Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How can I meet new people?

I'm in a mind set right now of wanting/needing/hoping to find some new friends. I have many friends, all of whom I love dearly.  But at this point in life, just like years past. I'm so far away from my friends. To be completely honest if I weren't able to spend most of my life on facebook I wouldn't be in touch with most of them I guess. Reality is, as I said, we're just so far apart. I put forth every effort to stay in touch, to spend time with them when the opportunity arises. We all know that is hard at times when you have a life and children and homes and the likes. Never mind it takes upwards of an hour just to get out to where they are so that you can spend time with them.

It just quite simply put; isn't always fair.

I'm toying with the idea of finding PTA and any other mother friendly society I'm able to find.  I've thought about random classes or activities.  Pokey wants to join the Girl Scouts maybe that will help?

I've really no idea why I'm even thinking about any of this, I don't have time to finish most of my daily shit on a daily basis anyway.  How am I suppose to keep up with life, work, home, Pokey and something else?  
Mr. Monkey Butt just got me a new camera, I clicked over to the Gwinnett Tech website today and photography classes are like 300 bucks. 
Ahhh there has to be something I can do... I also want to run, exercise, biking. Something. I'm just unsure I guess at this point.  I'm living a different kind of life, one of which doesn't involve much time for me to do everything I want to do!
That doesn't even really matter. As I said, I'm only toying with the idea. I've made no decisions.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Anyone ever been in PTA or offer any information before I jump to emailing the school?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Music for a Tuesday

So today I'm taking us way back a bit.  I've always had a love for The Allman Brothers Band.  They were right up my alley when I was big into listening to southern rock and following my boyfriend around to different bars with his southern rock band. I can also blame my parents, well my dad mostly, for some of my southern rock influence. 

The Allman Brothers Band hailed mostly from Macon, or at least that's where they began. I've had the pleasure of visiting Macon in years past and I genuinely love that old city.  The buildings are to die for, well some of them. Just the age and beauty of the place. Mind you it's also quite ghetto in some places. The living parts of it, once you get out of the historical. It really looks quite hellish. But it's OLD there and the people are as well.
I love Macon for the old black men. The ones who hate the white man for making them slaves, because they actually know what the fuck that means and they hate the stupid children of today, the ones you see with their pants hanging down half off their asses, running around shooting people. They hate the world  and what it is today and with that, I can agree! 
I'm going to share my Macon trip with you all one day, even if it's just a post of pictures I've got. I loved it.

Very good choice for today if I do say so myself. It's been a week of hell with this ?cold? I'm fighting as of late. I'm still sticking to it being allergies though.  My head is still a wreck and my voice is still not functioning at full speed yet.  Here's to hoping it improves quickly.
I'm loving the old picture here of the men tied to the whipping post, quite literally. Of course I can't say I've "been tied to a whipping post" but I can say that's about how I feel these past days. 
Hang in there Dingleberries, it could always be worse, right?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 52, 2012

Day 52
Monday, February 27th
Anyone catch my post last night where I played catchup on a quite a few days I'd missed, well only like a whole week, Here ya go.

I noticed all of your comments on the Marry Bacon post and if Bacon asked me to Marry him/her I most certainly would.  I'm hearing also of a Vodka that's made to taste like bacon. I'm not sure how I feel about this, or if I can justify spending the money on said Vodka.  I've a lot of bad memories of my Vodka times, not sure it's in my best interest to travel down Vodka lane again.  I will say this, from now on when I'm out to dinner or out on the town, I will inquire on said Vodkaness and if they sell it, I will take a shot and report back.  Anyone else try this? Anyone else hate vodka and try this?

In other news. I got my cell phone today, YESSSS!  As you can tell the camera  is back to work, taking my 365 pictures. 

Another bit of exciting mail today,
I received another post card from the  post card campaign.  This one came all the way from California, Speed Demon.  Very lovely card, she doesn't appear to be linkable, but I will link you to the post card campaign anyway.  Check out Charlie Brown and a million thank yous to Speed Demon! 

With this I leave you, I must work on other posts. Cya later Dingleberries, Hang in there!

Marry Bacon, you say?

Jack in the Box has this thing, Marry Bacon. Really, who wouldn't want to marry Bacon?? It's so tasty and yummy and delicious.  Just listen to it cook and sizzle and the smell.  Yum!  Everything about it is just wondermus. 

Well as you have probably seen and read and heard all about, they've got a Bacon Milkshake.  Well, once I heard of this one Monkey Butt just had  to hear all about it.  IT'S BACON people.  BACON + MILKSHAKE, how could it be wrong?  I was sure that it could never be wrong.

