Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 193, 2012

MONkeyDAY, July 16th
 Hello it's MONkeyDAY again, not always the most pleasant of days in the week, but it's gotta be there I guess. I wonder if there is someone we can write to and perhaps have MONkeyDAY just thrown out completely!  HA!

I'm not 100% due to lack of sleep, but I'm sure that's pretty common.  Mama Monkey Butt has improved some more. She had her 2nd round of radiation today, said it went fine.  Just hung up with her and she sounds better, I think so anyway. It's hard to tell when you aren't there, but I'm hopeful.

I know I've said it, over and over and over again, I'll say it again.  You guys and gals are so very awesome, all of your kind words, thoughts, well wishings and prayers have really helped push me through this and though Mama Monkey Butt isn't reading them, I think she feels them. She keeps improving and damn it this radiation is going to kill this cancer and we can focus on the chemo again.  She's still a fighter.

Well, Po Po Maximus is over sniffing the door whining.  I shouldn't neglect him you know?!

I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday and stay tuned for this weeks Music For a Tuesday, coming up in the morning! 

Good night,

Hang in there!


  1. Hey Sweet Thang and great news about your mom and we'll continue praying for you and her as she goes through these treatments. It's Tuesday AM so have a fabulous Tuesday.

  2. Thoughts and prayers go out to your mom. As an avid Monday Morning protester believing that they should be boycotted by all and if not removed entirely at least have the day begin at noon...I tried really hard this morning to convince my calendar to remove Monday but all it would do is remove Saturday and Sunday (NOOOOOO!!!!), but at least it's now Tuesday. Have a good week.


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