Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A random post: Friendships and weather

8:00 AM-ish

My Facebooker friends have already seen this picture today, for those who aren't friends with me on the Facebook check the MB Facebook wall, it should be there as well. There is a clicker on my blog for the MB page, mind you I will be attempting to transition my MB page into it's own thing so that it isn't tied to my  personal Facebook page. A lot to get out there and a waste I'm sure.

So this morning we've rain, lots of rain. It woke me up and woke Pokey as well. She came in and hoped in bed with me and MAXimus!  That dog is such a brat I tell you. I'm betting he sleeps most comfy of us all. I can't find comfort because I sleep with him crammed next to me and I know this so I'm terrified of squishing him. I've even woke up before thinking Mr. Monkey Butt had rolled over on him or something and was frantic to push him away from MAXimus.  Terrible isn't it! 

It's 10:30AM-ish and the rain has passed. I don't know if we're suppose to get more today or not.  I'm terrible at watching the new lately, so we'll see what happens. Pokey wants to go swimming after work today, we'll see.

Moving along ... 

Sissy MB sent me a picture this morning of a wine bottle she seen at K-Roger this morning.  It's a wine bottle for breast cancer awareness.  What.The.Fuck.  The news made sure to tell us women folks, over and over again that our previous thinkings that we could drink wine and love life, that it's good for us to have a glass a day. Now we're doomed to breast cancer if we drink alcohol. A big FUH-Q to the asshat that thought that was a good idea.

Why yes you're right, I am being super sensitive about a lot of shit!!  Forgive me?

Now for the finale, many of you have seen me complaining about friendships lately, I know I've at least two posts on it. So this morning I check my Facebook email and what do I have? An email from a 'stranger' telling me, confirming really, that a friend of mine isn't the friend that I think she is. Now why the hell would someone send me an email like that? Should I run to think she's talking shit about me?  Ranting to her friends about me and this 'stranger' is hearing about it because they happen to be a lot closer to the situation than I am? My gut  is telling me to delete this bitch, because A) I don't know and B) I don't give a shit anyway. She's one of the few that have been on my list anyways.  

I got a lot to think about and honestly I'm hoping to hear back from said 'stranger'  because I'd love a bit more information and then I'm going to the bitch that thinks it's wise to say some shit like that.

There I go, being one of those over sensitive American's again.  

Forgive my ranting today :)

Hang in there!

Music For a Tuesday : Pattinson

This week I'm sharing a bit of fan art with you, for those Twi-hards, you're welcome. For the Twi-haters, forgive me.  Pattinson did a lovely job with this song, I love to hear his voice. Yea I'm Team Edward in regards to Twilight saga.  He's so cute though.

For those who don't know, this song came in the ballet studio ( and correct me if I'm wrong) but it's when Bella was bitten by James and Edward is faced with  the quick decision to suck or not to suck. He sucked!  (and that is the ONLY time you will hear my say that)

Originally I wanted to share this one, because I thought it meant something a little different. That perhaps Bella there on the floor, flopping around like a dying fish, that he was signing for her, he was taking away the venom so she could live.  I thought of all that's going on in my life and how I'd love to take away pain from some I love and those who are around me.

I sat in prayer, holding hands with Mama Monkey Butt on Sunday and just hoped that maybe I could be like John Cofe in The Green Mile, that I could take the bad from her and just release it. Into the sky where it will go away.  It's too bad life isn't a fairy tale, where we can live forever, together.

It's unfortunate, but enjoy the tunage. Cya later!

Hang  in there!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 207, 2012

July 30th
Happy MONkeyDAY Dingleberries.  I hope everyone had a lovely day. Today was another Monday. I thank you all for checking out my post earlier and all of your super awesome comments.  It made me feel better knowing that a lot of people out there care. That's selfish and woe is me but I can't help it, sometimes we just have to be that way. If only for a few minutes today!!

Work stuff: Well it was a steady day today, I worked a few minutes  over today so that I could wrap everything up.  I hate to leave work laying around but it does help keep me busy the next day! I do have some filing to do tomorrow. That will be a little extra work to take care of.

