Monday, February 6, 2012

Breast Cancer Updaters....

Mama Monkey Butt has treatment today.  I have not heard from her.  I worry constantly that it is all bringing her down. It stresses me more than anything else.
Life is a hard place for me right now, too many thoughts. Most of which are bad.
Life is really real right now.
So dear Dingleberries, hang in there as things go through a rough patch with me and keep Mama Monkey Butt and her breast cancer battles in your thoughts and prayers. 
She needs all she can get all of the time.


  1. Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts. Best to you both.

  2. Thinking of your mum during this really difficult time. :)

  3. I Love You, My Baby. Let Life be an Easy Place Baby, Easy. When it seems hard, go to thumping that foot on the floor, humming "You cant touch this", "I'm gonna fly like an eagle", there's so so many positive things, Never let the negative get you, got to stay positive. For Me, My Daughter.Life is Real, So Live, Live the Life We are Gifted with, it is a True True Gift, and I am Gifted with so so much, You, Your Sister, Your Brother, Your daughter's, My Giant Family have been My Gifts, My Pets, My Trees on My land, So So much, The Blue Skies, That Giant Beautiful Moon, the Stars, I can never name them all, Never. We cant demand tomorrow, Just be Thankful for today, and Live it like there is no tomorrow, then you have lived.and I have Lived, such a Life, I have been a Happy Happy Person, I am glad of that, It was Bright Blue eyes that made this heart soar, the words "I Love You" out of the lips of Beautiful Children, that have made me So Happy with this life, So Please, My Bright Eyed Beautiful Daughter, Come, Often, I need You. But I am ok, so dont You worry. The doctor today said the middle of the cancer was softer, and that was a sign, of it shrinking, We will do 1 more treatment of this medicine, then another scan and measure, and I think it seems to be smaller in the mornings, after it has had time to rest and relax, it seems smaller than before, so Lets Pray, Cross Our Fingers, and Win. I'm ok Baby, I Love You. Let's just Enjoy all the moments We have available, Together, Moments Count. We forget these things until something taps us in the head, and makes us realize, We don't have forever, but remember, if We have 1 day of Life, It has been a Splendid Gift, Be Thankful, and Baby, It will be You Guy's, My Family, that will keep me Positive and Happy, I Need You Girls and I Love You, a Love Only I Bear for You, Always,and If You need Me, You call me My Daughter, I Love You Eternally, We are ok My Baby, Have Faith- Mama Monkey Butt

  4. Hugs and positive energy for you and you mum. Stay strong and take care lovely lady


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