Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt : KW Monsters

Happy Thursday Dingleberries, 

So remember when I said I was going to use your suggestions and additions for my Thursday's Monkey Butts?  Well last week, while searching page after page on Google I stumbled upon K.W. Monster's Blog Of Evil and his super awesome Monkey Drawings.  This one was my favorite, because really who wouldn't enjoy two guns and banana trees?  I think if it were me, I'd do the same thing!  :)  Love it!

I love the way his artwork take on an evil take. Very cool!  But I think if I had an apple that big, yea I'd be holden on to it as well.  Looks delicious monkey! 

Well there ya have it, this weeks post. Thanks so much KW for letting me share your work.  It's awesome stuffs!  Go check him out Dingleberries, he's a whole lot of awesome going on!

Thanks everyone for your ideas and additions, I will be sharing them and letting you know when I'm sharing them :)  I've a good bit coming in already. You're the best! 


  1. Monkeys and guns.
    Throw in a case of beer and you've got yourself a party.

  2. I thought of you the other day when I toured the Lemur facility at Duke Univ. The largest collection of Lemurs in the world outside of Madagascar. They sure look like little monkeys to me.

  3. You are absolutely right girl. Those are simply awesome and more eye catching that any I've seen. Hope you made out OK on the run. Have a great evening and sweet dreams tonight.

  4. KooL pix, monkey and apple is my favorite.

  5. The look on the apple monkey's face is a bit - unsettling. I wouldn't want to come across him in a dark tree after midnight...


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