Ya know I haven't (we haven't) gotten any mail in a few days. How weird?  Pokey blamed the Olympics for this, because it affected our Hells Kitchen tonight. Reruns for tonight and I assume that is because the Olympics. Which are really cool.  We're loving it. Did any one else see that 17 year old American girl win a gold metal tonight... Wow!  And those two Mexican men in diving?  Awesome sauce!

Well, what do you think about the look of the blog? I don't know how I feel about it, I'm trying to love it.  But it will take me a few. I loved the bananas ya know?  But I thought if I went with something "new" then I would have the option to reply to Dingleberry comments on my posts. Yea it didn't matter. There was some other stuff you have to do to be able to do that. I guess because my blog is a bit older.. It's not that old though. I like being able to respond to each and every one of your comments as they come. I don't have to tag people and go from there. 

Well it's a helluva day, I gotta catch some sleeps!

Goodnight my friends, my Dingleberries.

Hang in there!

Damn these Mondays...

I had a rough start to this morning. I don't know why, just life and a bump in the road I assume.  It started great with Pokey though. It really did, she wasn't pissy or mean, no yelling, kicking or spitting. A wonderful little happy monkey this morning. I was really genuinely happy.

On the way to work I started thinking, I've been doing that some here lately.  Time to blow the dust off the old brain I guess. Get some things to moving, because it's been a while.   Since I've really thought about anything.

Mama Monkey Butt said the cancer was/is killing her. She said this to me on Saturday and though I wasn't strong enough to hold back the tears. To not let her see me cry, because she doesn't need that. She needs me to be strong, she doesn't need to worry about me falling apart. I can't fall apart, I'm her inspiration to keep on pushing.  Because no matter what she thinks, or wants to think.  She can beat this.  I think.  I know it's going to take more than  just me saying so though.  She has to believe it as well.  I think I hope she knows she can beat this.  Defy her God and all of science and take this bitch down like no one's business!  It can and will happen.
So I've done a lot of soul searching over the weekend and it pains me to see and realize just how far my friends and I have grown apart. Though were we ever really that close to begin with?  As some of you know, I started blogging, because I'd walked into a room of friends who were talking about me. (READ MORE HERE) Talking together about some things I'd been saying to them. Now I've never confronted them and don't ever intend on doing so, because it is what it is. I've done the same thing, far worse I'm sure.  I don't know what exactly was said before I walked into the room, but none of that matters. It just means I started talking to all of you about some of my problems instead of sharing them with my friends. It really is a move to protect myself really, to protect me from those who can hurt me. As you all know, I most likely will never walk into a room full of you guys and gals talking smack about the Monkey Butt!  Right?  Ya know I fling poo, so it would be on like some pop cone!  Just sayin'!
So I've sheltered myself back in and still refuse to speak out.  I did say something other day, because honestly I felt deeply insulted and offended by the lack of invitation lately.  It's like no one wants me around anyway.  Then when I try and prove my point it's just blown off, I then feel like I'm just there because I made a stink about it. Like deep down they don't want me there, it was just an invitation out of .... what?  I don't know. I'm butt hurt about it and when it all boils down. I don't think there is much left to save anyway. Perhaps there never was.

Should I be sad?  I don't think I can, because honestly, I never see them just as I may never meet all of you. But you guys and gals are much better friends than those I live next door too. Just goes to show, what you find in the world. We aren't all wacked out messes who could care less about those they should love and or care about.  You Dingleberries are much better friends than most of those I've called friends for upwards of  ten years.  I think perhaps I've come to a crossroads in life and I must start weeding out those who just aren't a good fit for me anymore.

Getting old is weird.... Isn't it? This is my thoughts here lately, I blogged about them recently as well, some of you may remember.  If not, welcome to my messed up world.  

Hang in there! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not another Sunday, 2012

For starters let me extend an apology to Tim all of you out there who were tricked into reading the oven post. ha ha.  But in my defence, I loved that picture I found of an oven. It's as old as dirt, but I think Tim is right that it would love frakin awesome in my new kitchen. when and if we ever get said kitchen.

