Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt: Tim

Happy Thursday my dear Dingleberries, I hope each and every one of you is having a poo free day and are one day closer to your end of the week.  I know I am and it's going to be a good weekend, unlike the last. Mind you it wasn't all bad, we were able to gather as a family and talk, some of them to pray, just sucks the terms in which it took to make it happen this time. Next time will be better.

This week let me tell you I'm sharing one from one of my favorite Dingleberries, one who has been here  for the long haul, dedicated little turd I tell ya!  ;)  He's a super awesome kinda turd though, so check him out, he's like me, a story to tell, we'll tell anyone who will listen ya know.  Thanks Tim at A Blast From The Past for the awesome picture this week!

Awe  gawsh these guys are adorable aren't they?  Definitely easy tug at those heart strings, The Chimpanzee, cute as buttons.  A while back they brought that movie, Chimpanzee to theaters and Pokey wanted to go see that so bad.  Sadly we weren't able to. The theater is damn expensive, anyone with kids knows that. Hell you don't need kids to know the theater is too damn expensive. Plus it's easier to watch on my own tv with my own pause button and a bathroom just down the hall, one of which isn't public.  We still plan to see it, just didn't make the theater!   And those white tigers, I just want to wack that Chimp over the head and steal them away, of course they would eat my ass as soon as I fell asleep but it would be well worth it.  Look how cute.

Anyone see that commercial, I think it was a security commercial where instead of purchasing the alarm system for their home they purchased some large cat who would rest on top of their dresser?  LMAO. I still laugh when I think about that.

Have an awesome day my dear Dingleberries and Thank you Tim for your wondermus addition this week!

Hang in there! 


  1. My weekend will be great. I'm going to a party at my brother's house on Saturday. With the exception of massive traffic jams on the Connecticut Turnpike, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.
    Call me Nostradmus, but I think there will be drinking involved.
    By the way, I saw that commercial. It was hilarious. Almost as funny as the one where the guy bought his kids a possum. "There it goes."

  2. Those pics are precious!!!! I bet that white tiger doesn't even mind that chimp's stinky breath 'cause ya know it's just rank!!!

  3. I rarely go to the theater unless it is something like "Bourne Ultimatum" or something like that because it can be tooooooooooo expensive especially if you have someone with you like children that immediately want everything they have to offer at 500% more than it's worth. Great minds to think alike. Have a great one.

  4. heh heh .. I love that opossum commmercial, makes me LOL too!

  5. I think I'd be more scared of the monkey than the man eating kittens. Nothing like having your face eaten off by a domesticated primate to kickstart a weekend.

  6. Oh, God! I can't stand it, that is so cute!! I wish I could see a video of that :)


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