Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An unhappy realization!

Some thoughts I forgot to share last night...

I'm totally pissed, for two reasons!

A) I can't do the 3 day walk for the breast cancer thing, because I don't have health insurance.

B) I can't sign up for roller derby...because I don't have health insurance.

Are you seeing the pattern yet? 

I'm really hating my life right now. Not my whole life, just the work part of my life. They don't offer health insurance here at work. They won't ever offer it I'm sure. They don't really give two shits about their employees. 

I'm sorry I'm bitching again, Happy Wednesday. I will check back in later!  Blog some more, until then, I shall get to my reading!  :)


  1. Bloging is a good way to vent, I know what you are going through. Right now we are supposed to consider ourselves lucky cause we have jobs. People need healthcare too.

    Where I am going now Doria is like a county clinic but they don't call it clinic, you should look into the county or help from the state for reduced costs.

    That is just for primary care though, if for some reason I got really ill and had to go into the hopital I ain't got squat!

    One good thing is if something does happen like that they can't take my house but then I might be SOL for hospital visits if I own them money, they have to see me in an emergency but I'm not wishing on that either.

    Between a rock and a hard place isn't a comfortable place to be : / Hang in There!

  2. Does that mean that you have to pay all your medic bills yourself? That sucks...

  3. Why do you need health insurance to do a walk for cancer? Maybe your employer would look into an HSA account. It's much cheaper for the employer and allows the employees to have health coverage.

  4. You have to have health insurance to do the cancer walk...wha???? WTF????? Guess I won't be doing one anytime soon, I can't afford what my employer offers for insurance.

  5. @Tim- Yea I feel that hard place at times, well the idea of it anyways. I do use a health department for my minor stuffs, like girl stuff and yearly exams and all, but like you in an emergency or something like that I'm just SOL I guess. :/ Maybe one of these days I can move past "lucky to have a job" and into the living thing!! LIke the easy life or something, lolz, yea right!!

    @Starlight- yes maam that means we has to pay for our own medical problems. very sucky!!! :/

    @Coffee Cup and @Keepin it real- I DONT KNOW !!! I can't uderstand why they would require that either!! Very shitty!!!

  6. I have to pay 25% of my regular visits and they do blood work right there, also at a reduced cost.

    She also told me they do have Dr's on duty at the hospital, so not wishing on using it but nice to know there is an option.

    I thought I would be sitting with a bunch of misfits going there, be surprised at the people that don't have health insurance, it wasn't like that at all.

    The place is also huge and all brand new state of the art, 6 DR's, 14 providers and don't have to wait long. Meds at a reduced cost also.

  7. Roller derby is some good, bone-crushing fun, so I get why you'd need to be covered before putting on yer skates. I don't get why you need coverage for a WALK. What's the concern here? Is it that those sponsors of the event are afraid that those on the walk may 'over do it' and need medical attention?

  8. @Bea- That's all I can think of, it's a 60 mile walk over 3 days with camping and stuff. That's my only thoughts is that people over do it or something. Still saddens me though. Yea I totally understood the roller derby!!!


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