Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 152, 153 and 154, 2012

It's been a few days since I've posted any of my 365 posts.  There I was on a roll and then life happened again. Luckily it's nothing I can complain about. It's been a lovely few days. Late nights though, this part I'm not happy about.  None at all!  But whatever. That time has passed. I'm hoping to catch up with some sleep tonight, hoping!

Day 152,
Tuesday, June 5th

My nieces birthday. It was a lovely occasion, unofficial of course. Her day of birth but the party isn't until Sunday.  Which will be equally awesome. Perhaps her mother will make it to the official party. In other news, Papa Monkey Butt took his own advice and mine that she might enjoy a basket for her bike. Much better idea than the oh so skanky Ke$sha CD she wanted.  Hello, you're 8. Doesn't seem quite old enough for some Ke$sha.  If ya ask me anyway! 

I decided, randomly, this morning that I'm not loving where Pokey is going to daycare.  She doesn't seem happy to me. Thinking it could be time to shop for something else, at least to fill the time in the next month or so. Right?

Day 153,
Wedneday, June 6th
Finally took it upon myself to call this lady referred to me by H.  Called her, she's an older sounding lady, very loud in the back ground. Made an appointment, sadly won't be till tomorrow (today).  That's OK. I've other things to do, like having dinner with H.  Woo! H tells me over dinner that the lady is old, doesn't drive, so they won't have any field trips or anything. Damn....  We bring her own foods for the week. Damn.... That's why it's so cheap. And then the kicker.... The husband is there as well, all day. This little old man and woman sit around and watch 4 kids, 5 if Pokey goes.  She will be the oldest, 8 years and the others are 3 and 6.  Meh..... Now the world is full of child molesters and sick O's and I do not know these people from Tom's house cat.  What the fuck am I to do. As of right now, there are way to many negatives for me to think this can ever be a good idea. No I'm not so closed minded and paranoid that I think this old couple is going to molest my child or anything like that. I mean H's kids and the others aren't...molested... Are they?  

It doesn't matter, I don't think this is the place for us...

Don't judge me!

Day 154,
Thursday, June 7th
Here we are, at Thursday already. As you have read, I've made up my mind on changing daycare. We're (hoping) to be moving in about a month or so.  I shall wait and see where that goes. No sense in moving more than once.  Right?

It's been a slow day, another one.  Bummer. I've gotten some reading done though and spent some random time online.  Ya know I had late nights the last two nights, so I've failed at getting my online time in as needed. My zombie post are going well though.  The week is wrapping up tomorrow, as I didn't run anything for the weekends.  Traffic slows down and there isn't much sense in it.  

I'm curious, for those television watchers, mainly Hell's Kitchen.  Was there a  part 2 to this weeks episode?  I saw on the book of face that they had a Part 2 air on Tuesday? Anyone know?   Will check the DVR later I guess.  

So far, I'm not a zombie. Haven't been bit by any bath salt zombies and am staying clear of those "salt life" peoples and the Floridian tags.  Stay safe my zombie free friends!

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  1. I agree, you can probably find a better place for Pokey. Do they have references from former day care clients? I can imagine Pokey isn't happy because there are no kids there her age or older. I used to always hang with people a few years older, 'cause they were KooL, ya know?


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