Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 33, 2012

February 8th
My 1st self mirror portrait, whatever.

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries.  A few of you caught me blogging earlier, thanks for staying tuned for today's post. 

I suffered through the machine tonight.  Have I mentioned I'm not exactly fond of the whole exercise thing?  yea,  just so you know!  It isn't that great. I only gave it 30 minutes tonight. I did a few sit ups crunches and attempted to do some chin ups. lolz.  I suck at those, I can do...OH.... One I think?!!  lolz

Mr Monkey Butt is asleep on the couch, it's freezing in here and his head looks like it's sweating. WTF?  I may never understand that one, he is dressed in his work clothes though.  So whatever. Lucky turd gets to sleep though.  I couldn't sleep right now anyway, though I would really love to. 

3 days on the machine so far. I'm patting myself on the back, because I try try try to tell myself to make sure I do it and so far I've not really let myself down too much! Yay me. 

Now I'm tired and need to get tomorrows Monkey Butt ready for you Dingleberries.  Goodnight, Hang in there!


  1. well done you for keeping up the torture.
    Hope you slept well

  2. Keep up the good work! Just remember we aren't in boot camp, stay happy : )


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