Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Mashup, 2012

Well hello Dingleberries, How did MONkeyDAY treat you all today?  It went OK I'd say. Had to take off from work early again and take Pokey to the ear Dr. She lost her other tube today, happy dance , and now we're expecting the damn tube fairy to sneak in her window and leave her money.  I'd still like to slap that ear Dr of hers!  Just sayin'!

So I purchased this super awesome fraking dress from Goodwill the other day, put it on for Sunday's church going, more about that later, and the stupid thing  is apparently a Large in kids.  UGH.  It was soooo cute and I'm pretty sure if I get a sewing machine I could make that shit. 

Christmas list this year...


So a while back I stumbled on a blog that links up for a "Monday Mashup". I'm not linking up, but I do dig the name and have been waiting for the perfect time to use it.  This is the perfect time, because I've a shit load to mash into this post.  Look up there, so far I've mentioned church, which you will see more about, the tube fairy and a beginning to my Christmas list and Goodwill shopping.  How many was that? 3? 

Day 197
Friday, July 20th
Went shopping with H, it was fun, but wasn't able to find anything I wanted to wear. It's hard to dress for something as awesome as the Rehab show, ya know?

Day 198
Saturday, July 21st
Rehab show, Rehab show, Rehab show. It's tonight, It's tonight. Can you tell I'm excited. Finally found a shirt to mash with my shorts.  Ended up dressing pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself.  Had an awesome LMFAO shirt, in pink of course with some shorts, pink fish nets , blue kool aid socks and my Dr Martens. Yea, I rawk!

H and J picked us up for the Rehab show and L and L brought us home. We had an effn awesome time.  I just got news today that they're coming to Athens in November. Awesome sauce!

J has an awesome hat!
Rehab. Wild Bills, July 21st 2012
Drank too much... It was awesome!

Day 199
Sunday, July 22nd
It took me a lot to get out of bed, got up early though. Headache and OMG my belly was aching. Ya ever just WANT to puke?  I mean you really just NEED it?  Like you know it will make you feel better?  Yea well it didn't work for me, because I didn't have anything to puke up.  Damn !  Managed to leave on time, wanted to sleep in the car and just couldn't get it going.  Had some awful waffle for breakfast and it make me feel better. I actually think it was the two Cokes I drank and the biscuit probably helped some too. 

We went to church with Mama and Papa Monkey Butt today.  It's been a real long time since I stepped foot in a church with the intentions of listening to what they were going to say. There was a lot to be said, a lot of singing to be done and Papa Monkey Butt said they raised the roof.  It was nice to go something the parents love to do.   Totally worth it if you ask me and I actually plan on going every Sunday with them and when we move, I guess we'll go as often as they like. Nothing wrong with that.  Apparently my kid needs boundaries and we've lost those these days.

Day 200
Monday, July 23rd
Well there ya have my mash up,  it's nothing new really. I'm always mashing shit up on here, aren't I?  It was a helluva weekend, drinks, friends, church and family.  Def a full page we got here tonight.  Back to the norm today though. Like  I said, Pokey lost her ear tube today and we don't have to go back there unless she has some problems. I'm happy for that but sad we didn't get to see her Dr today. Instead we saw another lady. Oh well, glad it's done.

I hope everyone had an awesome day, hoping tomorrow is better for you. Monday's are always the worst!

Sleep tight and we'll blog more tomorrow as well as catch up on more reading....


  1. Yeah, the boundaries kinda get lost when there aren't any consequences for the actions. Church is a great place to start.

  2. I love my mash with a splash, too, gal! lol I'll need to look more into Rehab!!

  3. Busy busy lady. But it sounds like a whole lot of fun. Apart from the hangover bit though. They are never wonderful

  4. Wow, 5 pictures of you today, I'm impressed. Glad you had so much fun at the concert and Monday is behind us. How about a picture of you in that awesome dress you bought? That would be cool. Have an awesome Tuesday.

  5. The pictures are fun! -dig the cowboy hat. Yee-haw!

  6. Love the photos, loved that hat I want a hat like that........isn't it great when we find a fantastic dress or outfit from a secondhand store....
    but it sucks if you don't try it on think it will fit get it home and when you go to wear it, it doesn't fit and you want to have a tantrum becuase you are so pissed off with yourself.........

  7. Lovely photos...shows that how much fun you had :)

  8. Looks like you had a nice busy weekend!


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