To answer your questions and get you past the suspense.  It was honestly everything I thought it would be.  Every bit of tasty as those 2 things mixed together could ever be.  The ONLY way the bacon milkshake could be better would be if they actually put bacon in it.  That's right!  You read that right, the bacon milkshake doesn't actually have bacon in it. I knew this before I went.  It's a syrup of the bacon flavor?  Taste hickory or grilled really.  But seriously, just imagine it.  Milkshake with a slice of bacon sticking out  of the side, tiny bacon pieces waiting for your taking, the cherry atop a hefty serving of whip cream.  Sounds so much better, but I guess it just wouldn't be cost friendly.  That sucks!

Regardless of that, it was good. It was different, don't get me wrong.  Pokey, Mr Monkey Butt and myself actually shared a bacon milkshake. I couldn't justify running in there and ordering 3 bacon milkshakes, bacon and cheese french fries and bacon cheese burgers.  Hey, they said Marry Bacon, I take my vows seriously yo!  I'm glad we opted to share the shake. I wouldn't want to feel bad about tossing most of it in the trash.  We all agreed  it isn't something we could drink a lot of.  jack in the box food kinda sucks, just sayin'!

For those who has the chance, try it.  It's one less thing on my bucket list.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ok so it's been a week, 2012

Day 46,
Tuesday, February 21st,
Facebook friend said I should shoot a different angle.  Probably what I'm suppose to be doing anyway!

Day 47,
Wednesday, February 22nd
Sick Monkey Butt! 
Was posta go have dinner with Mama & Papa Monkey Butt. Yea that didn't happen. Had chicken noodle soup for dinner and went to bed early.  Not the kinda living Monkey Butt enjoys having!

Day 48,
Thursday, February 23rd

Dinner with Mama & Papa Monkey Butt, Little brother being in town for the week.  Damn my sickness for not being able to visit more often as well as living so far away.  Hopefully he had an OK trip!

Day 49,
Friday, February 24th,

Pretty amped about the trip tomorrow.  Bacon Milkshake I can taste you already!

Day 50,
Saturday, February 25th,
Mr. Monkey Butt is shot out!  It's the start to the day and as some/most/all of you know we've been planning all week to go to SC today for the oh so talked about bacon milkshake!

Stay tuned for another post, I've lots to talk about with this one!  :)  As well as a new addition to the Monkey Butts life!

Day 51,
Sunday, February 26th
Ahhhhh Sunday here we are!  Today was a normal day in the life of Monkey Butt. Filled with laundry and cleaning, cleaning and laundry.  Made it to the grocery store and all that jazz.  Also hit up Goodwill and dropped off the old blankets, pillows and shams.  That seemed kind of weird to me, but it wasn't in that bad of shape and well it just didn't seem right throwing all that money away.  I've no room to keep it.  If they don't like it, let them toss it.  What I don't know won't hurt me, right?  Right!

So, tomorrow is Monday. It's not often, well it's never, you hear me say I can't wait for a Monday.  Well, so you know, my cell phone broke Thursday.  Guess you can only imagine how much cussing came from my mouth.  Unfortunately, calling it in to Verizon on Friday just means that FedEx doesn't do Sunday deliveries unless you pay like 20 bucks!   Wishin I had paid the 20 bucks at this point.  Last time I went without a phone it was because I wanted it that way.  This time it just pisses me off! 

With this I leave you, I've plenty of other posting to get done for all of my dear Dingleberries.  Goodnight, Hang in there!  :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm not sick, damnit!

Just an updaters on everything a Monkey Butt is up to!  :)  Exciting isn't it?  I know it's been days!  I myself am having some withdrawals, just saying.

So obviously my 365 days posts are bit behind, I've every intention of catching that up, this weekend at the earliest, relax, today is Friday!

Monkey Butt is still a sickly, puny, whiny turd tossed against the wall.  I shouldn't say that, because I'm convinced and telling everyone so, that it's just allergies.  My voice is all of GONE, again. I'm fighting to hang in here (work) and not abandon ship again, but honestly; it's what I want to do.  (But I didn't say that)  The coughing hurts and the straining will only make things worse, but what can I say. I'm dedicated, bishes!  Just a few more hours to go, I'm determined  to hang in there as long as I can!