It was an OK weekend, watched the Opening Ceremonies Friday night.  Cancelled all my other plans and pulled through to watch at least that.  I'm an old so I didn't actually watch the whole thang! I did finish it the next day though.  So far we haven't watched as many things as I might like, but it's been on since we've been home. Which in the whole weekend, that's only about 3 hours. 

We stayed with Mama & Papa Monkey Butt Saturday night and did the church  thang again this Sunday.  They really seem to enjoy the company.  Their preacher man or pastor, whatever you call him, seems like an aight kinda guy. They enjoy it! 

I'm keeping this short, because you know me. It's Sunday and I need to get some sleep on. It's been a long weekend, with birthday parties and spending time with the parents.  Awesome times though. I wasn't able to watch my Twilight this weekend, I will make time through out the week.

Can't wait for the closing date. I just want to be closer to the parents.

I hope everyone had a super awesome weekend, thanks for all the support and well wishings with Mama Monkey Butt.  I will post more tomorrow, another exciting week in the land of monkey butt. Hang around, it's going to be fun!!

Day 204
Friday, July 27th

Day 205
Saturday, July 28th

Day 206
Sunday, July 29th

Hang in there!

Friday, July 27, 2012

This just in: Oven's on

Brace yourselves Dingleberries, this is going to come as a surprise. Mr Monkey Butt and I have decided, well more like I've convinced myself that the monkey butts should add to our little family.  You're reading that right and no I don't mean we're getting another dog, a third guinea pig or any other 'pet' you can think of.

The oven is officially on and we're hoping to bring another bundle of joy in the world. That's right, another 'fury' poo flinging little turd to bless upon this world.

I'm terrified and excited,  worried and sappy. All at the same time.

I'm prepared for either, have already told Mama Monkey Butt and some of my girl friends, but I just had to spill the beans to you all as well.

I'm 30-something, I can't keep waiting or it just won't happen. No better time than the present right?  We've not told Pokey yet, considering my age and all, I don't want to get her hopes up just  yet.  Just in case you know.

My heartbreak will be bad enough, don't want to try to explain that one, plus there is the whole birds and bees things.  Yea, I've never been prepared for this one. It's going  to happen, I think. I don't know what to tell her.

Heyalp! What did you tell your kids?  About birds and bees and sex and stuff, hahahah..

I've already got names though, hey, dis Monkey dont' frak around, check it, what you think ..

  • Ara Wesley (boy) 
  • Ella Louise (girl) 

Hang in  there!

Friday's Fabulous Photo

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 203, 2012

Thursday, July 26th
Wow, got a lot of comments today on the blogoland. Just want to shout out to all my fellas and gals out there, for being so awesome and showing a monkey butt so much love.

We had an interesting day at work today, total pain the arse kind of day. Somethings went down, some words got said and well we're short a driver again.  I know he was just a kid and I knew he wouldn't last long, but dang, less than a week. We know how to run em off don't we?  So now we play the waiting game and searching game...again.

For those who are new, I work at a small towing company and by small I mean there are only 3 of us on the payroll.  It hasn't always been this way, but things have picked up A LOT. lately.  We need to hire about 2 more people at this point, towing business has picked up. For that I am glad, but it does mean I have to do my blogging at home now. 

Im not giving up on my 365 posts this year. I will say that next year I'm taking Hazels idea and I'm going to just put them on a page all their own and for those who give a shit, you can check it out.  Ya  know me though. I'm super conceded most of the time, so you will always be seeing my purdy face on my blog.  Hells, how else you posta know who you dealing with?

I'm reading and seeing a lot of my peoples are gone lately, they aren't posting anymore. This makes me a sad! I keep hoping they will come back. I don't think they will and I've no idea how to remove them from my list. Doh!

Lastly, we spoke to the bank peoples today and things are still in the works. Ugh!  Were forced to file another extension with HUD, this time they say we probably won't get that money back. Doesn't seem fair to me, because  it's not our fault that things are taking so long.  So , we keep waiting.  Seems like life lately is one big waiting game.  What the frak is up with that?

Well readers, dear Dingleberries.. I must catch up on some more sleep. Will be glad for Friday, always am! 

Hang in there!

