Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 176, 2012

Friday, June 30th 
Hey hey hey my Dingleberries.

This just in, my shift key doesn't seem to wanna work properly. I wonder what is up with that. Pretty nightmareish if you ask me.  Oh wells,

So I've seen everyone's comments on today's Friday Photo.  Thanks everyone.  Thinking of a place like that, though it makes me sick when i snap out of my day dream really got me through the day.  Thinking that one day one of you readers might have one of those and invite me to come stay with you. I'm excited really.  It's really an inviting photo isn't it?

Here we are at Friday, thank gawd  finally.  I tend to bitch and complain all week long but it tends to come pretty quickly.  I love how that works! All and all it went OK I'd say.

So it's going to be hard to train myself to use the shift key on the right instead of the left. Wishing I were ambidextrous right now.  ha ha

So what's everyone planning for the weekend?  I've a bit of work to do on Saturday, but it shouldn't take long and it's extra money. Which Verizon, among others would love to get their hands on.  Being broke sucks!

I've gotta take the time tomorrow morning and take MAXimus to the doggie park. He will enjoy that, he usually does.

We're going to spend the weekend in the triple digits, awesome!

Time to spend by the pool, that's OK with me!

Check out the fishey's new hizzle, pokey say's his name is Partier ... I don't understand. I guess he's like Slurm MaKenzie or something?  She doesn't know who that is.

There isn't much of anything better than watching a few episodes of Futurama.  Check it out.

Happy Friday Dingleberries,

Hang in there!

Friday's Fabulous Photo:Relax

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 174 & 175, 2012

First thing for the day I got a special mail box surprise today!  From my new, dear Dingleberry of a friend out in North Carolina. Super cool kind of guy, Odie :) 
Thanks Odie!
Here we are at Thursday already, I managed to get in a post today. Today's MOnkey Butt, it was in no way impreswsive if you ask me, but thanks for all the lovely comments.  I'm serious, I hope to see some art work trickle in.  Some of you have my mailing address and most of you have my email, if not it's really easy to get it.  So let me know!!  Pokey drew me a lovely Monkey tonight and is excited to draw another for me later. I know you are all excited to see those as well. Mine on the other hand, well it will most likey look really bad.  Just to put it the nicest way possible!

Now for some catch up time, luckily I've only missed one day of my 365 posts. I've got to do better this weekend as well. I don't like playing catch up on Mondays.  Isn't my fav thing to do ya know?!

Day 174,
Wednessday, June 27th
Wednesday was a very long day, well very slow day.  I think I've decided that I will look for work up in the area of the new city we're moving back to. Athens is the closest city to where we will be living.  Gwinnett is huge and over flowing with work when the economy isn't too bad. Honestly when times were rough I'd see now hiring signs around. People down here are just too damn lazy to apply themselves. It makes me sad sometimes.

So I think I've decided I want  to find something up that way.  They pay won't be the same and it may be hard at first, but I think I can manage. I won't leave my current job until then.  Then again, Mr Monkey Butt says they may not let me go. Hell if they'll pay me more, I might consider staying, but we're talking a significant amount more. Not a measly cent raise, we're talking bucks.

I want to commit to a Culinary School also. I think I'd really like to cook. But I'm still torn at wanting to be a police officer.  Decisions, Decisions. 

Day 175,
June 28th, 2012
It's been a helluva week, I will be glad when the work eek part of it is over.  I will be working a few hours on Saturday though, auction stuff and stuff.  It shouldn't take too long though. I hope.  We were able to find the face plate for my player on ebay for like 30 bucks.  Yessss!  Ordered and waiting for the mail, probably take  a month or something, knowing my luck!!!  Hopefully it will just pop on and work right then. No codes or anything needed.  I'm hoping, you all should also.  I need some good luck vibes my way!

Well I'm off friends,  Have an awesome Friday tomorrow. Will see you then! 

Hang in there! 

Thursday's Monkey Butt : Painting

  Hello and welcome back Dingleberries.  Not entirely sure why I'm saying welcome back, we're all friends here and most of you are here all the time.  I know I am.

This week I'm attempting something different, a filler of sorts.  I've nothing really for this week but while searching my brain and scanning ideas on the interwebs, I decided I would go with monkey paintings.  I was really surprised at what I found too.  Surprised is not the word I'm looking for, because art and paintings never seem to surprise me.  Everyone I see doing it is so good at it, where my paintings all look better in my head.  Go figure?!