In other news, my brother has been in town this week.  Sadly, last night was not only his last night, but my only time to make it up there and hang with them for dinner. Originally we were excited to make meatloaf for Mama and Papa Monkey Butt, but those plans changed and they (Mom and Bro) decided we would have Cajun for dinner.  For starters, this was my first experience with Cajun food, Popeye's Chicken aside.  I'm not a fan of sausage usually, no skrimps for me and well there is no way in HELL I will ever eat a Craw fish!  Yea... Not going to happen. 

photo credit
Look at their nastiness laying on that place like, go ahead, bite my head off and suck out my brains! Excuse me while I puke on my desk.....OK I'm back.  To the point, dinner was good.  We had some good laughs, I got the chicken.  Everything was spicy and delicious.  The biscuits were....odd and well they shouldn't have put that horse radish on those fried green tomatoes.  Point being, this trip out really made me wish I could visit Louisiana soon.  It seems to me Mr Monkey Butt may have pushed his wish to visit New York before my desire to see Louisiana.  I've still got my wishful thinking and we will see how 2012 works out for us! 
photo credit
So while at dinner, my phone took a shit.  Yes it just straight up died.  Randomly I was trying to take a picture of the coolest sink I've seen in a while, in the bathroom of course, and it just died.  The phone that is.  It locked up on the picture, so I was able to show it off before it died. Pulled the battery out and it doesn't work anymore.  Ugh!  Called Verizon today (with what little bit of voice I have ) and they're telling me Monday on my replacement. SHIT! Worse part of this story, I use that blasted phone to take my 365 photos.  I hope I've all of them on the computer already.  If not they're  Ya seriously want me to wait all weekend. I'm willing to take this bet.  Let's see if I can make it :)

Tomorrow is the day (last I heard). We're going to South Carolina.  Nice day trip and we're really wanting some Jack in the Box.  My luck this week, the milkshake is gone. I'm hopeful that they still have it!  Either way, it's a day out and a different place to be. I'm hoping we'll see something else there to do. Kinda hoping we take Max with us too, he doesn't get out enough I think.  Sure he goes on his walks and all, but that's really all he gets. Doesn't seem fair to me! Shall see.

photo credit

With that I leave you folks, I'm beginning to feel puny and sickly, I really just want to go home!  Then again, can't do much with that because calling out sick seems pretty hard to do, I'm already at work ya know and well my voice is getting pretty darn shot as of now and they wouldn't hear my request anyway!  Check out those calories, yum!

Hang in there Dingleberries, that's what I'm doing!  :)

Friday's Fabulous Photo

Photo Credit

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Good morning and Hello my dear Dingleberries.  I'm having a few sick days I think, so unfortunately this weeks post won't be much of  anything to brag about, but at least I'm sticking to it. Unlike most other things on my blog as of late.  
photo credit

I think we're all entitled to at least one sick day a year.  That day was yesterday. I let Mr Monkey Butt convince me that I shouldn't go to work. I regretted that because after I woke up from the extra sleep, I was so bored. Just wanted to choke innocent people at that point. I did watch Twilight, finally and got caught up on The Walking Dead as well. So yay me!  I'm  back to work today and high hopes that I'm back to my normal self SOON.  I'm not a happy camper being all sick, Monkey Butt just doesn't do well with that. I'm feeling better, if only a little and for that I am glad. Just means it can only get better! 

Have an awesome day; Hang in there!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Music for a Tuesday

So this week I'm flashing back again to a time I tend to forget. Something happened in high school and I listened to a bit of Marilyn Manson. My parents hated it and well I think that most of America did as well, well the parents anyways.  I must say I might have some of the same things to say if Pokey came in saying she enjoyed the likes of something like this!
photo credit

I'd probably go into some of the same fits my mother had.  Lucky for her I didn't let this jazz go to my head, neither did my sister.  She (my sister) continued to like Marilyn Manson long after I did.  The album I'm sharing today, one of his earlier albums was my favorite. Of course it's filled with all sorts of evil sounds and terribleness I'm sure, but that's OK.  It didn't last long for me, he became the 'antichrist superstar' and I fell out of that scene almost immediately. I never got into those bands who constantly craved the stardom, had to piss off as many people as possible and get kicked out of as many places as possible (with the exception of anything Psychopathic Records). 

Thinking back to it now, I bet Marilyn Manson was our KISS.  I remember Mama Monkey Butt telling me her brothers would get in trouble for listening to KISS.  I guess they were in some way a lot a like.  Weird how that works isn't it?  Each generation has to have THAT band!  I can't wait to see what Pokeys generation has to offer!  I'm sure I'll be blue in the face tossing trash out the window in a blind fury.  Then Mr Monkey Butt will be tossing me out the window. 

photo credit

This song works well here, it's another random piece from my life and it's about a Monkey. This song as well as a few others on this album tend to make me giggle. I think it's the sickness of it at times. The sick and twisted shit that he spits out on this album. All of his albums were messed up. The minute he got bewbs though, I was OUT. For the love of Gawd don't go check it out or anything, it probably isn't even that good anymore! 

But enjoy your day dear Dingleberries and Hang in There!  :) 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 45, 2012

February 20th
I'm quite proud of myself today. I got a good bit of reading done today, so anyone who hasn't seen a comment from me today, I'm sorry, I'm still trying to get them all read.  It's a Monday ya know?  It wasn't quite as busy as a normal Monday around here, well a normal Monday here lately.

