Monday, June 25, 2012

Another weekend, 2012

Well it's Monday again dear Dingleberries,

Sitting here watching/listening to some Family Guy. Saw my television shows earlier, Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef.  Again, watching those shows make me want to cook something.  Had some awesome BLT and pasta salad for dinner tonight, with hopes of having it for lunch tomorrow as well.

Did I mention to you guys that we had the bacon sundae a week or so ago. If so, forgive me for repeating it, but it was taaasty!  Bacon, Ice cream, Chocolate, Caramel. OMG... Burger King got something right! 

BK Bacon Sundae?  Tried it yet?

Moving along, I need to share some of this weekends photos. Beware I've got an updater kind of blog going on tonight. 

Day 169,
Friday, June 22nd

Day 170,
Saturday, June 23rd
So most of you heard me babble for a few days about the super awesome camping trip for the weekend?  Well let me just tell you, that DID NOT WORK OUT!  My aunt and uncle took off out of town earlier in the day to get the campsite.  Yea well, apparently there was an event going on and EVERYTHING was packed for the weekend. Bummer!

Instead, we spent the weekend at Mama and Papa Monkey Butts house doing some home improvement stuffs. Mama Monkey Butt's allergies have been on the warpath and she had to have to carpet pulled up in the computer/spare bedroom.  Got it done and it looks pretty good, if ya ask me. No one ever does though!

Day 171,
Sunday, June 24th
Still bummed about the lack of camping. I was really looking forward to one last something before the big move. Now I'm still broke in need of a hair cut oh so badly. Thinking about diving into my tattoo savings for ta hair cut. I hate that idea though. I'm sure it's more important than scarring my skin with more ink ;)  Thoughts?

Day 172,
Monday, June 25th
 Monday's suck ass. I slacked off on my sleep this weekend.  With helping the parents and running back and forth to their house. Let me just say it will be soooo awesome when we get moved and I don't have to run up and down the highway to visit the parents. 

Now I've torn with something... I live in the city I work in right now. I've been with my current employer for like 7 years and I'm totally ready for a change. Though I've no idea what that might be!  soooo, what I'm wondering or pondering.. Since I'm moving, back, should I finally give in and find a  job closer to my new (old) home? Relocate my whole life? 

OoOoOo I finally found time to watch "Water For Elephants" this weekend. Saturday night actually and was up way too late doing so.  Guess that's why I'm so tired this week.  It was lovely.  I was really worried about it to begin with, because I was scared that they wouldn't be able to make it as awesome as the book.  You, well most of you know how I feel about the Twilight Sage, for those who are new. I fraking love the Twilight saga. There I said it!  The movies don't really do the books any justice. Call me silly but i loved love loved the books.  They're the only reason I got sucked into the  teeny bopper vampire movies that made me sick at first sight!  I love them now, every night when every one is already in bed, I'm scanning the guide channel to see if they're on. I'm not picky! I'll watch any of the 4 already out, over and over again!

Back to what I was saying ....

I was scared that Rob was going to bomb the Jacob character. He's absolutely adorable and all, but there are moments when I think he could do better.  He's still a yungen. We'll see.  For those who aren't sure, give it a shot. It's a lovely love story! 

Also, for those on the post card campaign. I got all of the post cards in the mail. I was sweating it there for a bit.  The post man confused me, thinking next time I will have to hit another post office.  I know some of you received them already, I'm glad.  I didn't write a return address on those, it didn't seem to be a spot for it, so if anyone needs it, hit up my email kcdoe27 (at) hotmail (dot) com. 

THE PEACHTREE ROAD RACE IS NEXT WEEK!  I'm not ready, I''' probably die of a heart a stoke trying to push 10 miles out of my fat arse.  UGH!! 

There ya have it, if ya made it this far. Thanks.. Have an awesome day tomorrow!

Hang in there!


  1. Aww that's a shame about the camping trip falling through but there's always next time!

    Your hair must grow really fast because I thought you just got it cut? Or was that just dyed? I can't remember lol!

    I love the Twilight Saga too and agree that the books are better than the movies :)

  2. You don't want my advice about a job. I should have taken the job that needed more business. Instead I had to want a job with good business already.

    Terribly un-organized, I like the people I work with, but some of the crap that goes on just doesn't make good common sense.

    I'm off Wednesday and Friday, I need to do some job searching myself.

    Hope you have a great week Doria, there is still plenty of time this summer for camping!

  3. Such a lovely shot of you holding that insanely delicious dessert. Making life style changes especially regarding jobs can be overwhelming. I am happy that my last change was to retire. Have a great evening.


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