Updaters: Metastatic Brain Cancer

OK some updates, because it's been a minute I guess. 

  • Mama Monkey Butt has completed her radiation series. Or whatever the technical term for that is. 

What.. I think ten treatments of radiation, driving from Jefferson to Lawrenceville, round trip about 60 miles. This wasn't a long procedure either from what I gather. They weren't forced to sit in the office for an extended period of time.

  • They've cut the dosage back on the steroids, which she's hating.  They really helped her nose too.  "Magic drugs" I think she called them.

From what she told me today she will have more scans done in a couple of weeks to check the cancer in the brain.  We're seeking healing thoughts and prayers from those who care that this radiation worked and we can get back to focus on getting her cancer in remission. 

No end in sight right now, because they've yet to get the right chemo to do the trick on her cancer.  But don't lost hope, because we're definitely not!  They can't tell us she's terminal, because we don't know the meaning of that word!

Goodnight my friends and Thank you!

Thursday's Monkey Butt: Odie

Hello and Happy Thursday my dear Dingleberries.  Welcome back to my weekly postings of Monkey Butts.  And for those pervs who come here for the butts alone, you'll be disappointed most weeks. Just sayin.  So a few weeks ago I ran dry on ideas and started asking you guys and gals, My favorite turds to send me ideas. Help me keep this Monkey Butt tradition alive.  And OMG I can't believe how many of you have pulled through for me, some of you gone above and beyond the call to help a Monkey Butt out.  For that I am so thankful. You've no idea how thankful I am!  I know we all hit our blocks at times, writers block or what have yous. I'm a pretty dedicated blogger and love my random babbles most of the time.  I hope you all enjoy as well, if not then you keep coming back for something.  Just means you like the abuse I guess.  Rock on.  I take what I can get.  So enough of me, let's move on to what we're all here to see. Shall we?

This week, let me start by sending bloggy loves to Odie, who sent me this awesomeness for this week. He's also sent me many many other monkeys for your viewing pleasure. You can see some of them on my facebook page and then of course we will also be sharing them here as well.  Stay tuned.  You are all awesome and I'm so thankful for everything you do for me. Got something to share, send it on over. I love to share ideas and pictures anything really.  Plus I give mad shout outs. Everyone likes new traffic or readers.  Or is that just a Monkey Butt favorite?!

Taken  straight from my inbox and shared with you we have ....

The amazing Monkey Orchid
(reads like what an announcer would say at the circus or a freak show)

These oh so lovely orchids come from SE Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forests. For those of you, myself included, that has no idea what the frak that is. It's a forest, high up on the mountains. They get a lot of water there and sadly from what I'm reading they're sparse. By the looks of the photo though, they do have some treasures.

Dracula Simia
It's scientific name given because of the two fang looking spurs.  Though it's face does more resemble a Monkey face. How cool is that?

So there ya  have it dear Dingleberries.  A Monkey Orchid, look how lovely it is.  Sadly us North American's won't see this thing in our back yard. which sucks, because I'd love to have a garden of this one. That's too bad.

A different kind of Monkey for you this week, but hope you all enjoyed it.  Don't forget to visit Odie , mad props for him for helping a Monkey Butt out this week.

So don't hesitate, you can help me out too!!  Email me your  ideas or pictures, whatever you got. I love them all, mind you it's a Monkey blog, so please make sure it's Monkey related. Shoot me an email, too busy to do the research yourself? Shoot me the idea.  Mad shout outs regardless

Hang in there!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 201 & 202, 2012

So hello again my Dingleberries,

I'm seriously considering a complete overhaul on my blog, because I think parts of it are just getting on my nerves. I'm thinking it could be the 365 posts.  I've said this how many times now?  It never changes. I'm all bark and no bite I guess.

July 24th

July 25th
 I think honestly I'm just going a little wacko!  Need some extra sleep, it's 10:15 around  here, I think it's time for me to wrap it up, because I've a busy pot for tomorrow as well as work and all ya know? I managed to oversleep today and that's never a good thing for me. the boss man just doesn't understand the whole being late for work thing? Sheesh!

Goodnight Dingleberries,

Hang in there! 