So I'm blogging because I've a full agenda for tonight. Possibly doing the grocery shopping as well as finish up the laundry, make dinner, give out baths and clean clean clean. Plus there is the matter of my neglected exercise machine and Walking Dead series. It's time to blow the dust off the machine and the DVR because I'm determined to get on the machine and watch an episode, killing two birds with one stone.  Yessss!!!

So with that I leave you, good day and good night Dingleberries, hang in there! 

PS... lolz...  Thanks for all the tips and suggestions for Ratatouille, if anyone has a recipe please do not hesitate to send it on over, my email .

No snow or anything here, frozen steps and windshield, nothing too bad I guess.  We're suppose to have more rain at the end of the week. Damn!  Spring is almost here though.  I am so excited!  Longer days and warmer weather, yessssss!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 43 & 44, 2012

Day 43,
Saturday, February 18th,
So it's Saturday. The day in which Maximus gets to get his first shots. Clinic at the Petco, seemed like a good idea. The man on the phone tells me they only do it from 2-3 and that they are typically busy, it's first come first serve... GREAT!  Not what I wanted to hear but what can you do?  Saves me a bit of money! Held Max in my arms for a good 45 minutes or so.  He weighs about 5 pounds probably and well you wouldn't think that very much until you have to hold him for long periods of time. Go buy a bag of sugar from your local grocery store and stand, holding that bag of sugar for about 45 minutes. Let me know how that goes!  :)

He's the biggest dog in the place when you put him down .I kid you not, he growled and barked and pretty much just acted like an asshat the whole time. MR Monkey Butt showed up after work and held him for a bit. Just in time for the line to start moving and the shooting to commence.  Yea Max has never had any shots so far in his life.  He's a total asshole and hates pretty much everyone. You can say I'm a little worried as to how this is going to go.  Oh a stranger is going to hold my asshole dog while that man gives him shots?  Yes, this is going to go over really well! So the lady holding Max got her thumb bit, twice.  Mr Monkey Butt finally had to hold him for the last one.  Yay!  Got it done with and brought him home, right after he dropped a turd in the floor and peed  on the chair. Damn you Max! Or should  I say, damn you Vet! Spent the rest of the day doing not much at all, which is an awesome thing. It did start raining and dinner plans with Mama and Papa Monkey Butt didn't pan out. Apparently the brother is coming down next week and Mama Monkey Butt thinks it may be best to just save the cash for another night. Fine with me, but I still missed them terribly.  We ended up having On The Border for dinner and finally we got some good service and awesome food. Left him a good tip also.  Yays!  Always nice to find pleasure in eating out, when the server gives a shit about their job. I was a server for years and I loved it.  That time came to an end though, I think I may be too jaded and bitter to be any good at it now though. 

Day 44,
Sunday, February 19th

Woke up this morning and knew it was going to be a very busy day. Then again, when do I never have a very busy day?  I can't think of a time in my life that isn't busy. For some reason I'm OK with this.  How strange is that? 
Things to do today, Sunday:
  1. clean
  2. do laundry
  3. walk the dog
  4. cuss the rain, some more
  5. grocery shopping
  6. cousins little boys birthday party
  7. Mr Monkey Butts Dad's Birthday dinner
So I didn't get the grocery shopping done. We were forced to hit  Kroger after yet another night of dinner out.  Im beginning to hate eating out already. A whole weekend of eating out, luckily no lunches were involved, just dinners.  I will be glad to cook something tasty tomorrow!  More Italian for dinner tonight, got a tasty eggplant dinner thing. I actually kind of like eggplant now.  Hmm, how weird.
Let's not talk about the fact that I've done no exercise all week, and didn't get to it tonight either. I'm tired as sin and not really sure I want to go to work tomorrow. Wish vacation time added up as the years past. I should be entitled to more than 1 week after all my years of faithful service.  Bloody bastards!

For those who are commenting. I've changed my settings with hopes that I won't get spammed too much. I've noticed the captchas at a lot of my friends blogs as well and it drives me crazy. So I'm going to attempt to take them off of mine with hopes that all goes well.  You see what I'm doing for you all :) 

Thanks for the tips on Ratatouille as well. Can't wait to try out my lack of culinary skill on something like that!  I follow directions well though; that should count for something!

With this I leave you. I've still got high hopes that I can get back to doing my posts everyday. Still haven't posted everything I've been working on either.  Damnit! What can I say, life tends to get in the way at times.  And that's ok by me!  Goodnight Dingleberries, hang in there! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 41 & 42, 2012

Day 41,
Thursday, February 16th
It's taco night.  Well that's usually our thang for Thursday nights.  There is a tasty Mexican restaurant across the street from my work. On Thursdays (which is apparently now called Thorsday) they have dollar tacos so we usually go and stand in the crowds of teenagers waiting for a table at the favorite local Mexican place. 

