Sunday, December 21, 2014

Life is... gone to see Santa

The words just aren't coming to me tonight.  Perhaps I should be thinking about going to bed, but I just can't seem to wrap my thinking around that either.

I kicked the heater up a couple of degrees tonight, I've been very cheap frugal this year and avoided turning the heat up very high.  But tonight, tonight is different.  I feel the need to soak up some extra heat and just be warm.  There is nothing I hate more, than being cold.  You Dingleberries are well aware of that I assume.

Heavens know I complain A LOT about cold and the cold weather.

Today, was mostly good.  A large amount of stress has mounted on my back as of lately.  Just life and stuff weighing in on me I think. Sometimes it feels like those around me avoid all things regarding all things in hopes that things will just... go away. To their surprise, well eventual surprise  That is not the case. In fact, they should really take a good long look and see that hey their idiocy is probably in fact making things a whole hell of a lot worse than they can imagine.  Turns out, that whole common sense thing I was fussing about the other day... Yea, it doesn't come standard anymore.  Makes me want to SCREAM.

I think I need a vacation ... from most things. A few in particular.

So today I took the chirren to see Santa.  :)  It was pretty fun, we went to this place in town ( and I got a couple of pictures with my phone) We still haven't told Pokey about Santa yet, I'm not sure if the kids at school have convinced her yet, or not.  I did tell her this year that we believe in Santa, if we want gifts. I'm familiar of this whole Santa is a lie thing and we're lying to our kids and all by telling them Santa brings gifts, this annoys the hell out of me. Why can't we have an imagination and let them have some fun. We are only kids once.  I don't see the big deal and when people I know go off on it, I'm like geez.  Don't be such an ass.   

Pokey got her hair cut today too.  She enjoys it being short, no matte rhow much I try to convince her to let it grow. It's actually better this way, girl does NOT brush her hair.  Makes me nuts.

We had fun though, E Monkey wasn't exactly thrilled with this situation, but we made it work and there wasn't any of those HILARIOUS screaming crying santa photos that everyone else gets.

Sometimes, I secretly wish I could get those.  That's horrid isn't it?!

Scared of santa photos.. Have you googled this?  It's pretty funny.  :)

Last one and I'm done, so this place we went to, it's like a furniture store.  Free Santa man, I love it. But they have the worlds largest mattress. I know what you're thinking, probably the same thing I was thinking when I heard that.  

But OHMYGOD it's crazy big!

In this photo the kids are on one little end of the mattress...  This furniture store is in an old warehouse here in town and this mattress is soooo long.  I wish you all could see it, I wish I'd gotten more picture of it, or maybe took a picture of the whole thing.

It was shocking really.

I thought it was shocking when one of the neighboring towns took it upon themselves to attempt to win the record for most scarecrows.  OHMYGOD the amount of scarecrows, but I'm getting sidetracked.

This mattress was huge and I can only imagine it would be one of the worst things you'd ever sleep on, but whatever.

The kids had a blast running and jumping and rolling.  E Monkey had learned how to roll.  He was rolling around on the thing, was so funny.

I may have had moments of crazy stressed out I'm going to stab choke someone, but the little things like watching those kids laugh and play. Makes it all worth it.

Life is short, I shouldn't be such a bitch all the time.  Well, not to everyone anyway.  Some people just deserve it and I should be better than that. But it's so hard!! Sometimes....  Why do they make me the way I am!!

It's almost Christmas, it doesn't feel like it to me.  How about you?

Hang in there, until next time :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life is...insanity

Tuesday is here!
I heard something the other day, what was that ...  
Something about Tuesday being worse than Monday because it's still the beginning of the week (or something). Only they aren't making a big todo about it .. or something.
I get confused easily ya know.

  This shall be a long post!!! Even though, long posts tend to lose traffic...
 *heard that somewhere too*  
Oh who cares about traffic anyway?  
It's not like any of this is even note worthy, but I still keep making them.  

Anywho ..
Check out my nephew!!!
That's from this morning. He's already 3 months old and isn't he just soooo cute.
Almost as cute as E Monkey <3 

Look at that boy!  
Can you believe he's already a year and a half?
It's insanity!!!
He's not sweet either!
*note the scratch under my eye in the first photo*

Check out that style too!
That's all MB style right there
Poor thing, 
never had a chance.
I love this kid.

I mean GEEZ

Look at him!

That's right folks Im sharing a little insight into a MB life
Trying not to fling any poo today

It's nice, right? 

Just smile and nod.

That's what I do!

Remember Pokey?!!!

She's practically grown now.

Or it feels like it sometimes when I acknowledge the fact that she's almost as tall as me and pretty much meaner than I ever was!

She's still a good kid though

If I can get her away from that Xbox.

And finally,

Check out yesterdays adventures!  Pokey and E monkey have been sharing the chore of  emptying the contents of the dishwasher.

