my friends would kill me for this one)

In some ways ... This makes me sad, but in others I'm just happy to be alive, happy to be where I am, blessed with two fabulous kids and the memories of my Mama MB.  Her sickness and her life, her suffering and her motherly awesome really helped make me who I am today. 

God I miss her. 

I was severely numbed last year on Mothers Day, very pregnant and trying with all my might to avoid the sadness.  It's going to be servery hard this year, coping with her absence.  For the 2nd year of my life .... 

There are so many times I could lash out and cry how unfair life is, but that wouldn't be fair. Mama MB taught me that life is good, enjoy life, because obviously, no matter how hard you fight, kick and scream. It's going to end one day, one day we have to let go of everything we love and everyone that loves us.  It really sucks!

Ok, so enough with the heavy for one day.   I'm a wee bit excited and a lotta bit nervous about tonight.  Use to be the opposite. 

And on a final note, for those of you who sent me good vibes and kind words in my last few stressed out blog posts.  Thank you, you know who you are :) 


  1. Woohoo on finishing your work! That's awesome! And a big relief! Have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I'll be thinking of you on Mother's Day and knowing how much you're missing Momma MB. Take care.

  3. Hey - you've done marvelously, try not to be so down on yourself. Chin up and one day at a time. Rehab sounds fun - didn't you blog about it last year too? (she asks as she too lazy to go through your archives to find out!) The snaps are real nice - a big bundle of happiness all round.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself about a score! You are a working mother of 2 great children, wife, and have devoted yourself to serve and your mother is so proud of you!!! It's not about how high of a score you can accomplish, it's about how many lives you can touch and help heal. You are divine to be such a caring person. You don't have to drink to have fun, dance like nobody is watching and just let yourself go, you deserve it! ;)


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