Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ok so it's been a week, 2012

Day 46,
Tuesday, February 21st,
Facebook friend said I should shoot a different angle.  Probably what I'm suppose to be doing anyway!

Day 47,
Wednesday, February 22nd
Sick Monkey Butt! 
Was posta go have dinner with Mama & Papa Monkey Butt. Yea that didn't happen. Had chicken noodle soup for dinner and went to bed early.  Not the kinda living Monkey Butt enjoys having!

Day 48,
Thursday, February 23rd

Dinner with Mama & Papa Monkey Butt, Little brother being in town for the week.  Damn my sickness for not being able to visit more often as well as living so far away.  Hopefully he had an OK trip!

Day 49,
Friday, February 24th,

Pretty amped about the trip tomorrow.  Bacon Milkshake I can taste you already!

Day 50,
Saturday, February 25th,
Mr. Monkey Butt is shot out!  It's the start to the day and as some/most/all of you know we've been planning all week to go to SC today for the oh so talked about bacon milkshake!

Stay tuned for another post, I've lots to talk about with this one!  :)  As well as a new addition to the Monkey Butts life!

Day 51,
Sunday, February 26th
Ahhhhh Sunday here we are!  Today was a normal day in the life of Monkey Butt. Filled with laundry and cleaning, cleaning and laundry.  Made it to the grocery store and all that jazz.  Also hit up Goodwill and dropped off the old blankets, pillows and shams.  That seemed kind of weird to me, but it wasn't in that bad of shape and well it just didn't seem right throwing all that money away.  I've no room to keep it.  If they don't like it, let them toss it.  What I don't know won't hurt me, right?  Right!

So, tomorrow is Monday. It's not often, well it's never, you hear me say I can't wait for a Monday.  Well, so you know, my cell phone broke Thursday.  Guess you can only imagine how much cussing came from my mouth.  Unfortunately, calling it in to Verizon on Friday just means that FedEx doesn't do Sunday deliveries unless you pay like 20 bucks!   Wishin I had paid the 20 bucks at this point.  Last time I went without a phone it was because I wanted it that way.  This time it just pisses me off! 

With this I leave you, I've plenty of other posting to get done for all of my dear Dingleberries.  Goodnight, Hang in there!  :)

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