Have any of you noticed how teenagers look these days?  Yea I swear to everything some of them are bigger, taller and older looking than I am. But by the way they behave and the obvious lack of maturity.  What the fuck is happening to the children of today?  I'm serious.  Why should a teenager, at least 16 years old cause they have keys and stuff, why do they look like their in theirs 30s.  Why do they look as old as me?  ::Cries::

Back to what I was saying. I changed our plans, without permission and deciding myself that I wanted to go to Ihop.  Yea, I've been wanting some crepes for some time now and damnit, I was going to get my crepes! We went to the Whole Foods store though first. I've personally never been into one of those.  Reminded me a lot of a Trader Joes, except Whole Foods has this big section of hot bars and cold bars, grills and pizza kitchens. There are some vegetarian egg roles in the fridge.  I'm hoping we can take those out tomorrow, give them a tasting.  Mr. Monkey Butts lady friend who works there said they are tasty!  Shall see I guess?

There I go again.... Lets wrap this up.  Ihop was very unsatisfying.  I must say I won't be back to a Ihop for a while.  I will never walk through the doors of this Ihop over near home. The service was shit, the food  mediocre and I heard that microwave beep A LOT!

So with that I leave Thorsday! 
Well hello there handsome man with that big hammer.

Day 42,
Friday, February 17th
I don't want to be the one, but I've really nothing worth talking about today. This night wrapped up pretty shit like if you ask me and sadly I'm not going to go into any details, because I just don't want to. Instead I'm going to sit here and pound out something that will pass as not so shitty!  How's that?  Sounds awesome right!

Came home from a night out on the town.  Yes that's right.  The three Monkey Butts hit the town for excitement and fun? We hit up the Annas and picked up some new bedding.  It's time for a change I guess. I'd promised Pokey a few new things recently and damnit I'm coming through with them.  One of which is done! She picked out a fabulous pink butterfly blanket.  Found an awesome blue and brown ensemble for my bed.  Lovely choice, I'm hoping it brightens up the room.  The one on the bed has met its finale I think. After 2 cats, 3 beds and 1 dog. I'd say it's time!  Wouldn't you?

Had some tasty dinner at the Italian place over near home.  Again, the service was shittastic!  I can't believe this. It's like all they hire is damn robots to work this city.  It's crap!  I had an eggplant parmigiana though. My first time, I typically get the chicken.  OMG it was soooo good. It's my new favorite, the chicken is the thing of the past!  Nom Nom Nom!

I want to make some Ratatouille, but I want to make it like he makes it in the movie....

Like this!

But the stew looks really tasty as well. Anyone have a nice recipe for Ratatouille?  I'm really interested in trying it and of course I could hit the books, click through pages on the interwebs until I brave up and randomly pick one I find which may or may not turn out well.  But I'd rather ask you first!  

Came home....  Walked Maximus, came inside with terrible foot crampage.  Oh.My.Gawd. it hurt so bad. I sat there and cried a mixture of painful and angry tears for a few minutes. Was finally able to get it taken care of and grabbed the lappy top.  Opened my facebook to find an oh so lovely email from an old friend.  We talk probably less than once a year.  Always a nice surprise.

I feel better.  Thanks Dingleberries, goodnight, Hang in there!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Damn this rain,

It's raining today and Im pretty sure this is what my hair looks like.  Yea, it's a fucking awesome day I tell ya. Bad hair day and all!  :) 


Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Well Hello Dingleberries and a Happy Thursday to you all.  Best part about Thursdays?  Especially this Thursday?  Well for starters, its the day of my and your week where you we get to see new Monkey butts and read all my Monkey Butt Babbles.  Exciting isn't it?  Secondly, I get paid on Thursdays, which is a good thing this week, cause I spent ALL my monies buying V-day stuff on Tuesday.  Yay! 

So let's get on with it, OK.  What do we have this week? 
That's a scary looking Monkey if you ask me!  I've never gazed upon the 'glory' of "Monkey Shines" and to be honest, I've never heard of this one. From what I've read, it was a horror film back in 88, based on a novel written by Michael Stewart, written/directed by George Romero.
OK so I read it entirely, (I love Wikipedia).  This is a fucked up flick, this lil' Monkey, Ella is her name.  I think I understand her to be the victim of some sort of experimental shit, becomes the helper monkey of a quadriplegic, who, GET THIS got hit by a damn truck, thus making him the way he  is.
His helper monkey, Ella, of course starts out as his friend, they share romantic moments of music and cuddling, then he (the quadriplegic) finds himself a girlfriend. 
Ella isn't happy.
I'm not going to spoil this for anyone,  you can however google for yourself, read some Wiki or rent the movie. I'm sure someone has it somewhere on some forgotten shelf dusty and kindly rewinded!  Let me know what you think.
Anyone actually seen this movie?

