Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How can I meet new people?

I'm in a mind set right now of wanting/needing/hoping to find some new friends. I have many friends, all of whom I love dearly.  But at this point in life, just like years past. I'm so far away from my friends. To be completely honest if I weren't able to spend most of my life on facebook I wouldn't be in touch with most of them I guess. Reality is, as I said, we're just so far apart. I put forth every effort to stay in touch, to spend time with them when the opportunity arises. We all know that is hard at times when you have a life and children and homes and the likes. Never mind it takes upwards of an hour just to get out to where they are so that you can spend time with them.

It just quite simply put; isn't always fair.

I'm toying with the idea of finding PTA and any other mother friendly society I'm able to find.  I've thought about random classes or activities.  Pokey wants to join the Girl Scouts maybe that will help?

I've really no idea why I'm even thinking about any of this, I don't have time to finish most of my daily shit on a daily basis anyway.  How am I suppose to keep up with life, work, home, Pokey and something else?  
Mr. Monkey Butt just got me a new camera, I clicked over to the Gwinnett Tech website today and photography classes are like 300 bucks. 
Ahhh there has to be something I can do... I also want to run, exercise, biking. Something. I'm just unsure I guess at this point.  I'm living a different kind of life, one of which doesn't involve much time for me to do everything I want to do!
That doesn't even really matter. As I said, I'm only toying with the idea. I've made no decisions.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Anyone ever been in PTA or offer any information before I jump to emailing the school?


  1. Girl, I'm the PTA master. I've been PTA President of 2 schools and most of my friends are PTA moms. You can be as involved as little or as much as you want. Plus, you will have something in common with everyone because your child will go to that school and you will have a vested interest in making the school the best place for your child.

  2. In terms of exercise, you could join a group of other like-minded folk who want to run/walk/hike/what-not. I don't know if 'meet-up', an online site for getting peeps (strictly platonically) together over shared interest is in your area, but, if it is, it might be worth a look-see. I've been a part of German-speaking meet-ups in CA, NY, and, now, London. The people are usually just like you and me! Is that a good thing? ;)

  3. Spending time with friends is important and it helps us to do stuff that we have to do.
    Are you organized? Sometimes people are not enough organized and that's why they spend much more time for a task than they could. I'm often in this category :/

  4. I was involved with Girl Scouts with my daughter for several years. When I liked my co-leader, it was great. We got together regularly and had a lot of fun. When she quit, though, it was awful. It demands a lot of time, and if you don't have someone you get along with to help you, it can be exhausting. Of course, you don't have to be a leader, but Girl Scouts does try to suck as much work out of you as possible!

  5. This is an issue that I have discussed on my blog a lot. After a certain age it becomes increasingly hard to meet new people. It's sad but true. I'd love some new friends but how to go about meeting them in a non-creepy way is difficult. I don't have kids so PTA and other Moms are out. Ugh. Good luck.

  6. If you like to read, you can look into a book club. Everyone else has given you some good suggestions so just put yourself out there and try something. If you don't click with it, just move onto something else.

    Good luck!

  7. I like your idea of getting involved in some activities that Pokey wants to do, that gives you more time with her and become friends with others with the same interests.

    As she gets older those challanges will increase, now it's girl scouts, before ya know it you're a soccer Mom : )


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