Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 180, 2012

Happy Tuesday again Dingleberries,

Did everyone check out this weeks music post?  Hopefully we all enjoyed it, I thought it went well considering. 

What I'm doing today though, because I think it's morbidly funny, I will share with you my last will and testament. Just in case I manage to croak tomorrow on the Peachtree Road Race.  Nothing says being prepared and being prepared.  Let's just say those words don't really go well with me.  I'm not prepared more of the time, for much of anything! 

I, Monkey Butt, do hereby declare this my final will and testament, replacing any and all other final wishings of mine.  Being of sound body and mind, do hereby leave my collections as follows:
  • I wish to leave my Nirvana Cd's and scrap bookings, t-shirts and any and all writings and or books pertaining to the band to Tim over at Blast from the Past.
  • I do hereby leave my collection of Converse shoes, all 13 pairs to the first blogger who comments with the same converse shoe size of 6.
  • The oh so lovely, 97 Toyota Camry, white color, called "Tina" to my first born, Pokey.
  • Said old ass car that hasn't ran in 7 years, 91 Ford Mustang.  That's tough, I've always loved that car.  sadly it's just sitting, rotting,or rustin rather.  Who has the time? Or the energy? 
  • MY BOOKS!  I want someone who genuinely love reading to take my books, if no one, then donate them.  Everyone should have a good read.
That pretty much wraps up that list, any and all other items of mine be divided out to whom ever wants them.

Yes you read that right, at this point, Monkey Butt doesn't have much.  But I love the things I have and I love everyone in my life, including each and every one of you!  So if I don't make it, ya'll know where I stand on the things I do own.

Tuesday, July 3rd
Wish me luck tomorrow my dearies, (I've got to be there at like 6.... ugh)

Hang in there!


  1. Oh wow Doria, thanks for thinking of me. I hope you and the family have a great 4th of July. Geesh I wouldn't know what to do with 13 pair of shuz! You gurlz are crazy : )

    At 55 I really should get that stuff down on paper and all legal. I don't own my house entirely yet, but I will in 10 years.

    If I don't git my chit straight the GOV will have their grubby hands all in my junk~!!

  2. Well darlin by now you are strutting your stuff and I am rooting for you from way up north in NC. I hope when it is all said and done that your body has no significant damage and you can in fact enjoy this holiday before it is over. If I was not so far away I would be on the sidelines but that was not meant to be. Hope you are OK when you get a chance to read this.

  3. I love books. Give me your books! Ahem...

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