That's it, my next BIG project is going to be an attempt to draw and or paint monkeys.  Way to scare everyone away right?  I'm reaching out to you as well, yes you!  I'm at a loss these days for Monkey post, ya know. Something to fill my Thursdays. I want some of you to send me monkeys.  Paintings, photos, drawings, post cards, pictures. Whatever. Send them over. I would love to share it and you know you'd love for me to share it too. :)  Come on, just do it.  Email me, kcdoe27 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Now for this weeks Monkey Butt post, I give you random artist work from random people on the interwebs.  It's good stuff, if ya ask me anyway!  Enjoy!

This one is quite funny. I assume it's a painting (?) of a monkey painting?   I can't decide if it's a painting though.  What are you're thoughts?  Who do you think he's painting also. I'm guess the artist himself. I like this one, the monkey looks like he could laugh at something.

This was really interesting, apparently in Japan they decided to experiment with animals and a gene derived from jelly fish. Makes the lil fellows legs glow I guess.  Very pretty!  I never approve of animal experiments, but then again Mama Monkey Butts MS medicine probably wouldn't be here today without experiments beginning somewhere. It's a vicious cycle I guess!

There is no link for this one, but I really love it. It's very pretty and colorful, don't ya think?



There ya have it my Dingleberries, this weeks Monkey Butt. These artist really know how to make me  jealous, but what they don't know is my artwork looks BETTER THAN THIS.  Well, in my head anyway!

So I wasn't kidding, send me some artwork! I will display it on here for the world to see and hang it on my future office walls after the move.  Still super excited to have a place to hang all my monkey butt stuffs.

Have a great Thursday Dingleberries.

Hang in there!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello Wednesday, how is everyone doing this lovely day? The weather is nice and warm and awesome. I'm stuck at work. On a not so good note, someone broke into my car at some point last night or this morning..

So this is what I'm NOT loving!
So let's move along to what I am loving, because this should be good!

I'm loving ... That the asshats who thought they could get something for free were only able to get away with a face plate.  A face plate, that unless you have the exact 10 year old car stereo is fraking useless to you. So today I will uninstall the stereo, dip it in a bucket of water and leave it sitting out for your sorry ass. See if you can make that shit work!!

I'm loving ....  These car stereos, I can't rawk them, but they're awesome aren't they?

I can't even being to imagine the noise that would come from these speakers. I'd imagine the theif would have gotten away with a lot more had I had all of this installed in my car!  Bah!

I'm loving ... These car security options

I was very lucky, because they opened the door on my car. Yea I don't lock my doors because my window cost a whole hell of a lot more than that stereo bought back in 2001.
I can picture it now, letting Max sleep in or on the car to keep the bad folks away!  Max is a bit of an asshole, like the rest of us, so I think he can handle that shit!
Something about this guy getting shocked to shit made me LOL.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday, till next time!

Hang in there!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 173, 2012

Tuesday, June 26th
When I started flipping through my camera and realized I hadn't done my photo for the day,  thought for sure I had.  so we're stuck with this one.  Which surprisingly I hadn't put on my tank top for the day!

Watching Twilight Eclipse racing through my blogging for the night, still behind on reading what everyone has posted.  Bear with me, you know I always get caught up. Just in time to do it all over again for the weekend.  Awesome!

I've gotta work on Saturday, which is a bummer!  Running the auction this weekend and getting rid of those crappy cars out back!  Sucks it's going to be like 100 degrees this weekend! Work only last for a few hours anyway. Can't complain about the extra moolah!!

Well I'm happy for those of you who jammed out to this weeks Music For a Tuesday. I didn't know what I would share with you this week.  Glad I picked that one.  He always seems to make me smile!

Hope everyone had a wondermus day and cya back here tomorrow for What I'm Loving wednesday.  I know you're all on the edge of your seat for that one!  Right?  Shhh, don't tell me!

  • Still not ready for the Peachtree
  • In need of a hair cut... still.  Gawd!

Hang in there! 

Music For A Tuesday: One Love

One of my favorite, all time favorite, Bob Marley songs. I smile a little every time I hear it. It's funny, something about Bob Marley and I know it's just the hair that reminds me of this man I knew way back when. He was an awesome guy,. always nice and sweet and fun to hang out with. He's still around, though he doesn't have his hair. He actually got rid of those before we became friends, though I'd seen him around with them.

