Thursday, February 27, 2014

Possible addiction

Happy Thursday dear Dingleberries,

It's a hectic day around here today for some reason. It's been one of those weeks where the phones aren't ringing very much, but for whatever reason my desk is covered in things for me to do.  There isn't really an end in sight of the list either, go figure.

 So the topic for today, the thoughts I've had on my mind, knowing I need to put them down and sort them out. I've been reading, what with the courses I've signed up for.  The book I was looking through last night tells me that I need to put my thoughts down on paper and then sort through them, draft them up and then compose them.  Yea, so that's NOT what I'm doing with this post.

I'm rambling...

We have new owners,, did I tell you all that?  Yep, the old couple finally sold and honestly. It is a mess. It's funny how you don't realize  what you have until it's gone. As crazy as they made us sometimes, I really had no idea what all He dealt with sometimes. What with truck repairs and the likes.  Ugh.... Very annoying ...

More rambling ...

So the new boss man came in the other day, I'd sent him out to check out a car.  He comes back in with a bottle of liquor. Said it was laying on the seat of the car, full bottle, never opened. Now I'm not a Brandy drinker, heck I'm not any kind of drinker as of lately.   Though there was a time when I drank, a lot.  I quite enjoyed drinking.... a lot.  So it's been years.

I quit smoking, what like 2 years or so ago and to be honest, as some of you may know, smoking and
drinking, kinda go hand in hand. Just sayin'.

It was really really hard for me to quit smoking, I was one of those smokers that really liked smoking, for whatever reason. Makes no sense I know.  Then again I guess it makes  a lot of sense. I know for sure I'm not the first or the last person to say they actually Liked smoking.

I knew though, there was no way I could quit smoking and continue to drink. I can't drink without smoking! Have you tasted that stuff?   I loved drinking!  Well, I loved being drunk!  I guess that's a common thing to hear people say too. I didn't drink to drink, I didn't drink socially, I drank to get drunk.  And I loved it.  So of course when you take away half of the good of drinking, smoking, there isn't enough left to make it all work.  That and there was no way I could commit to being a non smoker if I were a drinker. So I quit them. Quit them both.  COLD TURKEY.

It was hard.

When I got prego with E last year I craved them, craved the alcohol and the smoking. Weird right?  Of course I didn't do either, not even once, not even a glass of wine. Nothing.  I stayed strong.  Haven't had a smoke or a drink since I quit, like two years ago .

Boss man brings that bottle of Brandy in here the other day and as soon as the gag reflexes calmed down some I started aching for a drink!  Isn't that crazy?!  Never once did I think of myself as week or with any sort of addiction.   Turns out .... There are times when we're all weak.

I've made it though, still haven't had a drink.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

They're my bottles!

Little mans daycare teacher, well one of them anyway, has taken it upon herself to puncture the nipples of his bottles, I assume to either increase the flow or help in her laziness that she can put his rice cereal in his bottle. Rather than feed by spoon.
This really bothers me. 
I plan to question her quite thoroughly tomorrow. 
Am I overreacting? 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just sew...

Everyone I know and read about these days seems to be making stuff.. .Whether it's sewing or crafting... Just making things ..

 Wishing I could make things ..

I bought the fabric to attempt to make  a diaper cover for the boy MB.  Yea I took one look at the antique sewing machine of my grandmothers ....

I cried myself to sleep.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

1030 pm on a Saturday.

Saturday has came and went, it's getting late around here but as I sat bored watching a little Family Guy I decided to kill a few minutes in the blogoland.

It rained, a lot today. Storms and rains and everything, pretty normal.  I can't believe how weird the weather has been.  It's crazy! Freezing vortex and now it's like spring, I'm sure Jesus will be coming back this weekend or next.

Either that or Mother Nature really has lost her mind.

Had a funeral today, my Granny lost her brother to an eight month battle of cancer.  Always hard to watch your Granny, aunts and uncles crying at the loss of someone they love. It's hard to see anyone lose people they love.

Just a reminder, another reminder.

One of the ladies there, reminded me, AGAIN at how much I look like my mom.  Should that bother me?  It doesn't bother me really that we look a like more like I feel people shouldn't tell me all the time, lol.  That makes no sense I know and I sound like a cry baby, but whatever. Just makes me think about how much I miss that woman!

I hope you guys had a better, dryer Saturday. It's bedtime, boy monkey is asleep.  For a few more minutes. He still isn't sleeping through the night.  When he wakes up I'm so tired I just grab him and bring him into my bed. I shouldn't I know, but I can't see the harm.  Mr MB hates it.  I don't know what else to do at this point, I can't stay up all night.

I work too ya know?

Happy Saturday Dingleberries.

-Hang in there

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some people...

Was driving down I85 yesterday morning, heading in to work and I could see in the distance and large truck on the side of the road with it's flashers on.

Anyone who knows about those large trucks on the side of the interstate know that at times they tend to stick out and well on occasion the driver of the truck can been caught going in and out and up under the hood and stuff.

So I decided, hey it may be a nice thing to go ahead and change lanes and get on past him. Using my blinker I get over into the fast lane.

So I guess the driver of the  large truck in that lane didn't appreciate me getting over in front of him. Even if it was only going to be for a short time so I could get around the guy on the side of the road.  Dude turns on his bright lights and leaves them on.  They are ridiculous bright to be honest. I couldn't believe it, it's still bugging me a day later.  Trying to do the right thing and some jerk gets all bent out of shape about it.

Losing faith in the world sometimes, lol. People are just jerks!  .

-Hang in there

Friday, December 27, 2013

My Very Merry Airmail Christmas, 2013

Good morning, well afternoon actually, my dearest Dingleberries. Christmas was quite an event, that's for sure.  I hope everything went well for you all out there in the blogosphere. I opened up blogger this morning so I could begin working on this post, here it is a few hours later and I'm just one the first part of it.  At least I finally got the picture above put in!  I consider that quite an achievement. 

So I could fill a post honestly of how things went and what the monkeys got for Christmas this year. But I'm going to save that for another post and to be honest. I hope to get it done before the New Year.  It's on my list and I'm hoping.  

So most of you are aware I linked up again with A Very Airmail Christmas this year.  This year it was in memory of Mama MB who passed away last November of breast cancer.  It was quite fun and  I hope we continue to do it for years to come.  There are some amazing and awesome Dingleberries out there. For those of you who participated in it this year,  thank you, on behalf of Mama MB up in the heavens. I hope the Christmas card brought you some smiles this year. 

My card came from Austrailia this year, check out Sophie, awesome lady :)

Hang in there my Dingleberries!!