Wednesday, May 21, 2014

E Monkey Birthday Fun

E Monkey's Birthday, May 15th :)  He's such a cutie patootie.  I picked him up a cupcake from the grocery store, just for him because I didn't want to not do something for his birthday.  At first he thought it was .... weird. His hand was all blue and sticky and he didn't much care for it.  But it got better, this picture was taken at the end, just a quick one. My camera at home has all the good ones on it. Maybe I can get to uploading some here soon. 

This made me LAUGH

So yea, it was a good birthday party. He got a lot of toys and some clothes, mr grumpy party pooper guest had a few hot dogs after all, lol. All that complaining and for what?!  :) 

E Monkey wasn't as thrilled at the party though. I think he was feeling pretty sick and my  neice let him fall.  Needless to say it was a rough day for E Monkey. 

Get me out of this chair woman ... The green didn't have the same effect as the blue did it?

By the end of the night though he was having a pretty good time. All and all, was a good day ... I guess :) 


  1. When I saw E M's first pic, the first thing I thought of was, I wonder if I can send her that Smurf meme. Thanks for saving me the trouble!

  2. What lovely pictures - warmed the heart. Little E's a blue-some cutey all right!

  3. He's growing so darn fast. Where is the time going?

    1. I don't know Stephen, but I think it needs to slooooow down!


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