He always struck me as the type that could jam to some Bob Marley. Always smoking pot and menthol cigarettes and hanging out in the basement.

Very cool guy.

Isn't it weird how the oddest things make you think of someone and how much you miss having them around at times?

Life is weird, friendships are weird. When people come and go. Or you meet someone you choose to be with in more than a friendly manor and it's scary and annoying when they won't understand.  When they won't approve of your friendship.

Life is weird, but it's ONE Love, so enjoy!

Hang in there! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Another weekend, 2012

Well it's Monday again dear Dingleberries,

Sitting here watching/listening to some Family Guy. Saw my television shows earlier, Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef.  Again, watching those shows make me want to cook something.  Had some awesome BLT and pasta salad for dinner tonight, with hopes of having it for lunch tomorrow as well.

Did I mention to you guys that we had the bacon sundae a week or so ago. If so, forgive me for repeating it, but it was taaasty!  Bacon, Ice cream, Chocolate, Caramel. OMG... Burger King got something right! 

BK Bacon Sundae?  Tried it yet?

Moving along, I need to share some of this weekends photos. Beware I've got an updater kind of blog going on tonight. 

Day 169,
Friday, June 22nd

Day 170,
Saturday, June 23rd
So most of you heard me babble for a few days about the super awesome camping trip for the weekend?  Well let me just tell you, that DID NOT WORK OUT!  My aunt and uncle took off out of town earlier in the day to get the campsite.  Yea well, apparently there was an event going on and EVERYTHING was packed for the weekend. Bummer!

Instead, we spent the weekend at Mama and Papa Monkey Butts house doing some home improvement stuffs. Mama Monkey Butt's allergies have been on the warpath and she had to have to carpet pulled up in the computer/spare bedroom.  Got it done and it looks pretty good, if ya ask me. No one ever does though!

Day 171,
Sunday, June 24th
Still bummed about the lack of camping. I was really looking forward to one last something before the big move. Now I'm still broke in need of a hair cut oh so badly. Thinking about diving into my tattoo savings for ta hair cut. I hate that idea though. I'm sure it's more important than scarring my skin with more ink ;)  Thoughts?

Day 172,
Monday, June 25th
 Monday's suck ass. I slacked off on my sleep this weekend.  With helping the parents and running back and forth to their house. Let me just say it will be soooo awesome when we get moved and I don't have to run up and down the highway to visit the parents. 

Now I've torn with something... I live in the city I work in right now. I've been with my current employer for like 7 years and I'm totally ready for a change. Though I've no idea what that might be!  soooo, what I'm wondering or pondering.. Since I'm moving, back, should I finally give in and find a  job closer to my new (old) home? Relocate my whole life? 

OoOoOo I finally found time to watch "Water For Elephants" this weekend. Saturday night actually and was up way too late doing so.  Guess that's why I'm so tired this week.  It was lovely.  I was really worried about it to begin with, because I was scared that they wouldn't be able to make it as awesome as the book.  You, well most of you know how I feel about the Twilight Sage, for those who are new. I fraking love the Twilight saga. There I said it!  The movies don't really do the books any justice. Call me silly but i loved love loved the books.  They're the only reason I got sucked into the  teeny bopper vampire movies that made me sick at first sight!  I love them now, every night when every one is already in bed, I'm scanning the guide channel to see if they're on. I'm not picky! I'll watch any of the 4 already out, over and over again!

Back to what I was saying ....

I was scared that Rob was going to bomb the Jacob character. He's absolutely adorable and all, but there are moments when I think he could do better.  He's still a yungen. We'll see.  For those who aren't sure, give it a shot. It's a lovely love story! 

Also, for those on the post card campaign. I got all of the post cards in the mail. I was sweating it there for a bit.  The post man confused me, thinking next time I will have to hit another post office.  I know some of you received them already, I'm glad.  I didn't write a return address on those, it didn't seem to be a spot for it, so if anyone needs it, hit up my email kcdoe27 (at) hotmail (dot) com. 

THE PEACHTREE ROAD RACE IS NEXT WEEK!  I'm not ready, I''' probably die of a heart a stoke trying to push 10 miles out of my fat arse.  UGH!! 

