Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt: Hazel


Well Happy Thursday my dear Dingleberries, 

How are we this week?  Anything worth talking about? Meet anyone knew, see any monkeys?  Step in any poo, get any thrown at you?  Oh what a lovely story that might be!

So moving along, I'm sharing a lovely picture from all the way over in Northern Ireland, my dearest Hazel.  I think her and I would be the best of friends were we not what seems like a million miles away from one another.  Awes.

Hazel is doing a series of post for her part of the world, 100 things: Northern Ireland.  It's really quite fun you should check it out.  Northern Ireland really looks like the place to be.  A country who really just pretends to be small, in fact they're quite large.  From what I'm reading it's the kind of place where families spend their time doing fun things together.  Going out to the coast and climbing mountains.  How lovely would it be to visit (Northern)Ireland. It's always been on my list of must see. How about yours?

So here I'm giving you Gibbs,   her lovely adorable 'pet' she picked up from her first visit to the Belfast zoo.  Gibbs here is actually a Gibbon, which comes from the Ape family, not so much a monkey after all.  But that's OK, because he is such a doll (literally). 

Gibbon are endangered species if you can believe that, they come from Asia and spend most of their lives in trees. They are very acrobatic and it's pretty damn impossible for any predator to catch them. Which doesn't make sense for them to be endangered.  Who's catching these bastards if it's pretty near impossible for them to be caught?  How does one become endangered when nothing can catch it? Guess they aren't catching their mates.  Bitches be running. These apes live for like 40 years, in Asia  they might be outliving most people.  Ha! I'm kidding, but seriously, how can they not catch a woman-ape in that long?  It's not because they're ugly, they're actually really cute if you ask me.  I mean check out the photo Hazel sent me.  They're adorable!! 

So dear Ape, we hope you find you a woman ape and carry on your species. We're counting on you, can't let the monkeys rule the world... Poo flinging little bastards with tails!    Monkey's rawk you know and they always catch their women-monkeys! 

A thousand thankies for Hazel for her awesome little addition to the Monkey Butt family.  Anyone else wants to add something to the page? Something new for me to blog? Please feel free. Nothing like some free shout outs ya know?  Email me, kcdoe27 (at) hotmail (dot) com.  Have an awesome Thursday!

Hang in there!


  1. I'm living in Zurich now, so that's pretty new! -haven't seen any monkeys yet. :)

  2. Aww you're welcome! And thanks so much for this, it's probably thee most personal and informative shout-out I've ever got! :)

  3. Gibbs is a cutie for sure but where is our "Doria" picture for today? Hope it is a fantastic thursday for you girl.

  4. When I was in the Navy, we had a stuffed monkey we called "Spank."
    Yes, I know.
    Spank...the Monkey.
    Then, we bought him a girlfriend.
    Her name was "Spunk."
    Yeah, that was kinda gross.
    And creepy that grown men had a couple of stuffed monkeys.
    You shoulda seen our collection of flamingoes.

  5. Happy Thursday back! I'm having trouble with my email settings right now - but have to share this little face with you and the world. Hope the link is okay....!!

  6. Oh how cute is he, I have never heard of the Gibbon monkey or ape or whatever they are but to me if they live in trees and are acrobatic then they must be long as they are not throwing poo at you then if they are they are not cute just disgusting.

    I will go and check out Hazel's blog and tell her you sent me.


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