Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 155 & 156, 2012

Happy Saturday Dingleberries.  Well what's left of it anyway, being as it's like 11pm. Here I am blogging away before bed, because lawd knows I just don't feel like falling behind again (as usual). 

Friday, June 8th

Saturday, June 9th
Y'all read the other day that it's my nieces birthday this week.  Well among the long list of things I had to do today, making the cake for her birthday party (tomorrow) was the most important. Wouldn't want to let down my precious 8 year old niece. Right?  Well  I finished  it, I'm going to share it here, because I'm proud of it.  Well, a little anyway!
I'm not exactly happy with the colors, but I think it's OK. She wanted a purple cake, it has purple in it. She also wanted like a Victorious cake, so I thought this was super cute. It's three different sizes as well, it's pretty cute.  Same recipe as the rainbow cake, less layers different colors. Thoughts?  Cute isn't it!!

Today we went to the water park, Pokey and I did. It was lateish in the day.  We took Max to the doggie park and then hit the kroger for a few must haves in the cake department.  All in all it was lovely though.

I've updated my page for the Photo challenge, there is a linky up there somewhere!!  Check it out.. If ya wanna. 

Pretty good weekend, so far.  The news is telling me that it's going to start raining.  Telling us that Sunday is going to be a very rainy day. WIth little to no breaks in rain. Bummer for the party tomorrow. The kids will be hating that. 

Oh well, stay dry Dingleberries.

Hang in there!


  1. I think that rain is heading north our way for early in the week. The summer weather has finally made it, 90's here and rising.

    Nice of you to make a cake for the party, hope ya'll had a real good time!

  2. As long as cake is cake, I will eat it. I don't care what it looks like. That looks like a pretty fun cake, though. Would eat.


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