There ya have it, if ya made it this far. Thanks.. Have an awesome day tomorrow!

Hang in there!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 168, 2012

Thursday, June 21st
It's Thursday, pay day for me and let me just say I'm super happy about this.  I guess that's pretty normal for all of us who work and all.  Whatever. institution .... the damn bank. fudged something up this week and aparently I have no money.  Meh, guess that's no surprise!  :)  In other news, now I can give them all my money and we'll both be happy!  Right?  Yea for a minute anyway. Then I give all the money away again. 

That's some bullshit really!

In post card news, the remaining post cards are going out tomorrow.  Ran out of money last week and wasn't able to send them out then.  that's OK though.  They will be heading your ways tomorrow!  Yays!!  For those who are not in the USofA I have no idea how long that will take, but I'm hoping they arrive before the end of the month!

The bank people called, home financing bank people... Getting the paperwork together and some more monopoly money and we should be good to go.  The contract expires like the 16th of July, so I imagine they will have it done by then. Yea.... I haven't packed a single box.  I'm really not looking forward to moving... again.  I guess that just means I won't be moving again, at least for a while, right?

We're going camping tomorrow!  Yessss!  I may be broke, but lucky me... That's what camping is all about, but I'm not pretending to be poor.  I guess I shouldn't say poor, I wouldn't know what poor means.

I saw a man, and I worried about him for a bit. He was standing on the curb at a busy intersection and he looked...well poor!  He was really wobbly though.All I could worry was that he'd get ran over or something.  Maybe he didn't!

I'm tired....  Looks like I will be away for the weekend again.  Pretty excited about that. Then again when I get excited, things fall through. Regardless, I will most likely not be blogging this weekend, but we shall see!!

Cya tomorrow Dingleberries,

Hang in there!

Thursday's Monkey Butt

I thought to myself it could be a funny post this week to get some good drunken monkey photos going on here. Who wouldn't, couldn't love a drunk monkey?  Hell I'm actually reconsidering this whole thing because I'd actually love to see some Drunk  Monkeys. 

However, I did come across this one here. The Drunken Monkey Hostel . Let me start by saying their website though not too flashy or amazing isn't too bad. Then again I am no expert or even give a shit really what their website is like. Although there have been times that I've chosen not to visit or shop somewhere due to their crappy website. This one isn't too bad..

I personally don't think I'd ever stay at this Hostel, for starters there is that movie.. Ya know, Hostel?  That aside, the website does show a lot of younger party goer types.  I myself, love to think I'm young...ish and there have been times I'd love to have a drink or 5.  But something about being in a foreign country, not being able to speak the language and getting trashed. Just sounds like a story that won't end well for me! 

Then again, no one wants the olds hanging around while you're trying to party it up!

Plus I'd really hate to be the old one that couldn't hang with the yungens.  I think it might make me feel

Back to the Hostel, The Drunken Monkey Hostel is located in Zadar Croatia. Is it bad that with out the Google or the Wiki I'd no idea where the frak Zadar or Croatia is?  I've heard of Croatia, but really, that doesn't say much. I hear a lot of things, make up a lot of funny words as well. Most of my friends are guilty of the same.  So I spent some time on the Google and not only did I find a Drunken Monkey Hostel I found other stuff too. Excited aren't you?

Roman Ruins, Zadar was once a Roman Colony. I love Roman history and all history.  I should have been a historian! I'm sure of it!!

I'd actually recommend you click that source there and check it out, Nomader What.  She's an amazing blogger and photographer, granting me permission to share her lovely photo and well she's a bit of a traveler. Makes me jealous really!  Go ahead, check her out!  Very cool!

Churches!! Zadar appears to have some awesome churches.  Now for those that know me, know I'm not typically one to be caught in a church. I have my reasons, don't judge me.  Churches are however something I enjoy seeing. I've actually wanted to visit many a foreign country just to visit their churches and monestarys. Ahhh I love them!

St Donat Church
A Byzantine style dating back to the 9th century. Oh My Wow. I'd love to wander around in there for a few hours. 

The Cathedral of St Anastasia, you can actually see it in the picture above. love it!

