Friday, February 10, 2012

How about some fruit.....strips.

Well happy Friday dear Dingleberries, how is everyone hangin in there today?  Fabulous!

Had lunch with Pokey today, always a blast.  I walked in today expecting to sit with no plate in front of me. To sit there hawngry because I can't stand the idea of attempting to stomach that food. Sometimes they surprise me with their menu but for some reason on Fridays I expect the tasteless pasta creation they serve. Either under or over cooked pasta with a red sauce and your choice of meat or no. Keep in mind this isn't Olive Garden or Little Italy.  This shit it plopped into a Styrofoam bucket, a lid tossed on it and it's sitting under their heat lamps.  It's nasty! You can trust me on that, this shiz  is NASTY!

Back to the point, today I'm shocked as Pokey isn't grabbing anything tasty.  Of course she has her tasteless shit pasta but she's passing by the broccoli, the okra, all the veggies, the peaches. Damn!  What is she going to eat with this pasta? 

Then she grabs this fruit strip thing.  I've never in my life seen this before.  They have a pretty fancy website though, check em out! A little shocked at first; I'm telling you the looks of these things is just something else.  I'm  concerned not only by the color but by the smell and well the taste.  After reading on them some though, I'm thinking this may be the best thing they serve. When I say best, I mean best thing NUTRITIONALLY they serve my child. They're advertising it to be all natural, it's half a serving of fruit. There is no added sugars or artificial additives.   Mind you I'm collecting this information from their website, so they could just be lying. Wait?  What did I just say?  Companies don't LIE about their products, never!  They simply rearrange their words almost perfectly to sell their products, right?  Where was I?  Oh!  They have 7 tasty flavors, "mouth watering" as they call them. Today I was oh so lucky enough to try the Harvest Apple, I saw one little girl with a Harvest Grape, a little jealous.  Pokey didn't eat her Harvest APple, I took a few reluctant bites.

To wrap it up, not the worst thing I've ever eaten. I wouldn't want to have it often though I am tempted to try all 7 "mouth watering" flavors.  I've never seen such a thing,  surprised the hell out of me.  What about you? Ever seen these? Tried any other flavors? 

Check em out, looks like you can order online and also see their story.


  1. I do eat some kind of vegetable with my meals, but I don't eat enough fruit. Usually I'll buy it then not eat it, I do love apples, melon of all kinds, grapes. I've had that on my mind the last couple of times I went to the store but forgot to write it down. Thus, none in the house.

    Got it on my next list for Walmart. I won't buy meat there, well hamburger but their steaks and roasts suck. School lunches sucked when I went to school too, I used to just use my money to buy as many ice cream sandwiches that I could : P

  2. Nope, I have never seen those before, but they don't look too bad. :)


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