Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm dying here, dying of boredom!  I'm really tired of these silly slow days where I lose my mind with boredom and smoke to many cigarettes. 

"Cigarettes are bad for you" -them. 
"Yes I know, but I can't think of anything better than this, right now" -me! 

So whatever will I do today after work? Oh yes, I remember sew leaves onto a dress! I see now why the sewing part of the home economics class in HS wasn't very enjoyable!  I don't care for it.  I have to go shopping again after work, blah, find more gloves.  I discovered last night polyester, just as the label says, doesn't dye properly, my poor white gloves are now this nasty grey blue color when I was shooting for GREEN! Grrrr!   Im not happy with the things that aren't working in my favor.  However, the jacket and pants of Jamie's are now an AWESOME, let me say that again with more excitement AAWWWEEEESSSSOOOOMMMMEEEE purple color! *high fives* Purple is my favorite color! (random)  My boots turned out nicely, the green took well and the parts that didn't... I get to sew more leaves...YAY! *grumbles*

I didn't complete this friday, whoops!  Soooo,  to conclude said babbles...  I finished sewing the leaves on my dress and my Poison Ivy looked awesome, check it out, *high fives*  I HEART Halloween, I wasn't in costume all day long, but I did go out and do my shopping in costume!!  Have a great Halloween night everyone!  :))

Oh!  Can't forget The JOker! ;)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ahhh my thoughtless babbles continue!

So it's been a good day, again.  No pissing and moaning from the co-workers. Which Im thankful for.  I've spent most of my day playing on facebook.  I am hopelessly addicted to it's notfications, emails and app games.  They keep me entertained for lenghty periods of time.  Ive a long shopping list to complete this evening, with high hopes that I will actually complete this list!  *fingers crossed*

One of my thoughts today, while emailng and friend on facebook. 
I've decided I want to futher my education and  I've decided to pick up criminal law classes and try to take that somewhere.  I've realized here lately, Im on a dead end street here with the company Im with, and Ive been at it for just about 6 years now. I love the old couple that manage to keep this place afloat. I praise them for their bravery in being able to continue this madness with the loss of their son, our former owner, 4 years ago.  I have thoughts sometimes at what it must take to lose someone like that, I am a mother of 1.  That lil' girl is my life, just like any good parent would say about their child and Im sure they felt that way about their youngest son, who bless his heart perished in a boating accident. I respect them in the fact that they carried on, for his name and sake, and they let us all keep our jobs.  I am thankful for those things.  But now I am unhappy and well there isn't any more money for me to make here.  It will always be the same job, doing the same mindless duties, answering the same kind of calls and dealing with the same kind of people.  I am sure this comes with any job. I am positive in that thought, but atleast maybe somewhere else there is room for advancement and room for more money and well maybe, just maybe I will come across some affordable health insurance and vacations and sick days and personal days.  Ahhh to dream of another life!

So I want to be a police officer, law enforcer!  I think it would be AWESOME! I am aware of the dangers and the lack of sleep and the mixed up schedule.  Those are the thoughts in the back of my mind that make me want to be sure!
On the plus side!  It will RAWK to carry a weapon and a taser and a can o' pepper spray!

I treat this thing like a journal I think.  it's weird, it really is just pages of babbles that I find myself churning my fingers over the keys to pop out here , so all you people who stumble upon it read.   Wow!  What's wrong with me!

Anyways, facebook here I come!! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Another rainy day here at "Kindercare Towing" in Duluth, GA!  I call it kindercare because we have the worlds most pissy,moany, bitchy tow truck driver EVAR!  Lawd! Why am I blessed with such idiocy! I'll never understand!

So..Ive decided on my Halloween costome, for those who read or follow my babbles!
BAM! She's sooo purdy!  I will say I am no Uma Thurman!  I did however purchase me an oh so adorable red wig last night, it's soooo purdy!  I never would have thought I could be a red head.  It's AWESOME! So after rummaging through my closet and coming up for air unsuccessfully. We googled red heads, Bang Pow Boom, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy!  RAWK!  It is meant to be!  It shall be me.  My costume won't be a one piece leotard like hers, but I can get this awesome green dress from one of my dearest friends!

 No cha-ching, cause it's free! Then I have to find me a house plant to trash, some gloves to dye, green fish nets and some red shoes, cause there is no way I can paint my boots green. I heart them so much! So. It is a plan. I am really excited and am now actually ready for Halloween to be here!  Well almost.  Still have to find a make-up master, there is no way I qualify to do make-up!

