Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 45, 2012

February 20th
I'm quite proud of myself today. I got a good bit of reading done today, so anyone who hasn't seen a comment from me today, I'm sorry, I'm still trying to get them all read.  It's a Monday ya know?  It wasn't quite as busy as a normal Monday around here, well a normal Monday here lately.

So I'm blogging because I've a full agenda for tonight. Possibly doing the grocery shopping as well as finish up the laundry, make dinner, give out baths and clean clean clean. Plus there is the matter of my neglected exercise machine and Walking Dead series. It's time to blow the dust off the machine and the DVR because I'm determined to get on the machine and watch an episode, killing two birds with one stone.  Yessss!!!

So with that I leave you, good day and good night Dingleberries, hang in there! 

PS... lolz...  Thanks for all the tips and suggestions for Ratatouille, if anyone has a recipe please do not hesitate to send it on over, my email .

No snow or anything here, frozen steps and windshield, nothing too bad I guess.  We're suppose to have more rain at the end of the week. Damn!  Spring is almost here though.  I am so excited!  Longer days and warmer weather, yessssss!

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