Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt : Painting

  Hello and welcome back Dingleberries.  Not entirely sure why I'm saying welcome back, we're all friends here and most of you are here all the time.  I know I am.

This week I'm attempting something different, a filler of sorts.  I've nothing really for this week but while searching my brain and scanning ideas on the interwebs, I decided I would go with monkey paintings.  I was really surprised at what I found too.  Surprised is not the word I'm looking for, because art and paintings never seem to surprise me.  Everyone I see doing it is so good at it, where my paintings all look better in my head.  Go figure?!

That's it, my next BIG project is going to be an attempt to draw and or paint monkeys.  Way to scare everyone away right?  I'm reaching out to you as well, yes you!  I'm at a loss these days for Monkey post, ya know. Something to fill my Thursdays. I want some of you to send me monkeys.  Paintings, photos, drawings, post cards, pictures. Whatever. Send them over. I would love to share it and you know you'd love for me to share it too. :)  Come on, just do it.  Email me, kcdoe27 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Now for this weeks Monkey Butt post, I give you random artist work from random people on the interwebs.  It's good stuff, if ya ask me anyway!  Enjoy!

This one is quite funny. I assume it's a painting (?) of a monkey painting?   I can't decide if it's a painting though.  What are you're thoughts?  Who do you think he's painting also. I'm guess the artist himself. I like this one, the monkey looks like he could laugh at something.

This was really interesting, apparently in Japan they decided to experiment with animals and a gene derived from jelly fish. Makes the lil fellows legs glow I guess.  Very pretty!  I never approve of animal experiments, but then again Mama Monkey Butts MS medicine probably wouldn't be here today without experiments beginning somewhere. It's a vicious cycle I guess!

There is no link for this one, but I really love it. It's very pretty and colorful, don't ya think?



There ya have it my Dingleberries, this weeks Monkey Butt. These artist really know how to make me  jealous, but what they don't know is my artwork looks BETTER THAN THIS.  Well, in my head anyway!

So I wasn't kidding, send me some artwork! I will display it on here for the world to see and hang it on my future office walls after the move.  Still super excited to have a place to hang all my monkey butt stuffs.

Have a great Thursday Dingleberries.

Hang in there!


  1. I love that glowing feet monkey painting - tis quite cute!

  2. Of course you got me with the naked girl. After seeing that one I couldn't look at the other any more.

  3. Fabulous idea! I'll keep a look out for any such artwork! What a bouncy fun mind you have.......☻


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