And my creativity has run wild today and this is what Ive come up with for my Jamie!
Ah Heath Ledger you were so dreamy!  I just know we can piece this together smoothly and be a smashing couple for the party!

It's a Rawking day today in this rainy lil' GA town, but it's ok. I get off work  at 5pm and no more pissy moany tow truck driver!  woot Wooot! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I like saying "Grassyass"

I warned you readers upon entry to this blog it's full o' randomness!  I assume I have spelled "Grassyass" wrong, it's actually Gracias? I'm not sure, I speak like no Espanol. Let alone spell it correctly, I assume it could be offensive, buuut Im not the one to worry about such things!

I had a wonderful blog planned out in my nogger, buuut I have forgotten all about it, hmm, Imagine that!

I have been sporting my pink Cons a lot here lately, they aren't as awesome as my purple Con's buuut my sissy gave em to me, sooo I heart them dearly. ( My 3rd favorite pair o' Con's!)
They are a faded pink, due to the awful rain storm at Disney last year, but that makes them special!  And  yes I'm rawking my fav halloween socks!  Did I mention I heart Halloween?!!  I'm actually still at a lose this year for Halloween costume, due to lack o' money I'm putting something together outta my closet.  I have an ADORABLE tutu and lotsa rawking shoes, heels, Cons and boots, buuut I need a wig.  I have really short hair, big change from the not so short hair I had before, and I'm hating the color.  I miss my black hair!  I remember now why I never kept it it's natural color, even tho when it's black I feel like an illegitimate mother!  I just know I will come up with something.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


--Owchies for when the cigarette sticks to your lips and you rip the skin when you pull it away! 

--Owchies for stubbing your toe when trying to keep the kitty from running out the door!

--Owchies for breaking nails the hard way.  Slamming your fingers in the door!

                   On another note, it's been a purdy good day today.  I am patiently waiting for this work day to end.  Ive said more than once today "I hate my job".  Sometimes, I wish I hadn't been lazy when I was younger and tried to make something of myself! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


This was me in HS, I grew up rebelling, as any other adolesent of said age!  I was a happy teenager for the most  part and didn't get into much trouble.  I was a teenager when I made the comment I never wanted to see New York City. I know, big statement for a person who has no idea what they are talking about or what  they may miss by not seeing something of that magnitude!

It wasn't until last year, upon meeting the adopted brother I'd only heard my Mom mention 1 time during my teenage life, when going through a rough spurt of said teenage life.  But I pulled through and never forgot the story my mom told me about the brother, up until last year, I never thought I would meet. 

He hates this picture and yes we really are big dorks!      

So Ive met my adopted brother that I never thought Id meet and it was nice while he was here, he doesn't live here.  so we were talking and where he lives is not to far from New York City. So I had this CrAzY idea that it would be awesome to go see his town and visit New York City while Im there.  Im excited to say it could happen.  Soon I hope!

"These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder; which as they kiss consume."   --- Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene VI ---- I love Romeo & Juliet
Romeo and Juliet

My 2nd Favorite time of the year!

October, November and December maybe my favorite months of the year!  I wonder if it's possible for them to change the time of year these fall into?  That would be AWESOME! 

October.....I love love love Halloween, altho Im totally irritated this year with trying to find/decide, whatever, an awesome costume for myself.  I really really really wanted to be "Hit Girl" from the "Kick Ass" movie.  Well Ive gone through the wig shops and cannot find me a purple wig... Pisser #1!  Then there is the costume itself.  I googled this costume and it looks like plain crapola!  Like its made of colored garbage bags.  Pisser #2 .. And well peicing all this stuff together will cost me a FORTUNE, they fortune I don't have.. .BECAUSE I HAVE A CRAPOLA DEAD END JOB! ..<--  That's pisser # 3 and #4!  So Ive gone through the web and costume stores and Im stuck between deciding on Pirate chic or Mad Hatter Chic style!  Gah decisions decisions.  I miss the days when my mom would dress me and handle all this for me, haha... I love my mom!

November...... I am a November baby and I always make sure to have lotsa fun whenever possible for my Bday.  Every year I get older, so I have to make sure to have more and more fun!  haha.. Then ofcourse there is THANKSGIVING! Nom Nom Nom..... that's me munching on all my favorite foods! My mom is the bestest cook in our family, I always make my sweet potatoes, but she handles the rest and it is oh so yummers!

December...... That's an easy one.  It's Christmas time.  I love the Christmas season, it isn't about the toys or gifts or whatever, Im 28 yrs old, I don't want gifts. I am Santa Claus.  Christmas season is the season for me to be happy and nice!  Plus the eating thing again.  haha.. I love my Mom's cooking, she only cooks these awesome foods around the holidays. We spend a lot of time with family and we just have an awesome time!  I love it! 

