Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 37 & 38, 2012

Day 37
Sunday, February 13th
Mr. Monkey Butt cut my bangs for me.  Yes you read that right!  I'm just that cheap that I have someone do it for me.  Of course Pokey wants hers done now. I just hope she doesn't think she can take the scissors to her head. I may have to beat her arse!  :) 

So I'm still up in the air as to what her name should graduate to? She's 8 now you know and well being as everyone has taken a Monkey name of sorts, it seems only fitting she should as well?

So far all I have is 
  • BUTT MONKEY!  (lolz)
  • Butt Nugget

So I spent the day, cleaning some more and making my shopping list for the groceries.  I really hate grocery shopping.  Just in case you were wondering! 

I did have the random idea the other day that I want a new couch.  We went to a few furniture stores, but really didn't find anything that I just LOVE.  I'm thinking about hitting the IKEA store one weekend. I've never been there and just from random catalogs that have fallen upon my desk at work I kinda love that place!  They seem to have such awesome stuff!  Mr. Monkey Butt says the store is pretty awesome.  Shall see.  It seems like a lot of fun, maybe.  I will let you know, how's that?

Day 38
Monday, February 13th
It was a Monday.  I'm hoping there aren't two Mondays in this week.  ::fingers crossed::  We let the new guy go over the weekend, he wasn't grasping the jist of the job and retaining the information.  Being able to drive the truck is a pretty big must; Or so I hear.  Lucky for the world I drive a little Toyota Camry. I can bang a curb like no one else, but at least I'm not in something that outweighs most things on a city street!  :) 
But whatever, we will get someone else (soon I hope) and move on about our ways.  Some people just aren't cut out for some things. He's better off, I'm pretty sure of it!
Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I've not done any shopping and I know I've promised Pokey a Valentine toy for sure. Luckily we have already done her cards and she turned them in today!  
She tells me when I picked her up from daycare that she'd gotten three strikes in daycare and will not be able to participate in the ice cream party.  How sad. I'm hoping they give her a second chance or something tomorrow. I don't remember getting in trouble as a child, but she does all the time. And it's just stupid shit like talking too much. I can understand how that's a bad thing, but really?  
Whatever. I've babbled enough, so I leave you with one last photo.  Hang in there Dingleberries. Cya tomorrow!


  1. I really like your blog!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Ikea is a pretty cool store. I usually manage to spend money there

    Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day

  3. Happy Valentines Day to the Monkey Butts~!


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