Yea, this happens..

Quite often actually.

I think I need a new  dishwasher.

well now, that wasn't too horribly long.

Hang in there my Dingleberries.

I love you turds.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Life is... annoyed

I logged in, with every intention of flinging some mad poo up in here today.  Checked into my post from the weekend and the upbeat mood and nice comments left there ..

I've changed my mind

Don't want you Dingleberries thinking I'm bi-polar or something, not that there is anything wrong with being bi-polar.
I'm going to shush up now!  hahah

But you know what? 

It's really annoying to think that someone feels as though they aren't liked by you, 
*note... I worded that three different ways and I'm still not sure about it*
but of course you like them. 
So you attempt to put forth a little effort into proving that to them. 
Which also seems absurb to me because I mean damn!!! 
Why do I have to prove that I like you?!?!
Geez people irritate the poo out of me!
Monkey jokes.
Do you ever just feel like you'd prefer to just be left alone?
There's nothing I wouldn't give to just be left in peace with my little monkeys, forever after.
I'm glad you Dingleberries are around to hear me complain,
 no one else wants to deal with it, 
ya know?  
That's another reason I love you turds ;) 

-Hang in there

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Life is ... sunny

The sun came out today (and I'm not talking about myself) and it was GLORIOUS. There was a buzz in the air that you only read about, or hear about in movies. It was spectacular and a good reminder that I seriously cannot wait until summer (heck I'll even take spring at this point) comes back around.    It's December, in Georgia.  For those of you who are or have ever been to the state of Georgia. I am pretty sure that mother nature here is seriously bi-polar.  It's no joke.  It was like 70 today and I'm pretty sure it's freezing outside now!  But like I said, that's pretty normal here!

Weather aside, lets get back to today.

Today was good, saw some friends, spent a little time away from the chirrens. I love those kids, but sometimes, I think I love them too much. I want to keep them with me, like all the time.  I think sometimes I just have to let them be .... with someone else for a bit.  It's not always good with my anxiety, but it was nice today.

Between the weather and the people and the family and kids and pizza. Man today was great.

I know you guys worry about me sometimes, but I think I'm going to be OK. For  a little while longer anyway. Thanks dear Dingleberries ... For hanging in there. I know I say that all the time, but I mean it.  hahah...  You guys still rawk,

So yea, life is weird and things aren't always perfect ... But there are always means and ways to find something perfect to set your eyes on ... For a while.  Distractions are great.  :)

Maybe Christmas won't be so bad this year, just maybe.

-Hang in there

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Did I mention, life is weird

On occasion I've been looking back over the past few years of my blogging life.
It's been a strange life, hasn't it.
In only four short years seems like a lifetime or two ago.
It's weird how that works isnt it?
How quickly things change, suddenly and you're left ...
sitting there
saying to yourself
how in the hell did I get here?
How in the hell did I get back here?
Life is weird,
isn't it!
Hang in there Dingleberries
It ain't over yet! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Life is...

Life is weird.

It's so easy to feel like everything is pressing down on you at once.
I have some very bright stars in my sky but there are some dull ones in the way 

Life is hard.

Constantly struggle to stay afloat and not be what's inside me.

Miss seeing your face, your smile.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Quick Post

So I've found myself suffering some serious case of lack of interest again. I've also stumbled on a few posts on facebook this week that have me in a frenzy. 
This being said, I'm taking a vacation from social media. I think, if any of those folks really need me, they know where and how to find me.  I just can't stand reading, seeing all things on facebook right now.
I think I must be going through something ..

So this week, they're doing a birthday dinner for my nephew, he will be 17 this month.
I'm not looking forward to Pokey getting that old.
You know she's ten now!  Will be ELEVEN in January. OMG she's my little demon too. I swear, if either of my children kill me in my sleep .. It will be her. God I love her though.!!!
And no I'm not just saying that for fear of my life, not at all, not one bit ;)

So I'm stressing the birthday stuff, as usual. Not only is he in the realm of "I have no idea" but he's a boy.  My boy, he doesn't even care for much of anything as of right now, toy stuffs.  But 17 year olds, they're.... weird.  Especially the boy ones.  This boy not only is seventeen, but has long bleached hair and worships the whole 80's glam rock stuff.  Turns out ...
I wanted to get him a Crowder CD, because they're one of my current music crushes, but Mr MB doesn't think he would care for that at all. Guess I have to actually care what they like too huh ;)
(My new ringtone, awesome, right)

So ... whatever. I'm willing to just throw 20 bucks at the kid at this point. HA!

Anywho ....  All of that being said. I need to spread the word about the Christmas Airmail

Please go check it out and  sign up this year. Some of you may remember she did this in honor of Mama MB last year and it was and is always so much fun to get things in the mail. 
So check it out, here or you can click the picture (I think)  

Have a great day my dear Dingleberries.

Hang in there