Monday, June 4, 2012

Zombie Instances

So the month of May seems to have been the beginning of many a Zombie Instance. Makes you wonder how many more there may be.  I'm not so much prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse, wish I were. But I'm not and honestly I may only know of 1 person (personally) who may  very well be prepared for said Apocalypse. Needless to say when the shit goes down, I'm heading to their house.

So I've liberated this from said friend, as many of you may have noticed, Facebook and other sites went crazy with Zombie posting the minute Mr.Eugene took some bites on his victims face and growled at police. Crazy Bath Salt Zombies!

To my surprise there were many other instances which raised our zombie loving suspicions.  Check out the link HERE if ya dare!   No worries, there aren't any graphic photos!

From strange rashes, to flesh eating bacteria and face eating zombies.  It's a crazy world we living in these days!!

  • May 27th- Man throws his own intestines at police?  What the fuck?  Someone tipped of police that he was threatening to harm himself.  Police show up and find him with a very large kitchen knife. Which he then decides its a good idea to stab himself repeatedly and throwing his entrails at police officers. What the fuck.  That is all!
  • May 27th- Man grabs an 18 year old, bites her cheek and threatens her life.  Again, what the fuck was in the water on the 27th?  <--- Illinois
  • May 29th- Man bites his cousins nose off. This is some straight up Tyson bullshit right here, of course it's no ear. But that's already been done.  That's what happens when cousins fight ya know? Shit gets for real and the teeth come out! <--California
This list goes on and on. Many a instance of strange behavior in this world we living in these days! Check it out!!

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?!


  1. Yeah, we read about the Florida case here. Fuckin' brutal. Another good reason I'm no longer a teenager, and stupid enough to talk drugs nicknamed 'bath salts'.

  2. People used to sniff glue too. Today kids inhale all kinds of stuff. Up in the mountain back woods, they huff gasoline for a buzz, being that poor they can huff it for a buzz then put it in the truck! Crazy shit!


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