Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A week of 365, 2012

Day 161,
Thursday, June 14th

Day 162,
Friday, June 15th

Day 163,
Saturday, June 16th

Day 164,
Sunday, June 17th
Day 165,
Monday, June 18th

Day 166,
Tuesday, June 19th
Day 167,
Wednesday, June 20th 
Well hello there my dearest Dingleberries. As you can tell, it's been a whole week since I've done these posts. It's been a slack week for me honestly. Today's WILW and yesterday's Music For A Tuesday both kind of came at the last minute. usually I've got them up and ready first thing in the morning.  

Just glad I got it done though. I've still gotta work on this weeks Monkey Butt and honestly I'm at a loss. I think I may be officially running out of monkeys for my weekly postings.  Heyalp? Anyone? Someone? Anywhere?

We're attempting to plan a camping trip this weekend.  Last minute, yea that's how we roll. It should be a lot of fun. Give the parents and my aunt and uncle some fishing time. I'm not much of a fisherman. I don't want to bait hooks, unless it's corn. I don't want to pick fish from the hook. I hate the hooks since we're on the subject. The freak me out. I've seen too much television where someone gets hooked in the lip or something. Awfulness!  It's pet friendly also.  So if we aren't eaten by bears, we have another place to go camping in the future. I'm determined to get more pictures.  Speaking of: I've really gotta get off my arse and upload some pictures.  Ugh! 

I've started spending some time on the Twitter again, don't get too hopeful. I tend to stray from that due to forgetfulness pretty quickly. I actually mailed those post cards out last week. Did anyone receive one?  I've got to pick up some more for the out of country folks. Those will be a little more time consuming, ya know. Standing in the line at the post office, makes me want to go postal!  

It's on my list of things to do...

  • Still no word on the home purchase, makes my head spin thinking about it.  Makes my blood boil a little as well.
  • I've not watched a single episode of True Blood, but I'm all caught up on Hell's Kitchen.
  • I've not started packing, at all. Perhaps because we haven't heard anything. They say it takes time, I guess (I hope) they're right.
  • We're going to the pool today. This is more exciting for Pokey because she's the one playing in the pool.  Her Mama is too ashamed of her fat belly to get in. 
  • Yes I'm still suffering with my weight problems, case of depression anyone? 
Moving along, I should wrap up things here at work...By that I mean stop babbling, log into the book of face and the twitterlands and see what's going on socialnetworky!  Have a great day folks! 

Feels good to be caught up again, 

Hang in there!


  1. Have fun camping! And you better stick with Twitter or I'll send the bears after you :P

    I haven't got your postcard yet but I'm sure it will arrive soon :)

  2. Thanks Hazel and please don't send the bears. Sending out your post card tomorrow :) Yays!


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