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday my Dingleberries, I'm linking up with LittleDaisyMay this week on the weekly,
  What I'm loving Wednesday!   
So go ahead and check her out, but not before you check out mine!  :)  Enjoy!

I'm loving these funny finds, 

I'm loving these oh so lovely dresses,




I'm loving these finds on Pinterest, so basic and just struck me as awesome!


Mike D
Thomas Murphy

And that's what I'm loving this week. I hope you had as much fun as I did and see ya, same place, same time right here. Next week!  Happy Humpday Dingleberries!

Hang in there!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Music For a Tuesday: Rehab

One of the funniest songs they played at the Rehab show Saturday. I loled and loved every minute of it! I haven't seen rehab since last year sometime.  GA theater back then. It was AWESOME.  Oh what can I say,  they're always awesome!!

We had a blast and for those who are interested, check out rehabmusic.com/tour  They're probably going to be in your town, so just do it!  :)

Have an awesome Tuesday my Dingleberries!  :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Mashup, 2012

Well hello Dingleberries, How did MONkeyDAY treat you all today?  It went OK I'd say. Had to take off from work early again and take Pokey to the ear Dr. She lost her other tube today, happy dance , and now we're expecting the damn tube fairy to sneak in her window and leave her money.  I'd still like to slap that ear Dr of hers!  Just sayin'!

So I purchased this super awesome fraking dress from Goodwill the other day, put it on for Sunday's church going, more about that later, and the stupid thing  is apparently a Large in kids.  UGH.  It was soooo cute and I'm pretty sure if I get a sewing machine I could make that shit. 

Christmas list this year...


So a while back I stumbled on a blog that links up for a "Monday Mashup". I'm not linking up, but I do dig the name and have been waiting for the perfect time to use it.  This is the perfect time, because I've a shit load to mash into this post.  Look up there, so far I've mentioned church, which you will see more about, the tube fairy and a beginning to my Christmas list and Goodwill shopping.  How many was that? 3? 

Day 197
Friday, July 20th
Went shopping with H, it was fun, but wasn't able to find anything I wanted to wear. It's hard to dress for something as awesome as the Rehab show, ya know?

Day 198
Saturday, July 21st
Rehab show, Rehab show, Rehab show. It's tonight, It's tonight. Can you tell I'm excited. Finally found a shirt to mash with my shorts.  Ended up dressing pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself.  Had an awesome LMFAO shirt, in pink of course with some shorts, pink fish nets , blue kool aid socks and my Dr Martens. Yea, I rawk!

H and J picked us up for the Rehab show and L and L brought us home. We had an effn awesome time.  I just got news today that they're coming to Athens in November. Awesome sauce!

J has an awesome hat!
Rehab. Wild Bills, July 21st 2012
Drank too much... It was awesome!

Day 199
Sunday, July 22nd
It took me a lot to get out of bed, got up early though. Headache and OMG my belly was aching. Ya ever just WANT to puke?  I mean you really just NEED it?  Like you know it will make you feel better?  Yea well it didn't work for me, because I didn't have anything to puke up.  Damn !  Managed to leave on time, wanted to sleep in the car and just couldn't get it going.  Had some awful waffle for breakfast and it make me feel better. I actually think it was the two Cokes I drank and the biscuit probably helped some too. 

We went to church with Mama and Papa Monkey Butt today.  It's been a real long time since I stepped foot in a church with the intentions of listening to what they were going to say. There was a lot to be said, a lot of singing to be done and Papa Monkey Butt said they raised the roof.  It was nice to go something the parents love to do.   Totally worth it if you ask me and I actually plan on going every Sunday with them and when we move, I guess we'll go as often as they like. Nothing wrong with that.  Apparently my kid needs boundaries and we've lost those these days.

Day 200
Monday, July 23rd
Well there ya have my mash up,  it's nothing new really. I'm always mashing shit up on here, aren't I?  It was a helluva weekend, drinks, friends, church and family.  Def a full page we got here tonight.  Back to the norm today though. Like  I said, Pokey lost her ear tube today and we don't have to go back there unless she has some problems. I'm happy for that but sad we didn't get to see her Dr today. Instead we saw another lady. Oh well, glad it's done.