Yea, so I'm going to have nightmares after this one!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 39 & 40, 2012

Looks like this is an every other day blog around here doesn't it?  I'm not the happiest about that right now, but it's the best I got.  I'm not bitching, promise!  I know I will be back at it before I know it! 

Day 39
Tuesday, February 14th,

Well for starters, in my defense, I did blog on Valentines day. Sure it wasn't my daily 365 posts that I'm suppose to do, but it was something for your viewing pleasure and there were quite a few comments that I enjoyed reading, so it must have been OK :)  I hope each and everyone of you had a glorious V-Day.  It was quite lovely around these parts, Pokey got her a puppy toy and some candies from me, Mr Monkey But got a card and some candies.  :) 
Mr. Monkey Butt pulled a sneak attack, lying and coming home earlier than I thought he bought Pokey a big arse caterpillar toy and candies, purchasing me the SAME card I'd bought him and writing the same thing on the inside of said card. I think we're weird, that or he knows what I like, because I effn loved that card.  It's the whole reason I'd bought it for him. It was so simple and yet so perfect.  And he surprised me with the Florence + the machine CD I wanted, it's fantabulous.  Love love love it!  All in all, I didn't get my way, gifts were exchanged, but it was a good day.  We had some frozen pizza and watched some reruns on television. 

Day 40,
Wednesday, February 15th
It's late, I should, could, WANT to be in bed already. But I can't see myself falling asleep knowing I'm neglecting my blog, again. Plus I've neglected my reading as well.  I still love you Dingleberries, I promise I will be caught up tomorrow! 
Not much went on today, slowish day at work. Read some more of my book, which is why I'm behind on my blog reading. 
Got the apartment cleaned and warshed some clothes tonight.  Got up this morning to realize it was laundry day. Pulled the only pair of jeans hanging in the closet  that  I could stand to wear and they're too small. Damn it to hell.  Yea the 5lbs apparently is affecting my jeans fitting.  they're now filed away in the corner so I can't see them right now. Washed all my other jeans that do fit and well though I hate to do it, it may be time to do some more jean shopping.  Then again some more time on the machine and it won't be necessary. It's  cruel world we live in.
With that I leave you, until tomorrow.  I will vow not to neglect my blog tomorrow or yours for that matter.
For now, goodnight Dingleberries.
Hang in there!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Valentines Day

It's Valentines Day and I'm broke. Not that it matters much because other than picking up some over priced candies and a stuffed animal for Pokey I don't much celebrate Valentines Day. I don't agree with it being a day where men and women alike run out and spend monies (they probably don't have) on their loved ones.  Don't you think we have enough holidays in the year that involve gift buying?  I don't agree with it and if I have my way there won't be any gifts exchanged in our house.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm OK with candies, stuffed toys (for Pokey) Really? I'm 30, wtf do I need a stuffed bear for?  And of course flowers are OK. I love flowers, not ROSES, flowers! They're so pretty and smell nice!

But it's the day where you can say I love you a few extra hundred times, give hugs and kisses and just try and put forth a little extra effort that says, hey I love you.  I'm working today, the weather is shit and I must spend my lunch break looking through half empty shelves trying to spot a nice batch of candy and a stuffed toy for Pokey.  She loves Valentines Day for those reasons.

So with that I'm done with this post. Hang in there Dingleberries and enjoy your day of love!  For those who are single, count your money, you lucky bastards ;) 
This one made me LOL

Music for a Tuesday

Well hello and happy Tuesday. Here we are again, the start to a new week and what else to fill my as well as your ears as an awesome cover by Florence + The Machine. 

I love Florence!  her voice, everything. It just rocks me to my core to hear her beautiful vocal come through my  speakers. I hope we can all enjoy this one this week.

As I said, it's a cover she has done, "Addicted to Love".  Originally done by Robert Palmer. A chart-topping hit in the late-ish 80's.  He's best known now for this song partial thanks to a video of high fashion models.

Now I was old enough to listen to music in the late 80's. I'm racking the old brain here and trying to remember the original video. I'm drawing a blank.  Oh well. This week isn't about Robert Palmer, it's all about Flo and the machine.  :)  Enjoy!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 37 & 38, 2012

Day 37
Sunday, February 13th
Mr. Monkey Butt cut my bangs for me.  Yes you read that right!  I'm just that cheap that I have someone do it for me.  Of course Pokey wants hers done now. I just hope she doesn't think she can take the scissors to her head. I may have to beat her arse!  :) 

So I'm still up in the air as to what her name should graduate to? She's 8 now you know and well being as everyone has taken a Monkey name of sorts, it seems only fitting she should as well?

