Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm not sick, damnit!

Just an updaters on everything a Monkey Butt is up to!  :)  Exciting isn't it?  I know it's been days!  I myself am having some withdrawals, just saying.

So obviously my 365 days posts are bit behind, I've every intention of catching that up, this weekend at the earliest, relax, today is Friday!

Monkey Butt is still a sickly, puny, whiny turd tossed against the wall.  I shouldn't say that, because I'm convinced and telling everyone so, that it's just allergies.  My voice is all of GONE, again. I'm fighting to hang in here (work) and not abandon ship again, but honestly; it's what I want to do.  (But I didn't say that)  The coughing hurts and the straining will only make things worse, but what can I say. I'm dedicated, bishes!  Just a few more hours to go, I'm determined  to hang in there as long as I can!

In other news, my brother has been in town this week.  Sadly, last night was not only his last night, but my only time to make it up there and hang with them for dinner. Originally we were excited to make meatloaf for Mama and Papa Monkey Butt, but those plans changed and they (Mom and Bro) decided we would have Cajun for dinner.  For starters, this was my first experience with Cajun food, Popeye's Chicken aside.  I'm not a fan of sausage usually, no skrimps for me and well there is no way in HELL I will ever eat a Craw fish!  Yea... Not going to happen. 

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Look at their nastiness laying on that place like, go ahead, bite my head off and suck out my brains! Excuse me while I puke on my desk.....OK I'm back.  To the point, dinner was good.  We had some good laughs, I got the chicken.  Everything was spicy and delicious.  The biscuits were....odd and well they shouldn't have put that horse radish on those fried green tomatoes.  Point being, this trip out really made me wish I could visit Louisiana soon.  It seems to me Mr Monkey Butt may have pushed his wish to visit New York before my desire to see Louisiana.  I've still got my wishful thinking and we will see how 2012 works out for us! 
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So while at dinner, my phone took a shit.  Yes it just straight up died.  Randomly I was trying to take a picture of the coolest sink I've seen in a while, in the bathroom of course, and it just died.  The phone that is.  It locked up on the picture, so I was able to show it off before it died. Pulled the battery out and it doesn't work anymore.  Ugh!  Called Verizon today (with what little bit of voice I have ) and they're telling me Monday on my replacement. SHIT! Worse part of this story, I use that blasted phone to take my 365 photos.  I hope I've all of them on the computer already.  If not they're  Ya seriously want me to wait all weekend. I'm willing to take this bet.  Let's see if I can make it :)

Tomorrow is the day (last I heard). We're going to South Carolina.  Nice day trip and we're really wanting some Jack in the Box.  My luck this week, the milkshake is gone. I'm hopeful that they still have it!  Either way, it's a day out and a different place to be. I'm hoping we'll see something else there to do. Kinda hoping we take Max with us too, he doesn't get out enough I think.  Sure he goes on his walks and all, but that's really all he gets. Doesn't seem fair to me! Shall see.

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With that I leave you folks, I'm beginning to feel puny and sickly, I really just want to go home!  Then again, can't do much with that because calling out sick seems pretty hard to do, I'm already at work ya know and well my voice is getting pretty darn shot as of now and they wouldn't hear my request anyway!  Check out those calories, yum!

Hang in there Dingleberries, that's what I'm doing!  :)


  1. Seriously, now I am hungry for crawfish. They are like baby lobsters only I rip them apart and dip them in mayo/ketchup/lemon/red pepper...mmmm. Oh, I am hungry now.

    Too bad you have to work sick! If I were your boss, I would give you paid time off and a new car!

  2. Yum, yum makes me hungry too. I've had crawfish but like shrimp better and dip them in butter. Wonder why I need to lose some pounds :O? I like gator too.

    Shrimp are low in fat but very high in colesterol, but dang they good dipped in butta like lobsta!

    I been to NY once a long time ago, the World Trade Center was being built it's been so long ago. Drove through it on the interstate a few times.

    That's scary enough, graffiti everywhere, cars sitting on the roadside up on blocks cause the wheels got stolen! And that's on the interstate I-95, you definately don't want to exit unless you know where you are going! LoL

    I won a trip there way back in the day when kids delivered newspapers on our bicycles. It was the tourist type trip w/tourguide, Chinatown, Bronx, Empire State Building, United Nations, Statue of Liberty. We saw the Russian Circus at Madison Square Garden. OMG Macy's, had one complete floor of just toys and games, that is a big as our whole Mall here!

    So I been there done that, I would love to see Louisiana though. Lots of Cypress swamps here on the Chesapeake Bay too, but not like Swamp People TV. They definately have their own type language here too though : )

  3. sorry you arent well sweet lady.
    Perhaps you can tell your boss that you are highly contagious and they will send you home.

    I got your lovely card the other day
    Thank you so very much

  4. Ack! I don't think I would eat a crawfish either! I'm not a very big fan of seafood, aside from smoked salmon and tuna if it's in sushi. :)

    I hope you're feeling better, and also, that bacon milkshake sounds just disgusting. :O

  5. You won the Liebster award. Check out my blog!!!


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