Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Ya'll

So, we've wrapped up this thing called summer. It's September, already and from what I hear they are predicting it to be cold by the end of the month.  Which totally sucks to me, I'm already cold. What's it going to be like in months to come?
We've plans to go on a weekend getaway with the family in the N Ga mountains ... in November. I know, I probably didn't think that through. The idea was nice though, sitting around a cabin with the heat on, fire going, blankets and no reason to go outside at all. Sounds fabulous, doesn't it?

But I'm rambling, I've got a lot to share tonight.  So summer came and went, so did many other thing,s I'm going to share a few of those with you all tonight, since I didn't post all summer long.  So check it out!

Pokey graduated the 5th grade, can you believe it?  She's in middle school this year, it's CRAZY. I had a thought on the way to work this morning, Seems like it wasn't that long ago we were living in a crappy little two bedroom apartment in Duluth and she was starting grade K.  It's crazy sometimes.

I manned up and planned a few family gatherings this year, with hopes of planning more but just can't seem to get the masses lined up. Maybe a Halloween shindig to come.  This one pictured above I planned with my aunt and cousin, my aunt lives about an hour away and has some kinds of anxiety about leaving the town she lives in .. So we accommodated her and brought the shin dig to her.  It was fun.

Pokey's sad face... Probably pouting because I ran out of money (as usual) 

::evil giggles:: E*monkey dumped out some of the shreddings from Granny MB's shredder.  In his defense, his little car was in there.

I made E*monkey sit through yet another hair cut.

Took Pokey to see Third Day, other than it being too loud, she had fun!

Papa MB's brother passed away, first we made the trip down to a place called Cairo, Ga for the viewing and cremation.  Papa MB also retrieved a few belongings from their residence. We made the trek back and then a week or so later we drove up to the mountains for the Memorial Service. It was lovely.  We found a swinging bridge and I made Papa MB stop for it.  

There was this tree also

I'm not sure what the monkeys are doing here... Being silly, as usual. But at least no one is crying

Pokey and I went to the Outcry tour. You'd think I'd be the "cool mom" by now.  No, she still hates me and complained the whole time on this one.  Lovely.

My phone has an option for this ... Pokey made it

Look at my sweet babies hair

I have a foam plate on my head

My sweet nephew turned ONE 

E*monkey picked up a case of the head lice this year .....  He's bald now. Makes me a sad

My plants have not died yet

Crazy kids

We went to Celebrate Freedom, more concerts.  It was fun!  Pokey complained the whole time. I think it must be a trend for her. 


It was a good summer, never a dull moment. That is for sure.  Hope you all did something exciting with your warm weather :)  

-Hang in there.


  1. Sorry to read that your Papa MB's brother passed away.

  2. Sorry about your loss. But it does sound like you enjoyed a pleasant summer. Now on to fall and winter.

  3. Thanks Ya'll, I was sorry for the loss too. I never really knew him very much, we didnt grow up around them and they lived so far away. Very sad for Papa MB to have lose his last sibling and his parents passed away also. But summer is def over and were moving along into whats next.

  4. I know I've used this gag once before somewhere else, but: "Nice foam hat! Do you sing Devo?"


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