Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Music for a Tuesday

So today I'm taking us way back a bit.  I've always had a love for The Allman Brothers Band.  They were right up my alley when I was big into listening to southern rock and following my boyfriend around to different bars with his southern rock band. I can also blame my parents, well my dad mostly, for some of my southern rock influence. 

The Allman Brothers Band hailed mostly from Macon, or at least that's where they began. I've had the pleasure of visiting Macon in years past and I genuinely love that old city.  The buildings are to die for, well some of them. Just the age and beauty of the place. Mind you it's also quite ghetto in some places. The living parts of it, once you get out of the historical. It really looks quite hellish. But it's OLD there and the people are as well.
I love Macon for the old black men. The ones who hate the white man for making them slaves, because they actually know what the fuck that means and they hate the stupid children of today, the ones you see with their pants hanging down half off their asses, running around shooting people. They hate the world  and what it is today and with that, I can agree! 
I'm going to share my Macon trip with you all one day, even if it's just a post of pictures I've got. I loved it.

Very good choice for today if I do say so myself. It's been a week of hell with this ?cold? I'm fighting as of late. I'm still sticking to it being allergies though.  My head is still a wreck and my voice is still not functioning at full speed yet.  Here's to hoping it improves quickly.
I'm loving the old picture here of the men tied to the whipping post, quite literally. Of course I can't say I've "been tied to a whipping post" but I can say that's about how I feel these past days. 
Hang in there Dingleberries, it could always be worse, right?


  1. Great choice! In my opinion the Filmore East/Eat a Peach live part was one of the greatest concerts and recordings in my lifetime.

    Filmore East and the live part of Eat a Peach was all one concert at the Filmore East in NY city. 5 hour shows were not unheard of for these guys and they "Rawked" it : )

    I know you don't like taking medicine but if that antibiotic doesn't work you should try Vick's Sinus, over the counter and they have a daytime version too.

    I'd rather know I was slowly killing myself with those things instead of living with those terrible headaches I was having.

    Considering everything I shoved into my Piehole when I was young, this is nothing : )

    Enjoyed the tunes very muchly! Peace

  2. Oh I used to work in a county run liquor store with this old black guy named Otis. Otis was very KooL and he used to shake his head when the boyz came in the store with their pants hanging down. He'd call them on it and tell them to pull their pants up or not get served. he used to call them "JitterBugs." : ) Of course he could call them that, if I did, I was a "hater." : /

  3. LOVE that song!!!!! Don't you just hate that whole pants fallin' down look? I volunteer at my kid's school and when students wear pants like that they are sent to the office because it violates the dress code. We have to give them a piece of rope to use as a belt to hold up their pants. It's funny as hell!!!

  4. Never could understand the pants hanging below the ass-cheeks look. Whenever I see the cooks at work wearing their pants like that I yell at them to pull up their britches. The only butt-crack I want to see is my husband's!

  5. And there is an award waiting for you over at my blog :-)


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