Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend update, 2012

Well hello and Happy MONkeyDAY Dingleberries, I was unable to get online over the weekend, pure laziness this time.  So sorry! The good part of that is I was able to get all the laundry done.  Worked my Saturday and hung with some friends. Best of all, spent lots of time at the pool. Yays!

Day 177
Saturday, June 30th

Saturday, had to work. Which always makes for some easy bucks!  Lovin that part! Unfortunately, there was one of our regulars there today who for some reason thought it was a good idea, a polite thing, to constantly remind me how much weight I've gained.  Needless to say I was depressed for the rest of the day. Went to hang with some friends and couldn't even be happy in that situation.  UGH.  My nightmare really.  I felt so bad, later, but sometimes people get depressed. What can ya do?  People are assholes at times.  Unforunately we can't change that!!

Day 178
Sunday, July 1st
Another uneventful day on the schedule, being broke sucks. But I've complained of this on more than oneoccasion, plus we all know what it's like to be broke from time to time.  Spent some time by the pool today though. It was nice and much needed, best part about the pool on weekends, there isn't anyone there.  It's weird, I guess people work on the weekends?  Weirdos :)

Check out this oh so awesome cute wall art piece I found at Goodwill. Doesn't it kick much ass?!  Yep. 

Day 179
Monday, July 2nd
Monday already, it sucks how Monday comes along so fast. I hate that! Weekends should be longer. Shouldn't they? Today was a hecktic day at work.  The phones weren't too busy, but my desk was overflowing with shit to be done!!  I got most of it done, happy to know I've saved a little for tomorrow.  Work is hard to come by, but we're picking up. For that I am glad!!

A million thanks for a couple of you who have sent me some lovely Monkey Butt art, photos and fabulousness to share on my Monkey Butt Thursday, ideas we're getting hard to come by lately.  I was feeling like I'd exhausted my Thursdays but really didn't want to admit defeat! Glad things are picking up, blogging world and work world.  Win!  Keep sending me those ideas,  kcdoe27 (at) hotmail (dot) com. I will make sure to link to you and tell everyone how super awesome you are for lending me your awesomeness.  Relax, I haven't forgotten yours from a week or so ago Tim. I love that one and will be sharing it!

"History flows through the Roanoke Canal Museum & Trail Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina"
Another very awesome piece of  mail box love today.  Thankies to my dear friend Odie. 

Another piece of great news today, the new face plate came in for my car stereo today. I'm stoked!  Can't wait to get out and drive around. Mr Monkey Butt tells me that due to his pot smoking days he'd originally installed the stereo wrong 6 years ago.  All 4 of my speakers work this time.  Can you imagine my excitement?  Yay for pot free Mr Monkey Butt !! 

Finally to wrap this post up, because I've some some other thangs to work on.  Wednesday is the Peachtree Road Race. It's going to be so hot. I'm scared I won't finish or something. LIke I coulod finish dead laqst or something, take me all day to go like 6 miles.  I'm worried that I might croak in the middle of the road. I'm so close to backing out. But I really don't want to :/

Tomorrow is the last day to pickup our race packets, I'm hoping my uncle can pick it up for me, that way I don't have to race down there!  ::fingers crossed::

Did any of you see this new story of the bath salt zombies?  lols.  Hilarous, man running through golf course, taking his clothes off, threatening to eat people.  This is crazay!!!

Goodnight Dingleberries

Hang in there!

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  1. That was a sweet post Doria and I really love the lizards. We have some of the most beautiful ones here in NC with gorgeous colors that sparkle in the sun.
    Try not to let any more idiots bring you down Sweet Thang. Your dingleberries here think you are awesome just the way you are. Good luck on the 6 mile run and have a fabulous Tuesday.


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