Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 39 & 40, 2012

Looks like this is an every other day blog around here doesn't it?  I'm not the happiest about that right now, but it's the best I got.  I'm not bitching, promise!  I know I will be back at it before I know it! 

Day 39
Tuesday, February 14th,

Well for starters, in my defense, I did blog on Valentines day. Sure it wasn't my daily 365 posts that I'm suppose to do, but it was something for your viewing pleasure and there were quite a few comments that I enjoyed reading, so it must have been OK :)  I hope each and everyone of you had a glorious V-Day.  It was quite lovely around these parts, Pokey got her a puppy toy and some candies from me, Mr Monkey But got a card and some candies.  :) 
Mr. Monkey Butt pulled a sneak attack, lying and coming home earlier than I thought he bought Pokey a big arse caterpillar toy and candies, purchasing me the SAME card I'd bought him and writing the same thing on the inside of said card. I think we're weird, that or he knows what I like, because I effn loved that card.  It's the whole reason I'd bought it for him. It was so simple and yet so perfect.  And he surprised me with the Florence + the machine CD I wanted, it's fantabulous.  Love love love it!  All in all, I didn't get my way, gifts were exchanged, but it was a good day.  We had some frozen pizza and watched some reruns on television. 

Day 40,
Wednesday, February 15th
It's late, I should, could, WANT to be in bed already. But I can't see myself falling asleep knowing I'm neglecting my blog, again. Plus I've neglected my reading as well.  I still love you Dingleberries, I promise I will be caught up tomorrow! 
Not much went on today, slowish day at work. Read some more of my book, which is why I'm behind on my blog reading. 
Got the apartment cleaned and warshed some clothes tonight.  Got up this morning to realize it was laundry day. Pulled the only pair of jeans hanging in the closet  that  I could stand to wear and they're too small. Damn it to hell.  Yea the 5lbs apparently is affecting my jeans fitting.  they're now filed away in the corner so I can't see them right now. Washed all my other jeans that do fit and well though I hate to do it, it may be time to do some more jean shopping.  Then again some more time on the machine and it won't be necessary. It's  cruel world we live in.
With that I leave you, until tomorrow.  I will vow not to neglect my blog tomorrow or yours for that matter.
For now, goodnight Dingleberries.
Hang in there!

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  1. Cool that you both picked the same card. That's good Karma if you ask me : )


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