Thursday, June 7, 2012

(Zombie) Guest post: There be zombies!

Welcome back to a Monkey Butt's week of Zombie Apocalypse.  I'm loving it, I've some awesome readers and people who are willing to spit out some words for a Monkey Butt.
Today I'm bringing an awesome, thought provoking piece from Lex over at  Dorkisms. I love her postings and the way she lives out loud. Check her out.  You won't regret it!  I will shut it now, still making lists and buying bullets over here.  What about you?

There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t last long during the oft referenced zombie apocalypse – which is a damn shame seeing as how has apparently already started in Florida.

By now that’s a tired old joke, though, right? Zombies in Florida? Whatever – the attacker was just some bloke that was tripping balls on some new age PCP… Which is fine – great, even, because I will take confused drug addict over the undead any day. (Wouldn’t you?) But the whole thing definitely got me thinking.

…Mostly about how fucked I would be if, somehow, the world really did go all Walking Dead.

For starters, I’m short, and that automatically gives me a disadvantage because I wouldn’t be able to effectively land those super effective head-shots. Sure, I could take out the legs and then run the fuck away, but that leads me to problem number two: my cardio sucks. I would sprint and then get tired after, like, twenty seconds. And then I’d be eaten. Skinny does not equal fit, you guys.

So, that leads to my burning question: How would you handle the zombie apocalypse? I mean, realistically. Would you last?

So my readers, what do you think?  Would you last?  I know me, I'd be one of those unlucky ones who get bit at the very beginning. What can I say, if it wasn't for bad luck. I wouldn't have any at all.  So my zombie fearing friends,  Hang in there! Don't forget to check out Lex over at Dorkisms.  A million thanks for her awesome words this week! 


  1. Kick those Zombies in the nuts Doria~!! I'm short too, I don't know tak-won-doh, but I know I swing LOW~!!

    Love that photo too, looks Grateful Dead-ish : )

  2. lol....I'm a shit shot, too - I know I'd be easy zombie fodder!

    Loving the Z posts! I watched a film called Exit Humanity the other night - which was set in the Civil War days and part animated. Thought it would be crap given the history theme but it was rather good.

    Of course, my fave film would be Land of the Dead but mostly because Simon Baker is in it! Fortunately, he manages to keep his face and limbs ect, intact!

    ps.......visitng Lex soon!


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