Friday, December 4, 2015


So you all know it's been a week or so since the good news and while I'm still working on processing it all and trying to be overwhelmed with the fear and risk of this new news.  All in all it's good. Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

So I don't know if I've told you this story before or not, but when we were little there were times when my single mother would live with our grandparents and we would also.  This was always OK because we loved our grandparents and still do of course.

So there was this movie, I'm guessing it was recently released at the time, because Mom brought it home or had it available, on VHS of course! Some of you will remember those and of course the movie, it was Dirty Dancing.

You know the one, with the oh so attractive Patrick Swayze and the little girl (Jennifer Grey) who comes to town on vacation with her family.  Adorable move and to this day I still love it.
So my grandparents being... grandparents I guess would probably have flipped a lid or something had they known we were watching this, of course MOm being so young everyone thought they knew better as to how to raise us chirrens and what we should and shouldn't be seeing. I think though, if Mom thought it was OK.... That's good enough for me. So she kept us up and let us watch this movie with her. 

It's one of those moments, I hope I never forget about Mama MB. It's been a few years already since her death and I swear there for the longest time all I could picture and remember were those last horrible moments...It clouded so much of my vision and still breaks my heart, but there are glimpses and little snippets of joy that I'm recalling lately. 

She's be overjoyed with the news of twins, I'm already hearing family members tell me that she had said before that me or my sister having twins would have been cool.

Feeling blessed and knowing she's watching from above.

Hang in there Dingleberries!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

So..... then there's this

Hey ya'll.

So you remember that whole news thing about having another little monkey butt joy..


Soak that in, cause I'm still trying! 

-Hang in there, Dingleberries!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Well, I want to post something...

But nothing is coming to mind..

So I leave you with this. 

Yep a picture of my big head :D 

Have a great day Dingleberries.

It's posta start raining again tomorrow, bummer!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday, the 13th.

Well, we're all probably pretty well aware that today is the dreaded Friday the 13th. The thing that most comes to mind is:
 1) those creepy movies usually placed in a camping type situation with multiple peoples in one place and a creepy guy with a hockey mask.  and 
2) chainsaws (don't ask, I don't know)

Anyways, so the 13th has reared its nasty head this morning. I know  it's probabyly just something that's made up and  all the crap that happens on days like today has zero to do with the date itself but more that it was just suppose to happen that day and we need something to blame.  (sounds good anyway)
This morning, while running late (again) the radio tells me they've blocked the interstate I travel into work, due to an overturned truck and something leaking ... the normal mess in Gwinnett (they're really terrible drivers here).  So I'm doomed  to get stuck in this traffic of course. I'm weighing all the different route I could attempt to take and try to calculate in my head how long they'll take me and how late it will make me. I choose to drive right through (that would have been a mess if I ever saw one). 
So I sucked it up and sat through it, it was terrible and awful and I was an hour late for work.  Oversleeping did not help this matter though, so I can't blame only the terrible drivers in this county.
So yea, to go along with that mess people just seem all around crabby today. Random problems keep popping up and generally people are just bugging the poo out of me.  haha.
I shouldn't rant but sometimes I just can't help it.
Hopefully you are all having a better day than me on this Friday, the 13th.
-Hang  in there and remember *when in the woods tonight, don't run towards the chainsaw noises. Run the other way and please don't go camping!  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yea, so .... I'm catching up ;)

Hey ya'lls.  First things first, you Dingleberries are great.  I've responded to all of your comments on my last post, in case you're wondering. 
It's been a little while since I posted, pretty much skipped October I think. ??  It's one of my least favorite months due to all the "Breast Cancer Awareness".  While I totally suppose awareness and all of that I just hate the reminders.  Then of course here we are in November, the month she lost her battle, it's falling on Thanksgiving this year. I foresee an icky kind of day.

While I should be doing some work stuff, I think I'm going to do some updating instead. 
Love it ... 

Halloween .. It came and went for us, the weather wasn't horrible. But that was one of the only few days.

