Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A sad update and some a snippet of good did come

**Update:  Remember earlier when I mentioned the doggie the police had me search a car for?  Well he wasn't safely at home.  Turns out he must have ran out of the car during the clean up and removing the owner of the car. They found him later today, he didn't make it and I found out the owner of the car has a broken back.  What a sad and scary day. Hug someone tight, because you never know when horrible things will happen.  The worst part about this job sometimes is hearing and knowing about these bad accidents.

All of that sadness aside, I was able to get off on time(ish). Of course I had to make a Kroger stop but I came home and hung out with the monkeys.  E Monkey and I went on another walk. Heading out the door he says, "wanna go see poppa". Of course, how do you say no to that?  hahaha.. So we made out little adventure to Poppas. The bird, Harley, scares the crap out of him every time he screams but E monkey loves to eat up Papa MB's Popsicles.

The last two photos are from tonight, thought they were too funny not to share and the one of Pokey.
Today is my very merry unbirthday, she's baking my cake
it was gooood!! 

-Hang in there


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