Now to wrap all this nonsense up.  I want all of these months to fall in the summer!  I want Christmas in July, I want it to be warm.  I want to move to the equator for the winter. I wonder if I can bribe my family to move with me for the winter??? Im sure they will laugh in my face, tell me to get more layers on or something.  It's not fair!  I don't want to be cold....  grrr!  If it's not obvious, my favorite time of year is SUMMERTIME!  I can live without the spring, fall or winter! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A day full of thoughts!

So I think Im in the market to purchase this Door Jam Chin Up bar.  My only doubts are that Ive ABSOLUTELY not one ounce of upper body strength. I maybe weaker, strength wise, than my 6 year old daughter!  But I don't want to continue to be a little weenie mommy that struggles with the slightest bit of weight! Im just unsure how I would build up to be able to actually do a chin up, I mean do I try and try and try until I pop a vessel, *giggles* and then one day be able to do this, or what? Grrrr. If only Id taken the weight training courses.

Another thought for today... I finally got around to watching "The Girl with the Dragon tattoo"  Mind you Im not a fan of films that aren't in English, no matter how much I love to read I feel as though Im missing something in the movie because Im having to look at the bottom of the screen to read what they are saying. I loved it though. I cannot wait to see the next two.  I must pick up the next book on my way home today so I can get crackn!  Just finished reading "The Girl who played with Fire", need to pick up "The girl who kicked the hornets Nest"  Love it. 
If you haven't read it, I praise it almost as much as the Twilight series. I loved those, they are the only reason I chose to watch the movies. I rebelled when they came out, called them teeny bopper vampire flicks, once I picked up that first book, it was all down hill from there!  THEY ARE AWESOME

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Nintendo DS that has gone MIA

I've been on the hunt for about a week now for her DS.  Lawdy knows we've no idea where it went to, lol.  Ive gone through the house, the cars, everywhere. (Guess I need to check again and again)  Today I actually remembered to call her daycare and email her teacher.  No luck with the daycare, all tho Im sure it would oh to easy for some child to accidently slide it into their bag and take it home without my dear princess realizing it. 
I am worried she isn't telling me where this thing is because she thinks she will get in trouble. She isn't allowed to take her DS to school or daycare and we're absolutely certain we have seen this thing around the house since our return from FLA.  Lawd! 

Why is it we spend fortunes and fortunes, at times, trying to ensure our children have all that they could want or dream for, and then of course it turns up missing.  Grrrr! It makes me fume inside sometimes.  Then again maybe if they begin to live without what they want or dream for then they will help me locate this missing game system *scratches head* Perhaps I can get so lucky

*fingers crossed* That her teacher tells me it's at school in drawer because she was caught with it in class, that's terrible and she may not see it again until she is like 12 or something, lol.  But it's better than being lost or stolen!

Perhaps I should make out wanted signs and offer a reward.  That would be intersting huh?

"Lost Nintendo DS"
Pink in color, so adorable, last seen ....No Idea..
Reward if found..
(999) 123-4567

Love it...Fantastic idea...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My technolgy..Or lack there of....

DVR, HDTV,Ipod,Apples, all these things that for the life of me Ive no idea what they are. I believe it's safe for me to say I repel technology.  I dont care for it and it doesn't much care for me.

I come in this morning, from my vacation day used up yesterday, what a wonderful day that was, but that's for a whole other blog!  So this gadget it lying on my dask. Im like, erm, what's this thang.  After giving it the once over I see  it says MP3 player on the top. Im 28 yrs old and have never laid eyes on a MP3 player before.  I find the buttons along the side, still no clue what's happening. I give the buttons a push and found a power button. I see the screen click on and starts reading off something of Kanye West.  I ran home for lunch today and rummaged through the cabinet for a set of headphones.  I plug them in and of course its full of such music as by Kanye West and Alicia Keys and some other musical icons that have escaped my view.  Im no rap fanatic and it is not on any of my shelves of music.

Now to conclude my rammbles. I must learn how to operate said MP3 player with hopes of taking all that rap music  off and putting some of my favs on there.  haha...  It shall be a feat no less for this techology retarded lady!   If all else fails, there are more than one welcoming trash can to be found around the shop!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adorable Child O' Mine

So it is believed by me that my child is the most adorable child o' mine.  She is the only child O' mine and I wouldn't trade this child for any other in this world.  But I must add as  my father so delicately put it last night over dinner at our fav chinese restaurant, You wouldn't give a quarter for another one just like her!