It's seriously been raining, since like the beginning of October.  You should see my yard!!  It's some kind of cruel joke.  
But the sun  is shining today!  I r happy!

We just came back from a camping trip Sunday.  Eleven of us in a large cabin, it was pretty nice. There was plenty of space so I know no one felt trapped in to close to anyone else, unless they wanted to.

So in other news, I think I'm going to work on NOT posting pictures of my baby darlings...  The internet is a sick place, it may not make any sense, but you will have to be my facebook friend to see those precious ones ;)

And last, but def not least ..

Dear ole MB is expecting! 
You read that right, in 9(ish) months we'll welcome another little MB turd to the clan.

Soak that in and have a GREAT day Dingleberries!

-Hang in there

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday, that's today

Today is Friday!  I'm pretty glad about that. It's been about a week since my last post.  Not sure how I managed to pull that one off really.

We had an awesome time at the women's retreat last weekend.   I was way anxious to leave the monkeys, but we all made it alive.  They had fun with Mr MB and I had fun with the ladies. 

Surprisingly it helped me out a bit, encouraged me a little.  I'm happy to report I'm less grumpy this week.

So how's your week Dingleberries?  Anything exciting?

I was flipping through Netflix last night and realized they took Twilight off. Which makes no sense to me.  It's old as heck and well I was watching that!  I did find something called "Twilight in Volterra".  It's a documentary on the city of Volterra.  Pretty nice and well it killed some time while I was sitting up waiting on bed.  Probably should have been doing something more productive, but hey it is what it is! 

Ya ever notice when you finish lunch, if you've taken it a little early the day seems to drag a little?

In other news, I've committed to go to a wedding tomorrow. I hate formal events like that because I never have a thing to wear.

-Hang in there

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A sad update and some a snippet of good did come

**Update:  Remember earlier when I mentioned the doggie the police had me search a car for?  Well he wasn't safely at home.  Turns out he must have ran out of the car during the clean up and removing the owner of the car. They found him later today, he didn't make it and I found out the owner of the car has a broken back.  What a sad and scary day. Hug someone tight, because you never know when horrible things will happen.  The worst part about this job sometimes is hearing and knowing about these bad accidents.

All of that sadness aside, I was able to get off on time(ish). Of course I had to make a Kroger stop but I came home and hung out with the monkeys.  E Monkey and I went on another walk. Heading out the door he says, "wanna go see poppa". Of course, how do you say no to that?  hahaha.. So we made out little adventure to Poppas. The bird, Harley, scares the crap out of him every time he screams but E monkey loves to eat up Papa MB's Popsicles.

The last two photos are from tonight, thought they were too funny not to share and the one of Pokey.
Today is my very merry unbirthday, she's baking my cake
it was gooood!! 

-Hang in there

A grey day

I'm feeling a bit down today, maybe it's the weather.
It's very grey here!  I've heard it mentioned that some have seen some rain today, I'm not one of those.
  Haven't seen any rain today.

Got a call this morning, the police department requested me to search a vehicle for a possible "wounded dog".  Not only did I not want to find a dead dog in this car, I didn't want to stick my hand under a seat and find a wounded dog that would chomp down on my hand.
Luckily, no dog.  
I've  heard it rumored they think the dog was in the safety of it's home this morning when the accident occurred. 

It's a strange kind of day for me, too much caring, too many feelings.  I feel like the Grinch when his heart grows, "I'm leaking!". But seriously, I'm not crying. 

-Hang in there

Monday, September 21, 2015

Guess who's back...

Lookie Lookie who's back!  I fixed my hair!  I say fixed, because it was broken. That mess of a blond and light brown, was it broken. 

I love my black hair and after tasting the rainbow (that sounds funny) I am offically calling this my look, well color.  I know I get bored and make mistakes, but hopefully this is the last time I get bored enough to think I'd look ok as a blond, or light brown or even red.  Because though I get plenty of compliments no matter the color, I feel most like me when it's this adorable black color.

 So, welcome back .. ME! 