So far all I have is 
  • BUTT MONKEY!  (lolz)
  • Butt Nugget

So I spent the day, cleaning some more and making my shopping list for the groceries.  I really hate grocery shopping.  Just in case you were wondering! 

I did have the random idea the other day that I want a new couch.  We went to a few furniture stores, but really didn't find anything that I just LOVE.  I'm thinking about hitting the IKEA store one weekend. I've never been there and just from random catalogs that have fallen upon my desk at work I kinda love that place!  They seem to have such awesome stuff!  Mr. Monkey Butt says the store is pretty awesome.  Shall see.  It seems like a lot of fun, maybe.  I will let you know, how's that?

Day 38
Monday, February 13th
It was a Monday.  I'm hoping there aren't two Mondays in this week.  ::fingers crossed::  We let the new guy go over the weekend, he wasn't grasping the jist of the job and retaining the information.  Being able to drive the truck is a pretty big must; Or so I hear.  Lucky for the world I drive a little Toyota Camry. I can bang a curb like no one else, but at least I'm not in something that outweighs most things on a city street!  :) 
But whatever, we will get someone else (soon I hope) and move on about our ways.  Some people just aren't cut out for some things. He's better off, I'm pretty sure of it!
Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I've not done any shopping and I know I've promised Pokey a Valentine toy for sure. Luckily we have already done her cards and she turned them in today!  
She tells me when I picked her up from daycare that she'd gotten three strikes in daycare and will not be able to participate in the ice cream party.  How sad. I'm hoping they give her a second chance or something tomorrow. I don't remember getting in trouble as a child, but she does all the time. And it's just stupid shit like talking too much. I can understand how that's a bad thing, but really?  
Whatever. I've babbled enough, so I leave you with one last photo.  Hang in there Dingleberries. Cya tomorrow!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 35 & 36, 2012

Day 35,
Friday, February 10th
Another fabulous Friday.  All the excitement for tonight's release of Twilight's Breaking Dawn.  Shut it! This wont take long ;)

Party started at 11:00pm, I wasn't there on time. Why is it I'm never on time for shit!  It worked out though. I was there for the best part, got my copy of the movie and got the hells out of there. I'm old-ish. I need sleep ya know!  And that is exactly what I did when I got home! 

Day 36,
Saturday, February 11th
So it's Saturday.  Very very cold Saturday.  Mr Monkey Butt is watching something on Netflix.  I've no idea what exactly it is, I know he told me, but I always manage to forget that stuff.  I'm typically more of a comedy kinda gal, this is something else.  Whatever though, he's watching it. I'm just watching some internets.
So I saw a few of you comment on my post yesterday about my sending out artsy cards.  No emails received from any of you, just ask Tim. I'm no psycho stalker killer or anything, lolz. I know a couple of you are light years away.  :)  It's no big deal though. Don't hesitate to email me,  it's fun, promise.

Spent the day at Mama Monkey Butts today, cleaning.  She's going out of town tomorrow with some other family members. I really hope she has an awesome time. It has been a while since she has had any kind of vacation. I hope it's fun!
She tells me my brother is coming to visit some time.  Should be nice for her. It's been a few years since he's been down to visit.  Lawd knows we haven't had the time or money to go visit him.  Mr Monkey Butt and I are going to attempt to plan a trip to NYC this year. We will see how that goes. It's planning on being a road trip and there are a few states a long the way, if we go the right way, that I'm dying to see.  Maybe the brother can meet us in NYC or maybe MA is on the way.  Shall see.  We don't talk much, he may not be interested at all. 
Let's leave that there, will see how it goes!!

I hope you Dingleberries reading this are having/had an awesome weekend.  It's not too bad here, like I said, got Mama Monkey Butt's house cleaned.  I've gotta stop being so damn lazy and get up there once a week and do that for her.  It's  a big help and with her condition there are so many things she just can't do.
Goodnight everyone, this Monkey Butt is tired...

Help, I have these 2 pieces I need ideas as to where I can hang them!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Heart your blogging friends...

Just wanted to shout out to one of my favorite Dingleberries, run over and check out his blog, he's always sharing great tunes and whats happenin in his life!!  Check out Tim :)   Awesome guy and awesome posts.

A while back I babbled on and on about a box of cards I have and theyre quite artsy. I thought to myself, I may never find a reason to get rid of these things. So I asked all of you interested to send over your address and I'd send one out to you.  Just to give you something else to get in the mail, we all hate bills and junk mail. I know.

So Im sharing my first card with you guys. It's quite awesome, cute lil frog and it has one of my favorite sayings, "hang in there" good choice Tim!

