Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 157 and 158, 2012

It really was one helluva weekend.  A lot of things to keep my busy and seemed as though Mr Monkey Butt and I were NOT getting along all this weekend. Wonder if that's anything new really.  I'd say other than that it was an OK weekend.   The Birthday party yesterday (Sunday) went well. Which is always a good thing.  Quite  a few people showed up for the party.   All in all I'd say it was a success!  I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. We're in for a few days rain here in Georgia. Not looking forward to it, but I gots my rain boots ready to go!

Today's photo challenge is: something blue

I'm at a loss.

Sunday, June 10th
Monday, June 11th

My damn hair is FADED; fading. It looks like shit!  Not happy!

Hang in there!

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  1. Alwaysso frustrating when a colour you love fades and the bright ones always fade so fast.


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