-Hang in there

A minute outside

I've been eating a little better and trying to get out of the house on days that we don't have somewhere to be.  Today was one of those days, we had fun.  I started working on a crazy rant, psycho poo flinging post.  But this is better.

 Sorry Dingleberries, this was one I was working on last week and didn't get it loaded.  Somestimes there is a delay between my phone and this google + thing and well ... I forget stuff sometimes.

Me and my monkeys went on a little walk, went visit Papa MB and do some walking ..

E monkey Loves popsicles. 


Hoping all is well your way today!!

-Hang in there

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yes, all we need is love

Sometimes it's to easy to take a look around, open ones ears and ones eyes and see all of the bad.  All of the evil that lurks around each and every corner you can see. 

I read a post tonight, a story about another little child who lost their life.  For no reason other than someones demons.  

These things makes the world bad

But rest easy, there are still good things in the world, it's important not that we look past these bads.  Not that we accustom ourselves to the horrible. 

It's important that we are aware and that we CARE for one another again.  We look after one another and watch out for each others babies.  

These demons just need a lid put on their heads, a cage to contain them in.

This is still our world where our babies can be safe and we don't have to worry about what demon is lurking in what corner.  

Stand up and be strong, be aware and just straight up CARE for each other again .

How does the song go?  "All we need  is love"  Yea ....  "love is all we need"

I challenge you! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Ya'll

So, we've wrapped up this thing called summer. It's September, already and from what I hear they are predicting it to be cold by the end of the month.  Which totally sucks to me, I'm already cold. What's it going to be like in months to come?
We've plans to go on a weekend getaway with the family in the N Ga mountains ... in November. I know, I probably didn't think that through. The idea was nice though, sitting around a cabin with the heat on, fire going, blankets and no reason to go outside at all. Sounds fabulous, doesn't it?

But I'm rambling, I've got a lot to share tonight.  So summer came and went, so did many other thing,s I'm going to share a few of those with you all tonight, since I didn't post all summer long.  So check it out!

Pokey graduated the 5th grade, can you believe it?  She's in middle school this year, it's CRAZY. I had a thought on the way to work this morning, Seems like it wasn't that long ago we were living in a crappy little two bedroom apartment in Duluth and she was starting grade K.  It's crazy sometimes.

I manned up and planned a few family gatherings this year, with hopes of planning more but just can't seem to get the masses lined up. Maybe a Halloween shindig to come.  This one pictured above I planned with my aunt and cousin, my aunt lives about an hour away and has some kinds of anxiety about leaving the town she lives in .. So we accommodated her and brought the shin dig to her.  It was fun.

Pokey's sad face... Probably pouting because I ran out of money (as usual) 

::evil giggles:: E*monkey dumped out some of the shreddings from Granny MB's shredder.  In his defense, his little car was in there.

I made E*monkey sit through yet another hair cut.

Took Pokey to see Third Day, other than it being too loud, she had fun!

Papa MB's brother passed away, first we made the trip down to a place called Cairo, Ga for the viewing and cremation.  Papa MB also retrieved a few belongings from their residence. We made the trek back and then a week or so later we drove up to the mountains for the Memorial Service. It was lovely.  We found a swinging bridge and I made Papa MB stop for it.  

There was this tree also

I'm not sure what the monkeys are doing here... Being silly, as usual. But at least no one is crying

Pokey and I went to the Outcry tour. You'd think I'd be the "cool mom" by now.  No, she still hates me and complained the whole time on this one.  Lovely.

My phone has an option for this ... Pokey made it

Look at my sweet babies hair

I have a foam plate on my head

My sweet nephew turned ONE 

E*monkey picked up a case of the head lice this year .....  He's bald now. Makes me a sad

My plants have not died yet

Crazy kids

We went to Celebrate Freedom, more concerts.  It was fun!  Pokey complained the whole time. I think it must be a trend for her. 


It was a good summer, never a dull moment. That is for sure.  Hope you all did something exciting with your warm weather :)  

-Hang in there.