Shoot me an email if you'd like to sign up for one of my artsy cards, Ive still quite a few of them,

How about some fruit.....strips.

Well happy Friday dear Dingleberries, how is everyone hangin in there today?  Fabulous!

Had lunch with Pokey today, always a blast.  I walked in today expecting to sit with no plate in front of me. To sit there hawngry because I can't stand the idea of attempting to stomach that food. Sometimes they surprise me with their menu but for some reason on Fridays I expect the tasteless pasta creation they serve. Either under or over cooked pasta with a red sauce and your choice of meat or no. Keep in mind this isn't Olive Garden or Little Italy.  This shit it plopped into a Styrofoam bucket, a lid tossed on it and it's sitting under their heat lamps.  It's nasty! You can trust me on that, this shiz  is NASTY!

Back to the point, today I'm shocked as Pokey isn't grabbing anything tasty.  Of course she has her tasteless shit pasta but she's passing by the broccoli, the okra, all the veggies, the peaches. Damn!  What is she going to eat with this pasta? 

Then she grabs this fruit strip thing.  I've never in my life seen this before.  They have a pretty fancy website though, check em out! A little shocked at first; I'm telling you the looks of these things is just something else.  I'm  concerned not only by the color but by the smell and well the taste.  After reading on them some though, I'm thinking this may be the best thing they serve. When I say best, I mean best thing NUTRITIONALLY they serve my child. They're advertising it to be all natural, it's half a serving of fruit. There is no added sugars or artificial additives.   Mind you I'm collecting this information from their website, so they could just be lying. Wait?  What did I just say?  Companies don't LIE about their products, never!  They simply rearrange their words almost perfectly to sell their products, right?  Where was I?  Oh!  They have 7 tasty flavors, "mouth watering" as they call them. Today I was oh so lucky enough to try the Harvest Apple, I saw one little girl with a Harvest Grape, a little jealous.  Pokey didn't eat her Harvest APple, I took a few reluctant bites.

To wrap it up, not the worst thing I've ever eaten. I wouldn't want to have it often though I am tempted to try all 7 "mouth watering" flavors.  I've never seen such a thing,  surprised the hell out of me.  What about you? Ever seen these? Tried any other flavors? 

Check em out, looks like you can order online and also see their story.

Friday's Fabulous Photo

photo credit

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 34, 2012

February 9th,
Well a Happy Thursday to you Dingleberries!  I'm hoping a few of you enjoyed this weeks Monkey Butt, as a few of you know. It's really one of my favorites, so far. :)

Enough of that.

I'm remembering I've forgotten to get out and find a sock Monkey.  I've still got the idea in my noggin to take him out and get lots of pictures made of him, you know the travelling kind.  I can see the strange looks already, "Hm, why is it that crazy lady keeps taking pictures of that sock Monkey?"  Lucky my birdie finger works just fine and well I can give an evil eye like no other!!   I think it will be a lot of fun and will give me something else to do this year for my blog.  Cause you all know I need more projects for the Monkey Butt! 

Pokey found a puzzle at Goodwill a while back. Did I mention that before.  Gawd, that thing is my nightmare. It's like 500 pieces and well it just doesn't have much done in it.  Very annoying.  I doubt I will ever finish it, it's just going to lay there and collect dust. Bother me and get on my nerves..  Definitely won't look anything like THIS!
That's actually pretty impressive, I'd never have the patience for something like that. Mine isn't anything cool like that, mine is just a mountainous thing.  With snow and trees.  Not really anything I'd want to do anything with either.
Damn now I'm really lost as to what the point of it really is! 

Well it's tax season, I've yet to finish my filing, my sorry arse forgets to ask the daycare for the forms I need to file them and BAM.  They still aren't done, but  I did manage to get the form today. YAY!

Now to stop blogging and get it done.  :)  Goodnight Dingleberries, hang in there, cya tomorrow!


Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

photo credit
 So this week we are sharing again the JIMSMASH!!! and his bloggers.  (Click his link there for the original post)  So homie bear posted his pick (click photo credit for more info) But yea this guy did manage to find a few neat monkey things.  Check them out, it's worth it :)

"The Flying Monkey from Shanower and Young's Oz adaptation!" His pick upon my googling didn't really give me any pictures that I loved, but I did stumble upon a few other things. Like this to the left.  Very cool stuff!

photo credit
THIS GUY is responsible for this of the monkey drinking the tea. My facebook likers know I shared this weeks ago and it wowed me. If I can remember I'm going to dig and dig and see if it is possible to obtain a copy of this one. I wants!

It will be smashing on my walls!  SMASHING.

Don't you think?

So Dingleberries, I hope this has been a lovely adventure through my Thursday post this week. Always  a blast if you ask me, thanks for hanging!