Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 148, 2012

Friday, June 1st
It's June 1st, hurricane season for the Floridians aka Zombie peoples!  Let's hope it wipes out their weird infectious face eating asshats. From what I'm reading on the Zombie fan page they're keeping a close eye on Mr Attackee.  Let's see what develops of him and his chewed on face.

Will share what I can next week!! Don't forget, next week we'll be seeing lots of zombie stuffs around here. I read the most amazing, erotic zombie piece today. Let's just say I didn't know zombies could be so sexy!   I'm sure I can locate a link if anyone is interested!  Definitely worth the read.   I noticed a comment today from Helena, if you or your sons would like to share anything for next weeks series, send it on over again,
 kcdoe27 (at) hotmail (dot) com  ... That goes for anyone else as well. I know I keep plugging that in these post, whatever... It should be fun!

The rains came today, it poured like a son of a bitch when I got back form lunch. Lucky me it didn't come down until after I got inside and at my desk. Yes! Unfortunately no power outages or down phone lines. They're just not ringing for some other reason. Ugh
Before all hell broke loose

I'm poor this weekend, damn you apartment complex for taking all of my monies this week.  I guess it will be a weekend spent by the pool, instead of in the car, and on our bikes.  Why on earth would I complain about that?  Ya know I wouldn't. I'm actually a little excited to be able to spend time not spending money.  Sounds like fun doesn't it?  Don't be jealous!

So tonight, while everyone is going out to see Snow White and The Huntsman I'm going to sit down and watch some television, or some Twilight. Something other than play on the facebook or blogging.   Let's see if I actually follow through with that one. I'm sure Mr. Monkey Butt won't be complaining, though I don't think he feels for Twilight the way I do.  Shall see.  There is always the bedroom television.

For those who care and follow my rambles daily, I've made a tab or page or whatever it's called for my 30 day photography challenge. May have made more sense to make that tab on my photography blog, but whatever. I've posted day 1 and looking forward to keeping up with it, will try and remember to let you know when I share a new photo. Oh who am I kidding, ya'll just have to remember to check it out!


  1. **You hear about the Zombie hockey game?
    There was a face-off in the corner.
    **You hear about the Zombie guy who tried to take a pee?
    You hadda hand it to him.
    **What do you call a Zombie in a bathtub?
    I actually think you can substitute "leper" for "zombie" in number one and three.
    Okay, gotta go lock my door now. I hear those people don't like you making jokes about them.

  2. Sounds like you feel for Floridians, the way we here feel about people from Pennsylvania. LoL have to blame it on somebody : )

  3. No money weekend here too! Should live closer and have a no money party dressed like Zombies... (they probably don't spend too much money)

  4. @AL, I'm LOLing like mad, those are awesome. Ya know you can write me something awesome for next week :)

    @Tim, yea.... Well the Floridians are just something else. They can't drive and they're all tan and stuff. Just isn't right. Plus they're zombies!

    @Kristen, well be safe in Florida, would definitely be awesome to have a zombie party!


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