Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Coldplay

Though I can say I was never that into Coldplay; I did always have a weak spot for this song.  It's such a cute song and honestly it reminds me of my dearest friend to my heart. I miss her constantly, she is the one I was babbling about getting married last month.  That's an event I can say I'm so glad I didn't miss. Though I wish I hadn't made the trip up because now I just can't wait to see her again. It's been YEARS, literally since we were able to visit one another, now time can't come soon enough to do it again.  We're making plans to meet somewhere between here and there to see Part 2 of Twilight Breaking Dawn in November.  Yet another most awesome birthday ever if that works out!!

So there ya have it, Enjoy!!

Hang in there! 


  1. You and your Zombies Doria~! : p

    I try to like them but I just don't get it! LoL

    I even tried to watch "Zombie Strippers!" Thinking I might like it LoL : ) Nope! I got to see some Hooter's though!

    It's always nice to spend some time with an old friend. Enjoy! Geesh the older you get the further away they become, it seems like!

    Have a great week Doria! And thanks for your support!

  2. Thanks for the music Doria and hope you had a great day. Good night and sweet dreams.


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