Monday, February 27, 2012

Marry Bacon, you say?

Jack in the Box has this thing, Marry Bacon. Really, who wouldn't want to marry Bacon?? It's so tasty and yummy and delicious.  Just listen to it cook and sizzle and the smell.  Yum!  Everything about it is just wondermus. 

Well as you have probably seen and read and heard all about, they've got a Bacon Milkshake.  Well, once I heard of this one Monkey Butt just had  to hear all about it.  IT'S BACON people.  BACON + MILKSHAKE, how could it be wrong?  I was sure that it could never be wrong.

To answer your questions and get you past the suspense.  It was honestly everything I thought it would be.  Every bit of tasty as those 2 things mixed together could ever be.  The ONLY way the bacon milkshake could be better would be if they actually put bacon in it.  That's right!  You read that right, the bacon milkshake doesn't actually have bacon in it. I knew this before I went.  It's a syrup of the bacon flavor?  Taste hickory or grilled really.  But seriously, just imagine it.  Milkshake with a slice of bacon sticking out  of the side, tiny bacon pieces waiting for your taking, the cherry atop a hefty serving of whip cream.  Sounds so much better, but I guess it just wouldn't be cost friendly.  That sucks!

Regardless of that, it was good. It was different, don't get me wrong.  Pokey, Mr Monkey Butt and myself actually shared a bacon milkshake. I couldn't justify running in there and ordering 3 bacon milkshakes, bacon and cheese french fries and bacon cheese burgers.  Hey, they said Marry Bacon, I take my vows seriously yo!  I'm glad we opted to share the shake. I wouldn't want to feel bad about tossing most of it in the trash.  We all agreed  it isn't something we could drink a lot of.  jack in the box food kinda sucks, just sayin'!

For those who has the chance, try it.  It's one less thing on my bucket list.


  1. So glad you enjoyed that bacon shake girl!!!!! Hey you won the Liebster award. Be sure to check out my blog post called "My Acceptance Speech".

  2. Bacon vodka > Bacon Milkshake. You should try it. It makes a good bloody mary.

    I was thinking of marrying bacon, but I'd rather have a non-committal relationship instead. This way I can have my fun, but won't lose anything if I decide to walk away.

  3. Glad you had a good trip and accomplished your intended goals.

    I bet you are happy that your phone troubles will be cured today.

    I think I'd rather have the bacon on my cheeseburger, but that's just me : ) Rock On!

  4. Oh wow what a beautiful day here, hope you are enjoying the same! 14 days until daylight savings time too, means dayight later : )

    I think in the future when it comes to groundhogs, I will be watching General Lee's forecast. Cause Phil is in a cold area in Pennsylvania and isn't like the weather we get here!


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