Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 41 & 42, 2012

Day 41,
Thursday, February 16th
It's taco night.  Well that's usually our thang for Thursday nights.  There is a tasty Mexican restaurant across the street from my work. On Thursdays (which is apparently now called Thorsday) they have dollar tacos so we usually go and stand in the crowds of teenagers waiting for a table at the favorite local Mexican place. 

Have any of you noticed how teenagers look these days?  Yea I swear to everything some of them are bigger, taller and older looking than I am. But by the way they behave and the obvious lack of maturity.  What the fuck is happening to the children of today?  I'm serious.  Why should a teenager, at least 16 years old cause they have keys and stuff, why do they look like their in theirs 30s.  Why do they look as old as me?  ::Cries::

Back to what I was saying. I changed our plans, without permission and deciding myself that I wanted to go to Ihop.  Yea, I've been wanting some crepes for some time now and damnit, I was going to get my crepes! We went to the Whole Foods store though first. I've personally never been into one of those.  Reminded me a lot of a Trader Joes, except Whole Foods has this big section of hot bars and cold bars, grills and pizza kitchens. There are some vegetarian egg roles in the fridge.  I'm hoping we can take those out tomorrow, give them a tasting.  Mr. Monkey Butts lady friend who works there said they are tasty!  Shall see I guess?

There I go again.... Lets wrap this up.  Ihop was very unsatisfying.  I must say I won't be back to a Ihop for a while.  I will never walk through the doors of this Ihop over near home. The service was shit, the food  mediocre and I heard that microwave beep A LOT!

So with that I leave Thorsday! 
Well hello there handsome man with that big hammer.

Day 42,
Friday, February 17th
I don't want to be the one, but I've really nothing worth talking about today. This night wrapped up pretty shit like if you ask me and sadly I'm not going to go into any details, because I just don't want to. Instead I'm going to sit here and pound out something that will pass as not so shitty!  How's that?  Sounds awesome right!

Came home from a night out on the town.  Yes that's right.  The three Monkey Butts hit the town for excitement and fun? We hit up the Annas and picked up some new bedding.  It's time for a change I guess. I'd promised Pokey a few new things recently and damnit I'm coming through with them.  One of which is done! She picked out a fabulous pink butterfly blanket.  Found an awesome blue and brown ensemble for my bed.  Lovely choice, I'm hoping it brightens up the room.  The one on the bed has met its finale I think. After 2 cats, 3 beds and 1 dog. I'd say it's time!  Wouldn't you?

Had some tasty dinner at the Italian place over near home.  Again, the service was shittastic!  I can't believe this. It's like all they hire is damn robots to work this city.  It's crap!  I had an eggplant parmigiana though. My first time, I typically get the chicken.  OMG it was soooo good. It's my new favorite, the chicken is the thing of the past!  Nom Nom Nom!

I want to make some Ratatouille, but I want to make it like he makes it in the movie....

Like this!

But the stew looks really tasty as well. Anyone have a nice recipe for Ratatouille?  I'm really interested in trying it and of course I could hit the books, click through pages on the interwebs until I brave up and randomly pick one I find which may or may not turn out well.  But I'd rather ask you first!  

Came home....  Walked Maximus, came inside with terrible foot crampage.  Oh.My.Gawd. it hurt so bad. I sat there and cried a mixture of painful and angry tears for a few minutes. Was finally able to get it taken care of and grabbed the lappy top.  Opened my facebook to find an oh so lovely email from an old friend.  We talk probably less than once a year.  Always a nice surprise.

I feel better.  Thanks Dingleberries, goodnight, Hang in there!


  1. I used to make Rattatoullie, I don't care for eggplant so I just used zucchini and squash, and simmered it in an italian tomato sauce (spaghetti sauce) with onions and green peppers with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese over the top.

    Going out to eat can be an adventure. Sometimes it just depends on who's cooking at that time. Of course management should make sure that things aren't that way though.

    Since servers work for tips, I used to tell the servers if something didn't look right or didn't think it was good to tell the cook they wouldn't take it to the customer.

    If I was off, all they had to do was tell the dining room manager and if the cooks had a problem with it, to call me at home, and the cooks knew if I got called on my day off that I didn't need there ass and they better do things right~! (In my firm, don't let the door hit ya, voice) : )

  2. It is always frustrating when you get bad service. It really isnt that hard to look after a customer I would have thought.
    Never made Ratatouille so I cant help you with a recipe, sorry

    (Did you know that your captchas are now double? Your blog of course but they are a bit of a pain)

  3. Blogger changed to that double word verification format. I know it sucks especially when you have two bad eyes, wear glasses and still have trouble seeing.

    I'll keep on truckin' long as I got glasses, without them I'd probably be legally blind!


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