Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Fabulous (Zombie) Photo

Zombie Princesses
You can bet your Zombie loving asses the zombie children will be the most dreadful part of the zombie Apocalypse.  Look at their faces, how many of us want to put bullets in their pretty faces?  Ya bet your sweet fanny if any of these lil' darlins come near me I'm poppn a cap in their faces!  Just sayin!


  1. Don't let their princess dresses fool ya. They want to eat your brains!!!!

  2. Looks like one of my nieces, when she was little, after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich : )

  3. When the youth of today fixate on cell phones and video games, it does my heart good to see youngsters dressed as the undead.

  4. Ah, how cute-but-kinda-scary Zombie Princesses! I hope they get first class flesh to gnaw!!

    Actually, a little Zombie effect that I used with my kids before, was to get them to chew a dental plaque disclosing tablet! Makes the teeth look very stained and zombiefied! Used to be very fitting around Trick or Treat time as well!

    I've really enjoyed this past Zombie journey....!


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