Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 186, 2012

Hello Dingleberries,
How many of us claim to have had a lovely MONkeyDAY?  Let me just say work has picked up and things are moving along.  This makes me a happy!  For those who are new here in the land of Monkey Butt. I've been with my job for about 7 years now and well it's slowed down a lot over the years!!  Just like anyone else,  time drags by slowly for me when we're slow.  In case you were wondering, I hate being slow, I hate being bored. 
So other than the bullshit lack of sleep and the mess in the apartment that I made in preparation for the pest control people coming out.  They came out today, Yesssssss!  SOo I was able to put everything away and poor MAXimus doesn't have to be locked away all day tomorrow!  He will love that!! I didn't really awake up today at work,which sucked. But it's a MONkeyDAY I should be use to it by now.  You'd think I'd put forth some effort at catching some extra sleep on Sunday; I never do.
I'm ranting.  My Dingleberries don't come here to listen to me rant and ramble about shizzle.  I at least try to get to the point at times.  Guess there isn't too much going on today, nothing much to bitch about I guess. 

It did pour some rain here though. I bet a lot of people were really excited about this. I was home while it was happening so it didn't really affect me any.  Pokey didn't have a shit fit over the storm tonight; WIN!

I'm wrapping this up, thanks everyone for the wondermus comments on past posts and I'm so glad you are all received the post cards. Yays!!  Can't wait for one to show up in July.  Sorry for those who didn't make it in June :/  That kinda sucks!!

Monday,  July 9th

While we're all here, what are we wanting to hear tomorrow?  Im taking request!  Thanks in advance!


  1. My MONkey DAY?
    6:30 Woke up.
    6:31 Said "have a good day" to son.
    6:45 Had cereal.
    6:50 Watched news.
    7:00 Said "Have a good day" to Mrs. Penwasser.
    7:01 Fell asleep.
    7:23 Played 'Words With Friends'. Got only 9 points for "tit." Thank goodness it was a Triple Word.
    7:30-9:00 Blogger.
    9:01 Watered garden.
    9:31 Tried to unclog kids' bathtub.
    9:41 Pulled baby-fist sized nasty soap/hair/gunk business from tub drain.
    9:42 Realized I'd need Draino.
    9:43 Saw that their cabinet doors were all effed up.
    9:46 Dropped stuff off for needy people at church.
    9:47 Wondered why nobody thinks WE'RE needy people.
    10:01 Arrived at Home Depot.
    10:02 Bought little bag of little screws.
    10:03 Giggled when I thought that you can get little screws at a midget brothel.
    10:05 Bought bottle of drain cleaner which was least likely to cause birth defects, burn my skin away, create civil unrest, ruin my pipes, defoliate forests, pollute waterways, or blind me.
    10:06 Bought air filter for air conditioner because "you never know."
    10:07 Sampled free hot dog from the nice man in the orange vest.
    10:08 Ran to bathroom. Swore off free hot dogs from nice men in orange vests.
    10:32 Arrived home. Checked Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Yahoo, Drudge Report, Hotmail, You Tube.
    10:59 Poured Draino in drain.
    11:01 Installed row of hooks in Mrs. Penwasser's closet for the sole reason that I had a spare row of hooks and "you never know."
    11:23 Fixed kids cabinets.
    11:54 Forgot about bathtub drain. Had to pour rest of bottle in drain. Ignored hissing sound coming from somewhere in the pipes.
    12:00 Let dog out.
    12:03 Emptied garbage cans in house.
    12:22 Watched afternoon news. Got depressed over that whole Beiber thing.
    12:30 Beat a friend in "Words With Friends" (so THAT'S why they call it that!) with skillful use of "penis." The word, not my actual penis.
    1:01-2:44 Worked on my story.
    2:45 Took a break. Put my "little screws" joke on Twitter.
    2:47-3:30 Worked on my book some more (fell asleep at my desk from 2:58-3:24, though).
    3:31 Peeled shrimp for dinner.
    3:57 Listened to music.
    4:13 Said hello to Mrs. Penwasser when she got home. Told her I was bushed.
    4:33 Decided to go back to Home Depot when I heard a funny noise coming from the kids bathroom.
    I'm looking forward to the end of summer when I can go back to work and get some rest.
    Won't be able to play "Words With Friends", though.

  2. Hey Sweet Thang, I can't believe Al actually wrote all that.
    I'd be interested to know what goes on in your day at work and who looks after your little cutie pie.
    Enjoyed your post and always enjoy your pictures so have an awesome Tuesday.

  3. Now you know how my summer goes.
    Please note I'm goofing off today. It's 9:49 and I've only just started doing ANYthing.
    I may go to the gym this morning.
    Not to work out, mind you.
    It's so I can get a quart of something called "Muscle Milk."
    And gawk at spandex-clad good-lookings.
    Who are GIRLS.
    Plus, it's next door to Dairy Queen.
    Gotta make sure I'm home for Dr. Oz, though.


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