Friday, July 6, 2012

A Tale of Strength (a repost)

Well Dingleberries, today I'm running a repost, a first for me I think. I posted this back in March and friends are telling me that Tashi is preparing for the end with Wash.  Makes me sad.  I wish her all the best and please take a minute to visit her blog and donate if you can.  

So times are hard and things are rough. I know this, I deal with this on the daily. But some people have it harder than any of us can ever imagine. I'm taking this time on my blog here to share with you the tale and life of Wash and Tashi.  Two amazing people with hearts as big as anyone you know. Tashi and Wash are newly weds, well 3 years so.  Wonderful couple who right after being married Wash became ill with terminal brain cancer.  Very sad story and though it's riddled with sadness, it's also a story about strength and awesomeness. So I bid you take the time and check out the blog Learning to Hope. If you've got the money throw some there way.  She's taking care of him with little to no support from their state.  donate here

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