Tuesday, June 5, 2012

(Zombie) Music For A Tuesday

For starters what the hell is up with him being a werewolf?   I will admit I probably haven't seen this Thriller video since I was younger. It didn't bother me.  I never got into Michael Jackson I blame the news from my childhood, the television telling me he was a child molester.  I know I know these things aren't/weren't true and his death was sudden and tragic, but he wasn't ever an artist I got into. I never did the whole pop thing.  But Mr. King of Pop married the King of rock's daughter. Wonder what the King of Rock would have said about that had he been alive?

Moving along,  

I thought and thought and this is what I came up with. Seemed perfect to me because they're all zombies dancing around all organized and shit.   

Everyone loves  a little bit of Michaael Jackson, his noises are funny, his dances are catchy. How many of us have actually attempted, even if you failed, at doing the moon walk? Im sure I have and I'm sure like all other dancing, I sucked at it.  lols.

So zombie lovers, haters and those Jackson fans.  Enjoy!


  1. My favorite music video of ALL time!!!!! THANK YOU for posting!!!!

  2. I have to admit I'm not much of a MJ fan but this video and song was a big part of my 80's days! I stayed up to watch the first British showing of it at 1am and shit myself! The dog had to wee in the kitchen that night as there was no way I was taking him for his nighty needs!


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