Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 43 & 44, 2012

Day 43,
Saturday, February 18th,
So it's Saturday. The day in which Maximus gets to get his first shots. Clinic at the Petco, seemed like a good idea. The man on the phone tells me they only do it from 2-3 and that they are typically busy, it's first come first serve... GREAT!  Not what I wanted to hear but what can you do?  Saves me a bit of money! Held Max in my arms for a good 45 minutes or so.  He weighs about 5 pounds probably and well you wouldn't think that very much until you have to hold him for long periods of time. Go buy a bag of sugar from your local grocery store and stand, holding that bag of sugar for about 45 minutes. Let me know how that goes!  :)

He's the biggest dog in the place when you put him down .I kid you not, he growled and barked and pretty much just acted like an asshat the whole time. MR Monkey Butt showed up after work and held him for a bit. Just in time for the line to start moving and the shooting to commence.  Yea Max has never had any shots so far in his life.  He's a total asshole and hates pretty much everyone. You can say I'm a little worried as to how this is going to go.  Oh a stranger is going to hold my asshole dog while that man gives him shots?  Yes, this is going to go over really well! So the lady holding Max got her thumb bit, twice.  Mr Monkey Butt finally had to hold him for the last one.  Yay!  Got it done with and brought him home, right after he dropped a turd in the floor and peed  on the chair. Damn you Max! Or should  I say, damn you Vet! Spent the rest of the day doing not much at all, which is an awesome thing. It did start raining and dinner plans with Mama and Papa Monkey Butt didn't pan out. Apparently the brother is coming down next week and Mama Monkey Butt thinks it may be best to just save the cash for another night. Fine with me, but I still missed them terribly.  We ended up having On The Border for dinner and finally we got some good service and awesome food. Left him a good tip also.  Yays!  Always nice to find pleasure in eating out, when the server gives a shit about their job. I was a server for years and I loved it.  That time came to an end though, I think I may be too jaded and bitter to be any good at it now though. 

Day 44,
Sunday, February 19th

Woke up this morning and knew it was going to be a very busy day. Then again, when do I never have a very busy day?  I can't think of a time in my life that isn't busy. For some reason I'm OK with this.  How strange is that? 
Things to do today, Sunday:
  1. clean
  2. do laundry
  3. walk the dog
  4. cuss the rain, some more
  5. grocery shopping
  6. cousins little boys birthday party
  7. Mr Monkey Butts Dad's Birthday dinner
So I didn't get the grocery shopping done. We were forced to hit  Kroger after yet another night of dinner out.  Im beginning to hate eating out already. A whole weekend of eating out, luckily no lunches were involved, just dinners.  I will be glad to cook something tasty tomorrow!  More Italian for dinner tonight, got a tasty eggplant dinner thing. I actually kind of like eggplant now.  Hmm, how weird.
Let's not talk about the fact that I've done no exercise all week, and didn't get to it tonight either. I'm tired as sin and not really sure I want to go to work tomorrow. Wish vacation time added up as the years past. I should be entitled to more than 1 week after all my years of faithful service.  Bloody bastards!

For those who are commenting. I've changed my settings with hopes that I won't get spammed too much. I've noticed the captchas at a lot of my friends blogs as well and it drives me crazy. So I'm going to attempt to take them off of mine with hopes that all goes well.  You see what I'm doing for you all :) 

Thanks for the tips on Ratatouille as well. Can't wait to try out my lack of culinary skill on something like that!  I follow directions well though; that should count for something!

With this I leave you. I've still got high hopes that I can get back to doing my posts everyday. Still haven't posted everything I've been working on either.  Damnit! What can I say, life tends to get in the way at times.  And that's ok by me!  Goodnight Dingleberries, hang in there! 


  1. What a beautiful dog. Good luck getting shots.

    Also, I didn't know you asked for Ratatouille tips. I make a killer Ratatouille. The best I can tell you is this - cut the slices as thin as possible. This dish isn't as good with big chunky pieces (at least to me). Also, I melt a little Parmesan cheese over the top while it's baking. Adds some incredible taste.

  2. If you gave me two shots I might leave a turd and pee on a chair too LMAO~!! Those little dogs are always the bad asses : ) Tough, ain't they?

    The more I look outside I think we got more than an inch of snow. Almost two inches on my car but the roads and sidewalks are clear and it's in the 40's outside already.

    I don't need a thing and will just stay put today. Might get up in the 60's by Wednesday!

    You do a great job keeping your blog up with working and family, that's a lot on your plate.

    I pretty much took a holiday from the cyber world yesterday. Usually by 4pm every day I just shut the computer down for the day so I'm not bouncing around off the walls.

    It's hard for me to get to sleep when I've been on the computer late so I just turn it off : )

    Peace to the MonkeyButts~!!

  3. Gold Rush- You're my first yay no capchas!

    @A Beer For The Shower- He's a little brat, but he is a cutie also. I lerve the little asshole:) Thanks for the tips on Ratattouille! Send me a recipe!

    @Tim, so you got the snow huh? That sucks! At least you can spent the day at home and don't have to get out. Thats a plus!


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