Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 207, 2012

July 30th
Happy MONkeyDAY Dingleberries.  I hope everyone had a lovely day. Today was another Monday. I thank you all for checking out my post earlier and all of your super awesome comments.  It made me feel better knowing that a lot of people out there care. That's selfish and woe is me but I can't help it, sometimes we just have to be that way. If only for a few minutes today!!

Work stuff: Well it was a steady day today, I worked a few minutes  over today so that I could wrap everything up.  I hate to leave work laying around but it does help keep me busy the next day! I do have some filing to do tomorrow. That will be a little extra work to take care of.

Ya know I haven't (we haven't) gotten any mail in a few days. How weird?  Pokey blamed the Olympics for this, because it affected our Hells Kitchen tonight. Reruns for tonight and I assume that is because the Olympics. Which are really cool.  We're loving it. Did any one else see that 17 year old American girl win a gold metal tonight... Wow!  And those two Mexican men in diving?  Awesome sauce!

Well, what do you think about the look of the blog? I don't know how I feel about it, I'm trying to love it.  But it will take me a few. I loved the bananas ya know?  But I thought if I went with something "new" then I would have the option to reply to Dingleberry comments on my posts. Yea it didn't matter. There was some other stuff you have to do to be able to do that. I guess because my blog is a bit older.. It's not that old though. I like being able to respond to each and every one of your comments as they come. I don't have to tag people and go from there. 

Well it's a helluva day, I gotta catch some sleeps!

Goodnight my friends, my Dingleberries.

Hang in there!


  1. Change is good~! : ) Fresh~! Clean Slate~!

    Sweet dreams to you and yours Champ, keep them Dukes up and keep those blues away!

  2. Congrts !
    Finally you decided to change the look of your blog !
    Blog is looking really nice now...and I'm so happy that from now on I will be able to receive replies from you :)
    Well You look quite busy ...keep up the work!

  3. It's a clean fierce look, I love bananas too but I agree with time, change is good. I might revamp after a year I reckon :-D

  4. I quite like the new look, sometimes the yellow was a bit hard to read! The Olympics have screwed up our programmes as well but not too much thankfully. I saw a 15 year old Lithuanian girl win which was amazing!

  5. I also like the look of your blog especially if it has a picture of the famous Doria on it. It is amazing to watch how talented some of those young people are and it is heartwarming to see them get the gold for doing so well. Have a great one girl.


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