Franciscan Monastery and Church

St Simeon Church

From this angle, many thanks to the person who took it, but I don't much care for this church. It's...very orange.  Doesn't even look like a church, but who am I to judge another country and their choice of churches. Right?  It does contain the chest of St  Simeon said to be a master goldsmith works.

it is pretty awesome looking isn't it?

Now that we've had a history lesson and learned so much about Zadar and Croatia.  Let's wrap this shit up shall we? At this point, I've really strayed away from anything Monkey related.


Frogfish. Ever heard of it? Ever ate it? Nomader What actually suggested I go eat some frogfish.  Nomader What doesn't know me from John's house cat and doesn't know that I hate fish, pretty much all fish. I'd love to cook some, ya know. For other people. But count me out on eating any of it and well, Frog?  I'm not sure I could ever eat a frog.  It's  Would I get warts in my mouth?  Yuck!  Someone, go try this!

Lastly, let's cover one more piece of Croatia, Zadar.   

Sea Organ

Says it's an experimental musical instrument that plays music by the waves of the sea.  I'd love to see this.  Maybe one day I will visit Croatia after all. Even if it's only to catch a glimpse of this frogfish and this sea organ.

There ya go Dingleberries, 

Hang in there!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A week of 365, 2012

Day 161,
Thursday, June 14th

Day 162,
Friday, June 15th

Day 163,
Saturday, June 16th

Day 164,
Sunday, June 17th
Day 165,
Monday, June 18th

Day 166,
Tuesday, June 19th
Day 167,
Wednesday, June 20th 
Well hello there my dearest Dingleberries. As you can tell, it's been a whole week since I've done these posts. It's been a slack week for me honestly. Today's WILW and yesterday's Music For A Tuesday both kind of came at the last minute. usually I've got them up and ready first thing in the morning.  

Just glad I got it done though. I've still gotta work on this weeks Monkey Butt and honestly I'm at a loss. I think I may be officially running out of monkeys for my weekly postings.  Heyalp? Anyone? Someone? Anywhere?

We're attempting to plan a camping trip this weekend.  Last minute, yea that's how we roll. It should be a lot of fun. Give the parents and my aunt and uncle some fishing time. I'm not much of a fisherman. I don't want to bait hooks, unless it's corn. I don't want to pick fish from the hook. I hate the hooks since we're on the subject. The freak me out. I've seen too much television where someone gets hooked in the lip or something. Awfulness!  It's pet friendly also.  So if we aren't eaten by bears, we have another place to go camping in the future. I'm determined to get more pictures.  Speaking of: I've really gotta get off my arse and upload some pictures.  Ugh! 

I've started spending some time on the Twitter again, don't get too hopeful. I tend to stray from that due to forgetfulness pretty quickly. I actually mailed those post cards out last week. Did anyone receive one?  I've got to pick up some more for the out of country folks. Those will be a little more time consuming, ya know. Standing in the line at the post office, makes me want to go postal!  

It's on my list of things to do...

  • Still no word on the home purchase, makes my head spin thinking about it.  Makes my blood boil a little as well.
  • I've not watched a single episode of True Blood, but I'm all caught up on Hell's Kitchen.
  • I've not started packing, at all. Perhaps because we haven't heard anything. They say it takes time, I guess (I hope) they're right.
  • We're going to the pool today. This is more exciting for Pokey because she's the one playing in the pool.  Her Mama is too ashamed of her fat belly to get in. 
  • Yes I'm still suffering with my weight problems, case of depression anyone? 
Moving along, I should wrap up things here at work...By that I mean stop babbling, log into the book of face and the twitterlands and see what's going on socialnetworky!  Have a great day folks! 

Feels good to be caught up again, 

Hang in there!

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries!
How are we so far this week?  As soon as we make it over the hump it's only down hill from there. For that I am glad. 
I worked all weekend this past weekend, can't wait to have the weekend off. We're going camping!

For now though, I'm linking up with LittleDaisyMay for this weeks What I'm Loving Wednesday, check it out, then go check her out!  

So what I'm Loving this week, this should be easy enough. I'm feeling very 50's this week, last night we were watching Master Chef and..

I'm loving... Master Chef Monti

Which is why I'm Loving these... Hairstyles:

I'm Loving ....  Dresses

I'm loving this style this week. Given the opportunity I'd gladly dedicate a section of my closet to anything coming out of the 50's and if I wasn't into the short hair styles I'd rock the hair with it!

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries!