Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Music for a Tuesday

So this week I'm flashing back again to a time I tend to forget. Something happened in high school and I listened to a bit of Marilyn Manson. My parents hated it and well I think that most of America did as well, well the parents anyways.  I must say I might have some of the same things to say if Pokey came in saying she enjoyed the likes of something like this!
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I'd probably go into some of the same fits my mother had.  Lucky for her I didn't let this jazz go to my head, neither did my sister.  She (my sister) continued to like Marilyn Manson long after I did.  The album I'm sharing today, one of his earlier albums was my favorite. Of course it's filled with all sorts of evil sounds and terribleness I'm sure, but that's OK.  It didn't last long for me, he became the 'antichrist superstar' and I fell out of that scene almost immediately. I never got into those bands who constantly craved the stardom, had to piss off as many people as possible and get kicked out of as many places as possible (with the exception of anything Psychopathic Records). 

Thinking back to it now, I bet Marilyn Manson was our KISS.  I remember Mama Monkey Butt telling me her brothers would get in trouble for listening to KISS.  I guess they were in some way a lot a like.  Weird how that works isn't it?  Each generation has to have THAT band!  I can't wait to see what Pokeys generation has to offer!  I'm sure I'll be blue in the face tossing trash out the window in a blind fury.  Then Mr Monkey Butt will be tossing me out the window. 

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This song works well here, it's another random piece from my life and it's about a Monkey. This song as well as a few others on this album tend to make me giggle. I think it's the sickness of it at times. The sick and twisted shit that he spits out on this album. All of his albums were messed up. The minute he got bewbs though, I was OUT. For the love of Gawd don't go check it out or anything, it probably isn't even that good anymore! 

But enjoy your day dear Dingleberries and Hang in There!  :) 


  1. My kids listen to hip hop and I think it's the absolute worst crap I've ever heard. Give me classic rock any day.

  2. My generation had Ozzy, The Price of Darkness. I was too much of a DeadHead. Since the TV show "The Osbournes" I totally love the guy and his wonderful wife Sharon who he says saved his life.

    Hearing him cussing after stepping barefoot into a pile of dog doo proves he's just like anyone else LoL : )

    I believe my Mom used to think all Grateful Dead concerts were like Woodstock, one huge orgy festival!

    I'm sure there were some in my family that thought I'd either be dead by now or in jail. I proved them all wrong! : ) Rock ON!

  3. Even though Elvis was way before my time, he was hated by parents just as much as Marilyn Manson.

    Your blog cracks me up with the pretty quilt background and beautiful cursive script all surrounding a monkey butt. :)

  4. I'd be lying if I were to say that I didn't dig on some Kiss way back when. However, Kiss was really attached to the generation of my older siblings. I don't if there was that ONE band in the 80s that scared the crap out of adults and titillated the teens. I did, for sure, freak my mom out by listening to a lot of Iron Maiden...

  5. Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa and Black Sabbath, date me!
    I went thru the boy0band phase with my daughter and to tell you the truth, I liked some of the music...

  6. I started listening to Marilyn Manson when I was in junior high. Hell, I still listen to his stuff now, over ten years later. Naturally, EVERYONE hated it, and with GA being right there in the Bible Belt, it was basically a matter of seconds before I was labelled as being a Satanist and all of that ridiculous shit.

    I can't imagine what this generation's music is going to sound like. I mean, Nirvana is now considered classic rock... yikes.

  7. Funny to think that one day people will probably look at Marilyn Manson and roll their eyes. And then go back to listening to something even worse. His name will be Corpse Fucker and he'll be singing about necrophilia. And in 30 years people will be rolling their eyes at HIM!

    Ahh, the progression of society.


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