Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 32, 2012

February 7th

Needless to say, it's been one helluva day.  I'm blogging right now with every intention of not spending wee hours of the night online.  I'm hoping to get in bed...On time?  Only to not be lateish for work.

  • Asshat bossman here at work called me at 830am this morning (that's when I'm posta be here) I had just pulled Tina into the parking lot and threw it in park in my parking spot. I understand we're busy. I know we need 1546987 more drivers to handle the workload we have for today. But fucking with me so close to aunt flo's visit this month isn't a good thing for anyone to be messing with.  I can snap a fucking neck bone without thinking about it and pretend to puke in the toilet so I can go home.  I stayed strong and just sucked it up. I spent a few of his minutes online this morning looking for a new job. Fucking assholes. It isn't my fault he blows off the hinges ALL THE TIME here lately and no one is willing to put up with it.
  • Today has been a day from HELL. Did I mention that yet?  I've had no less that 5 calls holding ALL DAY.  My oldest call holding right now is from 11am this morning. Both of my owners, one male, one devil witch female is in a tow truck. As well as my full time driver. Now you see I need more drivers. 1 just isn't cutting it! 
  • I'm still not caught up on reading your blogs. I've made a good effort today, as soon as the calls died down here at the end of the day. 
  • I want to go home.
  • I'm hoping to read some more tomorrow. I'm going to dedicate some much needed time with Mr. Monkey Butt tonight. I know he feels neglected what with all my exercise and interwebbing. I will have to do my exercise though. He will have to give me that one. 
  • There are so many events coming up. Parties, ladies nights, bands playing as well as random things I'm getting invitations for. I'm really excited. I was to accept all of them but I'm hesitant because I just don't know what to do with Pokey. I'm thinking Mama Monkey Butt can watch her for the girls night.  Shall see? 
  • I really want the  new timeline on facebook. Why can't I make myself click to accept? 
  • So I went ahead and scheduled my Music post for Today last night. Shit didn't post. I went to check it just a bit ago, sitting in draft mode. Mothershitthisdamnthingsuckssometimes!
So with that I'm leaving you. Looks like this Tuesday post is just as random as some I've had before. But hey atleast I posted. I need to buckle down and work on some creative writing stuff I've got floating around in my ole nogger.  Shall see you tomorrow Dingleberries; hang in there!


  1. Sucks you're having a hard time. What's the deal with being on hold that long? That's sadistic.
    At least you're not Ozzy Osborn's proctologist. Or Queen Elizabeth's sponge bather, or Joan River's makeup artist, or the person who has to pump out port-o-potties, or someone who has to "act" in a hemorrhoid commercial. Keep it in perspective, you're cool. But yeah, you have every right to be pissed about your absolute legit grievances.

  2. "Devil witch female in a tow truck..." LOL, I love it!

    I can't find myself to accept the new timeline either. It will be mandatory, but confuses me...a lot!

    Great blog!


  3. @ Pickleope- I always like to look at it like it could be worse, right?! :)

    @CrackYouWHip- I clicked for it today. Frustrating! lolz... Will take some time, again. :)

  4. Hope things settle down for you soon. My freind Lenny likes that saying, "it can always be worse," not really what I want to hear but it is true.

    I don't want to change my FB timeline either. I don't mind some changes, however technical changes bug me out!


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