I hope everyone had an awesome day, hoping tomorrow is better for you. Monday's are always the worst!

Sleep tight and we'll blog more tomorrow as well as catch up on more reading....

Friday, July 20, 2012

A horror in Colorado

I awoke this morning, went into the bathroom to do what anyone else does in the bathroom, check the mirror, duh!  I could hear the television in the bedroom talking some horrid news that came from the night before.  Never fails, I wake up everyday to some kind of news, zombies, children kidnapped, more damn rain but this morning I couldn't quite make the time to hear what the hell they were talking about.

Mr Monkey Butt calls me, as he does most mornings.  In case I failed to mention I'm a hard sleeper, only in the last couple of years have I gotten better at even hearing my phone ring or an alarm clock making noise.  Being up I grabbed it and headed for the closest (use to be my favorite place).  Talking on the phone with him he proceeds to tell me the news, of the asshat coming into the Dark Knight premier last night shooting up the place.  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? You mean to tell me that now we're not even safe in a damn movie theater. Stupid dumb fucking idiot.

My thoughts and well wishings go out to each of those who were wounded and killed.

Have they said, is this a new bath salt side effect? Or just a local fucking asshole with nothing better to do than ruin the lives of poor innocent people. There should be a special place for people like him!

"(Reuters) - A gunman in a gas mask and bullet-proof vest killed 12 people at a midnight premiere of the new "Batman" movie in a suburb of Denver early on Friday, sparking pandemonium when he hurled a gas canister into the auditorium and opened fire on moviegoers."

"When we got out of the theater it was just chaos. There was this one ... guy, was on all fours crawling. There was this girl spitting up blood," witness Donovan Tate told KCNC television. "There were bullet holes in some people's backs, some people's arms. There was this one guy who was stripped down to just his boxers. It looked like he was shot in the back or something. It was crazy."

Not to crack jokes or anything but that last one definitely reads like a classic case of the bath salt zombies.  

Again, my thoughts and well wishings go out to each of those who are affected by this horrible situation.  

Friday's Fabulous Photo: Sunset

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 196, 2012

Thursday, July 19th
 It's Thursday (ya'll catch this weeks Monkey Butt Thursday?) that means tomorrow is Friday.  I'm pretty excited about that and great news Rehab is playing on Saturday.  Ya know I can't wait. Luckily I've lined up quite a few of us are going.  I attempted that last year, going to see Rehab and a few of my friends going as well, didn't work out  so well actually.  Oh well, I'm sure some of them may bail and if so it is what it is. I'm still going, I'm still drinking too much and going to have a helluva time. Why you ask? Because it's been too long since I had a helluva time and even longer since I drank too much. 

in other recent news, H and I are attempting to make some plans to have a bit of a shopping time tomorrow night. Yay,   I can't wait. Not only do I need a top for the show on Saturday I need some girl time!  Sounds awesome to me.

Goodnight Dingleberries, I need the sleep

Hang in there!

Thursday's Monkey Butt: Tim

Happy Thursday my dear Dingleberries, I hope each and every one of you is having a poo free day and are one day closer to your end of the week.  I know I am and it's going to be a good weekend, unlike the last. Mind you it wasn't all bad, we were able to gather as a family and talk, some of them to pray, just sucks the terms in which it took to make it happen this time. Next time will be better.

This week let me tell you I'm sharing one from one of my favorite Dingleberries, one who has been here  for the long haul, dedicated little turd I tell ya!  ;)  He's a super awesome kinda turd though, so check him out, he's like me, a story to tell, we'll tell anyone who will listen ya know.  Thanks Tim at A Blast From The Past for the awesome picture this week!

Awe  gawsh these guys are adorable aren't they?  Definitely easy tug at those heart strings, The Chimpanzee, cute as buttons.  A while back they brought that movie, Chimpanzee to theaters and Pokey wanted to go see that so bad.  Sadly we weren't able to. The theater is damn expensive, anyone with kids knows that. Hell you don't need kids to know the theater is too damn expensive. Plus it's easier to watch on my own tv with my own pause button and a bathroom just down the hall, one of which isn't public.  We still plan to see it, just didn't make the theater!   And those white tigers, I just want to wack that Chimp over the head and steal them away, of course they would eat my ass as soon as I fell asleep but it would be well worth it.  Look how cute.

