Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday : Zombies

Welcome to this weeks What I'm Loving Wednesday!  ^ This photo here may be the only pleasant looking photo in this weeks posting. But as the tradition for this week, we're running it ZOMBIE STYLE!  It took me a while and some headache to get this one, because I kind of spoiled it a little last week with using some zombie flavor then. Go figure! But I've got some new stuffs for ya and it ties together with my Zombie Apocalypse nicely. So enjoy!

So this week:

I'm loving .... Zombie T-Shirts

Everyone needs a zombie repellent
No lie!
Makes me LOL
I'm loving....  Zombie shoe tips! <-Duh!


These are A-DORABLE
I already own these!
I'm loving ... Zombie Killing Weapons! 

I'm loving...  Bath Salt Zombies

I'm loving... Zombie target practice!

I'm loving... Zombieland Survival Rules

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