Anyone see that commercial, I think it was a security commercial where instead of purchasing the alarm system for their home they purchased some large cat who would rest on top of their dresser?  LMAO. I still laugh when I think about that.

Have an awesome day my dear Dingleberries and Thank you Tim for your wondermus addition this week!

Hang in there! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 194 and 195, 2012

Hello again Dingleberries, it's still Thursday!  How was everyone today?  Grooovy I hope!  The rain came again today, it was hot for most of the day though. It's weird the weather we're having.  Typically the weather  down here is just hot.  We got that, don't get me wrong, but it rains everyday here lately as well. Like Florida weather or something.... Is that a stereotyping on my part?

Tuesday, July 17th

Wednesday, July 18th

Just hung up the phone with one of my dearest friends, always a blast chatting with her.  She sent a lovely letter in the mail, which I received today.  Can't wait to read it.  We spent the last hour, doing what what we do best.  Trash talking a lot of people we knew from back in the day as well as people who just know how to irritate the hell out of us just by simply existing. That's terrible isn't it! 

Nothing much to say today, spent the night with Mama Monkey Butt last night, it was fun and good to get some time to hang out and eat some of her tasty cooking. She's much better at the cooking thing that I am! I did watch some Master Chef the other night and I'm curious at cooking eggs different ways. They were poaching and soft boiling eggs, as well as sunny side up .  I'm a dedicated fried well egg eater. I don't care for eggs really. I'd like to know how to make the different types though.

Oh well, it's late. I need sleep. Mama Monkey Butt is well, she can breath tonight, she can smell and I didn't ask, but I assume that means her dinner was oh so tasty. She's had problems with her nose for years now and the steroids they have her on.. DEXAMETHASOMETHING .. have worked on her nose as well, Granny Monkey Butt told me this morning as I was getting ready to leave that she has the rest of this week and part of next week for radiation.

More scans to come I guess, will keep ya posted as I know. Keep those prayers and well wishings coming.  She's not giving in without a fight! 


Hang in there!

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Good Morning Dingleberries, Happy Wednesday! 
Back for another episode of What I'm loving...

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I'm loving these super awesome tree of life pictures, I'm definitely in the market for a new tattoo, as soon as my bank account  will allow it!

I love the colors and everything that's going on in this one, so pretty!

I love the message this one has with it, that live, love, cherish, dream, smile, laugh and family. Especially the family part of it, Because aren't all these things what make a tree of life.

The only words I have for this one really is just WOW!  Stumbled upon this while searching and was blown away at it's awesomeness.  Check the source, very cool!

I'm loving these super cool awesome skull and crossbones, or jolly rogers, I've shared this before I think. I plan on also having one of these for a new tattoo.  Guess I've got tattoos on the brain today!

I think I really like 5 and 6.  Still up in the air with this one though and giving it plenty of thought before making it a permanent addition to the monkey....arm.

A very cute chef hat with a skull, look he has a cute fork and spoon under him  instead. I think Tim would totally love this one as would a lady friend I know.  Guess that covers 2 people on my shopping list this year for Christmas.  

Way to kill two birds with one stone right?  Yea, so I don't think I'd go this far with it, but very cool poster!

I'm loving this alternative fashion, check it out.  Takes me back a few more years. 

Rehab showing coming up this weekend, but I go rawk some of these tights.  It's been a minute since I've worn anything cute, perhaps this weekend it will happen.  Cross ya fingers and hope for me!

Lastly, before your brains rot out with my mindless babble this week,  I'm loving these pictures from an email I received earlier in the week from Odie, shit had me giggling all day.  

Laughing again!!

One little lie there, I forgot to mention again I'm loving each and every one of you who have been so kind and loving to send prayers and well wishes for Mama Monkey butt, I'm loving you guys and gals.  

Have a Happy Wednesday!

Hang in there!